Manchester United

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Bayern Munich

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Comments (108)

  • Valencia deserved a higher rating than Robben!

  • Valencia scored a higher % than Robben?

  • Arjen Robben 6.6? R U kidding me? Give you a website to see!!!!!

  • @HSemaan Money!

  • Guardiola accused Rooney of diving. Oh the Irony!

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  • United will miss Vidic.

  • Phil Jones has some massive shoes to fill next year when Vidic leaves

  • Forza Vidic!

  • What a monster vidic is ! As an inter fan i am so happy we got him for free <3 Must be sad for man u fans

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  • @Skrong - The ref has been against Bayern all game, Bad refereeing, How was Valencia not sent off, but Schweinsteiger was? Crazy

  • Grat United, well played.

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  • This ref has been very anti-Bayern today it has to be said

  • @madridista94 Thiago is most likely out for the season...

  • Chicarito diving tut tut

  • Put Januzaj in ! NOW !!!!

  • Both Atletico and United making the most of their chances tonight. Well done, not quit the steamroll most predicted in either case.

  • thiago or götze, at least one of them has always to play.

  • That should be a red. What a joke

  • Fellaini have no "error leading to goal" ? Joke ?!

  • Nice goal by Schweinsteiger. @Mike- Bayern hadn't created anything clear cut though but they have just converted their best chance so fair play. The scoreline is fair at 1-1 now. United were the better team in terms of chances when they took the lead. I am not a United fan. I support all the English teams in Europe. I am generally fair when viewing a game. If my memory is right you are a Liverpool fan and I said you deserved to beat us 3-0 at St Mary's in the comment section for that match.

  • the bus having some holes i guess

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  • I love Man United.

  • Well said Cincilatori. I can tell you are a real football fan. 100% agree with you.

  • Relentless, did you say united have been better? LMFAO, yeah they've touched the ball about 5 times all game

  • Well done MUFC! In true Chelsea fashion I salute you!

  • the game will take 90 minutes kiddies ;)

  • @Cornflake Greece 2004, Inter 2010, Chelsea 2012 to mention a few high profile cups won by defensive-minded teams. I do NOT like that style by any means, but you can't really argue with success. I agree that there is a lot of double-standarded opinions going around in every match comment thread, but its usually by emotional fans, so I tend not to engage too much in them. I try to enjoy and appreciate football as whole - total foootball or bus-parking. Until people learn to appreciate a simple but well-timed pass, a good look, a crucial tackle in midfield, movements of a certain player without ball, and stop thinking that goals and total domination are all that matters, we're going to have to endure these nonsense threads. I am guilty however of enjoying this Liverpool playing style much more than the one from 10 years ago. But then again I would change this playing style for 2005's CL title ANY SINGLE TIME, and we weren't exactly an attacking team back then. Here is to Football!!

  • HAHA. Goal and 100% deserved. They have been the better side.

  • VIDIC SCORED!!!! #MoyesInForever!!! lol

  • @benchmark04 - no I didn't see the games but I can see the scores. Bayern 1 Wolfsburg 0 Wolfsburg 1 Bayern 6 Bayern 4 Mainz 1 Mainz 0 Bayern 2 They did very well didn't they..

  • Cincilatori and Authentic, so I guess you agree that Chelsea where deserved 2012 UCL Champions having overcome both Barca and Bayern this way? I'm a Chelsea fan btw which is way I'm pointing out the irony here given the massive backlash against CFC's playing style after winning the big show. Ultimately, the best style is the style that wins!

  • @bigmountie For the "other half" please reference the 2nd point of my comment!

  • bigmountie, why you here buddy? all I ever read is negativity from you in one match thread or another

  • @ bigmountie The thing is that ManU play mou style ... And the problem is that Man U can qualify in this manner against Bayern but i don't see it as a solution to win CL ... This style is good for Mou teams not for Moyes teams

  • man utd can win this match

  • @RelentlessPressure have you seen the Bundesliga matches against Mainz or Wolfsburg for example? they did it very well to press high. ManU is defending the comfortable 0:0 lead.

  • You can play how you want. The point in football is to win. Man United have 22% possession but have also created the best chances. They look the most likely to score. If you can't understand or appreciate tactical battles then you aren't a true football fan.

  • @Cincilatori you said it HALF!!!!!. where is utd's other half? they don't have one. mou is responsible for bringing this non playing style to football and frankly it is boring and killing football.

  • Who said we didn't know that? Parking the bus against teams like Bayren and Barca is inevitable but the irony is just too much when the self-righteous fans that make the most noise about it have to watch their club do it as well.

