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Match Commentary

Comments (38)

  • United till death!

  • Pep with awesome tactics once more. In attack: Kroos dropped deep, Boateng and Dante effectively played as defensice full-backs, depending which side of the field play was on. Lahm and Alaba played as centre mids! Robben and Ribery were on the flanks. Mandzukic led the line, while Muller and Gotze both played as centre forwards! Amazing mobility in attack! In defence the given formation was more closely followed (source watch?v=4x2S9WsVcdo)

  • Why lucky ? ?

  • Once again. Lucky Munich.

  • Atleti can beat any team , Real Bayern or Chelsea.

  • i think atleti and chelsea are both very capable of beating bayern in the semis. i actually believe that bayern would be the easiest semi final opponent for those two clubs.

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  • No suprise just Good old Bayern Munich I hope guardiola don't give his opponent a chance and take it easy like he did in the fist half of this match


  • CL Final Bayern - Chelsea


  • LoL that was fast

  • Damm it. Never mind.

  • Gooooaaaaaal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boooorinnnng...

  • If MUFC have a strong first half going into the break scoreless or up one they have a good chance of getting a result. Otherwise, it should be an elementary win for Bayern.

  • I hope Man United win.

  • i hope bayern win, with goals of ribery and robben, bayern 2-0 MU

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • manchester win 0-1 or lose 2-1

  • This game will be tight, 1:1/2:2 to go in extra time and United to go through somehow to go through miraculously, United have literally nothing to fear in this match, I have a feel somehow luck will favour Moyes!

  • Sadly, I gotta say 2-0 Bayern, based on Utd hasn't had good perfomances away in this CL, and to cap, Rooney is in doubt and VPersie out. I wish I was wrong

  • hope man utd win. then realy I laugh so loadly to pep Guardiola :D

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  • 2:1, 2:2 in extratime

  • 2-1 united possibly. All depends on how Lahm holds the centre of the midfield down, if he does well then united will lose.

  • 3-0

  • @Demian I think Bayern like PSG have taken their foot off the gas having won their respective leagues so early in the season. But Bayern still have a point to prove and will take the game to Utd. Guardiola knows Utd will have men behind the ball and break on the counter attack and will set up his team so. I'd start with Gotze and Mandzukic.

  • 2-2 ! Somehow i feel teams like utd who have nothing to lose and psychlogical edge from first leg and blast from the past will round up bayern

  • the bus will be crushed totally this time.

  • Bayern Munich to WIN---> 2-1

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  • 3-1 for Bayern. For some purposes (!!) in the first match Bayern played like a second league team and fools the whole world. Probably in this game they will start to play like they did before.

  • 1-1 or 1-2

  • Bayern Munich 3-0 Manchester United Sad but they did a good job until now, maybe next year MU

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  • My money on utd going through, dont care if i lose it. Just want the rush if by chance i make the meal of it.

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