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Match Commentary

Comments (29)

  • Good game but both teams can do better though. Benfica is quite underrated.

  • These aren't the juve I knew. Conte, think about your mistakes! Two years we're playing worse and worse, it's time to change something.

  • Why Vidal and Barzagli not played?

  • @mayc weren't well fitted.

  • @mayc oh sorry bro i pressed report instead of reply! my bad :( Vidal is injured...he has a problem with his knee and may be absent in the return leg too

  • This is ridiculous. Vučinić can't play on this level anymore. Conte, this is your fault.

  • Great game... should be a Champions League one!

  • @hellreaper was better than both champions league semi finals (Madrid fan)

  • this is not the best night for the middle of juve, vidal will must come in

  • 1-1 will be a interesting result

  • We play way too slowly so far, i Hope Vucinic to be sub with Giovinco and Llorente to come in

  • How cool, now we can reply to others. Awesome improvement @Whoscored_team. Loved it.

  • @DelJuve oh really?

  • @rkmiitm oh funny

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Silio, Sálvio, Gaitan and Fesja are out...too bad :|

  • 1-1

  • i dont know how Benfica defends as a team, but their attack is just as creative as Napoli's. You need imagination and flair to break Juve down and i think Benfica have it. having a look at Juve's big away games this season they can only show a win at Lyon and Fiorentina in the EL + a win against Milan (when they were outplayed), they drawn with Inter and Lazio, lost against Napoli, Roma (cup), Madrid and Galata. that's 3-2-4 in total, not that great.

  • Benfica win

  • Gaitan is also out of this match ,like fejsa to, so i think that Juventus have more chance to win/draw this ....1-1/0-1

  • Vidal's out of this match.

  • Double chance Juve (X2). Most probably it will be a low scoring game as both teams defend well.

  • Benfica 0-1 JUVENTUS Vinci Per Noi Magica Juventus

  • @berhin I agree with the part of "It should be a great game" xD

  • The best of Portugal vs. the best of Italy. It should be a great game. Juve will tie 1-1 or win 2-1. Go Juve!!

  • Benfica 2-0 Juventus

  • Fino Alla Fine, Forza Juventus !!!

  • ◼️◻️Juventus◼️◻️ Storia de un Grande Amore Abbiamo Il Cuore a strisce Forza Grande Juventus Vecchia Signora Te Amo

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