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  • And Rakitic most probably will stay with Sevilla as he is the captain and they are on verge to make it to CLs

  • Rakibeast /

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  • thank you so much Ben Mcaleer for great prediction! :)

  • 9 key passes for Rakitic..unreal

  • Rakitić explained how a man should play football. ;)

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  • It will be startling contest hopefully because i i'm finding it hard to shake off my head from chelsea and bayern's appallingly sluggish styles in most potentially cracking semi's..Goodluck

  • I hope the strongest team qualifies , not an undeserving team so that they beat whoever is in finals. Unai is probably most underrated coach in the world who deserves more than he gets for his sheer hardwork. It would be a delight for such a zealous coach to make it to finals. Pizzi still has bright future ahead , his heroics in europa in already casted in best comebacks of europe.

  • Sevilla is strongest among two sides but los che has more guts 1-0

  • 3-3, Valencia's only chance to play in Europe next season is by winning the whole thing.

  • 2-0 , Sevilla are a very strong side.

  • I think this will be a low-scoring game, just like La Liga game between those two sides two months ago. I like Sevilla and coach Emery but I think in the final match Valencia would've had better chance against Juventus/Benfica. Sevilla is still significantly weaker on the road, whereas Valencia plays more or less the same no matter home or away. I expect Valencia to go through. Besides, Sevilla has very important La Liga game against Athletic on Sunday. They must decide what is more important, for example, Rakitic can't play both matches in just 3 days. I wonder what Emery will do.

  • @grisza Sevilla will go through , Guaita isnt up for such quality , they miss Diego

  • support sevilla ! thanks for prediction Ben Mcaleer :)

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