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Match Commentary

Comments (43)

  • Moreno has been sold to liverpool

  • Kroos , Casillas , Ronaldo & Pepe were amazing. Welldone , 5 to go.

  • Kroos 96% passing accuracy and Modric 94% hahaha #HalaMadrid!

  • Krychowiak- best of Sevilla

  • I predict 2-0. Sevilla may have lost Rakitic, but they've got a great replacement. SO don't expect a lot of goals just because they missed one of their stars. Ronaldo is 100% fit, so I think he will be the star of the game. Don't be surprise if he scores to goals, or more. Again, my guess is a 2-0, with both goal coming from Cristiano Ronaldo. And bale to assist.

  • @albaruz bengami bengami

  • @albaruz Get rekt m8, u futbol god!

  • @Capitano He wrote this after ronaldo scored twice...lmao

  • Aspas to come on and equalize!

  • Bale > everything.


  • 4-0.

  • stupid game ever, i think fifa should banned real madrid forever for too much buying clause...

  • @akuadekn u sound like a culo fan.. they actually have spend more cash.. banned them 1st.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Actually we can even lose this , if kroos n james dont click as its their first game we will virtually have no ballplayer to hungry 3. Also our set piece defnding is terrible , pepe n ramos have to step up.

  • BBC VS small sevilla

  • Real madrid 4-1 sevilla

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Aaron Ramsey has scored and now robin Williams is dead!

  • Sevilla <3

  • 4-2

  • 7-2 easy, + Toni Croos and James

  • @Joao Croos?

  • with so many stars and world elite players Madrid will create at least 40 shots which 30 of on target!

  • @SoccerAnalyst No.

  • With R Madrid casting out their three main expensive attack, with this names Ronaldo, Bale, James. The scoreline of the iuscf against their league counterpart will be awesome... Madrid all thw way

  • Of the possible starting XI, only Carvajal and Bale have done a complete preseason. There alot of players who have only 10 or 5 days of proper training and this might show on the pitch. Obviously the enormous quality makes up a bit but still, even star players need lots of training to reach to a good level. One would expect a comfortable Real Madrid win but i would be more cautious because Sevilla is a decent team and they might create trouble. Eyes will be on new signings Jamez and Kroos, who are expected to show their quality.

  • *they

  • I think this will be a tight one, but Madrid should edge it if the play well. 2-1

  • Can cheryshev play? He is castilla graduate on loan.

  • @soul_snatcher he's at villareal

  • Possible lineups Real Madrid: Casillas; Carvajal, Ramos, Pepe, Coentrão; Modrić, Kroos; Bale, James, Ronaldo; Benzema. Sevilla: Beto; Coke, Fazio, Pareja, Alberto Moreno; Carriço, Krychowiak; Reyes, Denis Suárez, Vitolo; Bacca.

  • Sevilla are one of the toughest la liga opponents , being europa league winners have even boosted their confidence. Bacca , Reyes , Vitolo hardly miss anything in the box , over to their stable defense which is fine and you never know who has a better day. Emery is brilliant coach but i think even if we get our tactics wrong , plethora of individual talents will bail us out. I hope players under scrutiny have a good game and delight us.

  • @soul_snatcher We have to hope that Casillas is not in his days

  • Tough game , lets see if james n kroos make impact in their first game itself. Emery is most hardworking coach in world football imo

  • 3-1 Real Madrid win

  • Easy win REAL ! . . . Sevilla is Poor team this year , will be bottom 3

  • @oMega did you just start following football yesterday or something?? haha

  • @oMega lol they just won a europa league. They have covered up well for Rakitic

  • @commandozap That guy (oMega) has no knowledge of football just don't answer him

  • @Matelli Oh i see , but i think he should improve his knowledge first rather than making silly comments for attention regardless which team he supports

  • This should be really entertaining.

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