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Match Commentary

Comments (50)


  • @Juveforever. Who cares ... Italian league is third class.

  • @neumi17 premier and liga are better, so yes, third class! it's normal

  • Awesome Benfica! Juve disrespected us, all they know now is that karma is a b*tch.

  • Jesus Man ! So Pirlo have the most shots and hes the most dangerous guy for juve ! Whats up with this attack ?!

  • wow, that was the most intense nil all draw I have ever seen

  • Congrats Benfica. Now go head and win the the the trophy, and represent us Portuguese. You guys deserve it more then anybody else. Força. Auguri Juventus, for the joyful game. I am Juventini whether we win, or lose. I will forever love you. Fino alla Fine.

  • Magnificent Benfica.

  • @Bo55 Total Shots: 4 On Target: 1 Aerial Success: 19% Ball Possession: 37% Red Cards: 2 MAGNIFICENT BENFICA :)))))))

  • @benchmark04 why comment if you didn't watch the game noob?

  • @benchmark04 football is not possesion ! When you people gonna understand that ?!

  • @MHoY Total Shots: 4 On Target: 1

  • @benchmark04 Is 04 your date of birth? You are 10?

  • @Bo55 "magnificent" is just the wrong term for me, Juve could have won this 2-0 or 3-0. let's say "well done Benfica" or "gratulations to Benfica"

  • vucinic redcarded without being on the pitch?!?

  • @uzuriaga also markovic from benfica , they were running their mouth and complaining , it happens in football why you are surprised ?

  • @MHoY they made a serbian quarell.

  • How on earth is Pogba not getting a red for that? Incredibly reckless

  • Very lucky Chiellini. That's a penalty.

  • ��

  • Allez Pogba !

  • LOL conte looks possessed :D

  • 2-1 , ET can swing anywhere

  • Oblak is going to play.

  • Lima will play, Cardozo will stay in the bench for sure. The same aplies to Oblak, because it´s a crutial match and the rotation is over. Otherwise the stadium won´t be a problem, since SLB have beaten better teams in their pitch with worst atmosphere. And to remeber that Stadium da Luz has capacity for 65.647. Amorim is better than Fejsa with the pass, his problems is due to injuries. I believe that SLB will score for sure, and they rested the team against Porto and Juve played in monday with most of their regular first eleven.

  • Does benfica still have the final curse ofc if they reach it?

  • can anyone plz tell me why does Jesus not play oblak....I have recently started following benfica,and by the looks of it,he looks a better keeper than moraes currently

  • @nish Rotation. Artur has been playing in Europa League, Oblak in the other competitions. However, Oblak has been recently injured so that could also be the reason.

  • @nish by recently I meant in europe

  • 1-0 Juve

  • Juve will win 2-0. Go Juve!!

  • @berhin LOL

  • I cross my fingers for another good show. The first hand was a good match. No matter the outcome, hopefully they can pull another.

  • I think the first 15/20 minutes of this match will be crucial.


  • This comment has been deleted.

  • hard predicted match.

  • força Benfica Rube merda

  • Gaitan is with the team in Turin, probably is fit and will play. Lima will start instead of Cardozo, and also keep on eye on Oblak that can replace Artur Moraes.


  • Lima should start

  • tão fudidos vocês!!!!! FEAR is that you all feel right now.... I like Juve, but the Vecchia Signora will fall at the Benfica's feet... carrega Benfica!!!!!

  • But please, reply back after the match.

  • @Ricardinho3 veremos amigo.

  • suprise! juventus full team... juventus will chalange sevilla on final i think...

  • hope conte will not make again the mistake to play with vucinic instead of llorente...

  • ◼️◻️Juventus◼️◻️ Storia de un Grande Amore. Abbiamo Il Cuore a strisce. ◼️◻️ Forza Grande Juventus ◼️◻️ Vecchia Signora. Te Amo

  • ◼️◻️Juventus◼️◻️ Storia de un Grande Amore Abbiamo Il Cuore a strisce Forza Grande Juventus Vecchia Signora Te Amo

  • Fino Alla Fine, Forza Juventus !!!

  • La Juve, vinciamo sempre noi! Forza

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