  • Liverpool fan here, but I see a lot of nonsense being said here. 1. Defending is part of football! Half of it! 2. Utd had better chances to score. Welbeck should never start a game for Utd anymore! 3. The Champion of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE should (and is going to) be the team that beats any opponent, regardless of their playing style. If Bayern can't unlock a team for 180min then they are not champion-worthy! Learn to appreciate football with all of its sides and strategies. Good game so far, for both sides!

  • keane talking nonsense again. he says united are playing great. playing 11 behind the ball. cowards

  • Bayern are great with the ball. It's suicidal to press them high and leave yourself wide open. All of you should know that and stop being so delusional.

  • united playing mou football. parking a massive bus in front of the goal. @rgm you are dreaming that was never a goal. neuer heard the whistle and never even tried to stop it.

  • Best match for Man U so far ... They did what it takes to hold Bayern attacks out of the Box ... I think Man U has a good chance to win ...

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  • Funny how playing style matters to MUFC fans when other clubs park the bus but when they do it, it's ok - especially if they get a result.

  • Welbeck and Boateng are trash, i don't know what these 2 prestigous clubs see in them.

  • Man U can win and with any result that's football you could play well and loss and play bad and win ... And same for Bayern

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  • You can cry all you want about United parking the bus. They have had the ball in the net and it was arguably a legitimate goal.

  • Looks like every bus in Manchester is at Old Trafford for this match!

  • how a match like this one can be so boring ? 0-0 or 0-1 at full time

  • 24' = 80% Ball Possesion for Munich

  • Man U are defending well so far ... good

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  • Well Looks like we all can See how weak and overrated Bavaria is and how strong the premier league is. Leverkusen the worst Club Form Europe played 1:2 versus Bavaria so i think man u can win This easy... Hahaha

  • oh i forgot to say: 0-1 Half-Time 0-2 Full-Time

  • 0-2

  • 0-15

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • football genius is coming!

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • If utd beat bayern , some more & much needed faith will be restored in football

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  • @shahabor: 100% Bayern win - 0% draw - 0% M.United win

  • Butter VS Robben Rafael VS Ribery? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 10-0 to Bayern. Fellaini gets sent off.

  • 85% Bayern win - 10% draw - 5% M.United win

  • Bayern Munchen will win Half time and Full time of this match. Because Bayern Going to get the UEFA Champions League CUP. Manchester United haven't a good profile in new life with new coach,however they have a good player.

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  • I Can't Wait To See Raffael Trying To Defend Ribery

  • Though Utd don't have a chance I wish they win

  • 0-4

  • The strong premier league?? Bayern have beaten City at their own stadium few months ago (1-3) which is the best team in Premier league right at the moment. Please be realistic. Principally the teams are strong, then we have to look at the leagues. Of course when a league is more challenging it makes teams more stronger. But the quality of the players, the experience of the coaches etc...there are many parameters.

  • I want United to win as they are underdogs but i think Bayern are going to get a big win.

  • 0-5

  • Dragonz91 DRAW---> 2-2 are you serious?

  • I think Munich is the favorite. But ManU has Moyes the genius, right? What could possibly go wrong? My bet: 3:1. Haters gonna hate.

  • No chance Januzaj starts LM with Buttner playing LB, it'll most likely be Welbeck on the left, Kagawa CAM, Valencia RM

  • Pep's Barcelona destroyed Fergie's United in 2011. Barca amassed a mind boggling 68% worth of possession, 12 shots on target compared to United's only SOT (Rooney's goal) and a 90 % pass success rate. United's plan will probably be to contain and counter-attack. My question for Moyes is how do you contain this Bavarian incarnate who's midfield blueprint is steeped in tika taka?

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  • this game is a draw, mark it here..

  • 0_6

  • Welbeck will start instead of Januzaj for more pace and cover.

  • 0-2 yes... the random result of bayern munchen, it's always a good bet

  • 0-2??! Are you serious?? 0-2 after the firts half maybe...but not sure about that either

  • DRAW---> 2-2

  • Will be difficult for United without Rooney, Evra and Valencia. Bayern to win with 3-1 the first leg.

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  • Bayern Munich will win 4-0 with their possession football to choke and frustrate Manure to death.

  • This will be very boring , one sided fixture for sure. Bayern with their sedative possession football against a handicap hopeless bunch who have just one star player in Rooney. Glad there are two quarters on the same day.

  • 0-3

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 0-5. Hopefully not much worse... Prepare for a rather boring one-sided game.

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