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Comments (12)

  • This Monaco project is looking less impressive, bunch of Fulham rejects now. The owners should pull out and reinvest in Marseille or Lyon.

  • Falcao?

  • @soul_snatcher Real?

  • Well just returned from watching another inept performance from ASM, the highlight of the match being the sending off of the Lille coach. It's a pity the Russian owners haven't sent off the Monaco coach to the second front in the Ukraine. He is so inept it's untrue. I can't believe I bought my champions league tickets, it's doubtful we will even qualify for the Europa League. Frankly if they don't get rid of him I'm going to try and sell my tickets to grateful visiting fans as I can't take much more of this guy.

  • @FollowASM You can change the coach. But if you don't change your team, well...nothing will change.

  • @libero The team that started yesterday was, with the exception of James, almost the same team that finished last season under Ranieri. The local rumours are that the players are not adapting to the new coach and his system. Yesterday's second half performance was probably their best in ligue 1 so far this season. Clearly the team needs a playmaker to replace James and a central defender of quality, it will be interesting to see if the loan player Wallace strengthens the defence. With the exit of Falcao we can not survive in the Champions League without another decent striker. Berbatov continues to score but he is too slow to lead the attack in the Champions League.

  • @FollowASM True. But I don't think the quality of the coach is in question. Jardim is a good coach. But it wasn't necessary to change the coach. Ranieri was doing a good job and a new coach changes a lot of the team play. I feel it's more like the owners' problem, specially now that Monaco lost Falcão yet they didn't sign anyone to replace him (and James).

  • @FollowASM Completely agree with you, they should have given more time to Ranieri. I have nothing against Jardim but he brings nothing more at the moment, he was barely known to the grand public before joining Monaco and the club did nothing to help him feel comfortable...

  • What a twist! Falcao not starting and NOT even on the bench in the end !

  • Falcao is already player of Real Madrid. Berba should start for Monaco...

  • @VarnaBG Falcao is closer to City than Real Madrid

  • @VarnaBG falcao is in the squad for tomorrow...

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