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Match Commentary

Comments (41)

  • This game should have been a draw, at the very least of Burnley

  • Cesc would be exhausted at the middle-end of the season, as he did in Arsenal and Barcelona.

  • @JohnBBO He was not exhausted at Barcelona. In fact, he was not playing enough minutes.

  • @JohnBBO this isn't arsenal or barcelona. THIS...IS...CHELSEEAAA

  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, so sexy

  • Shurrle reminds me of muller. Not exactly alike but he is ver intelligent tactically, makes good runs, takes advantage of space, and can do a bit of everything offensively.

  • @Hakeemhemming. Da, its look like Muller, isn't really impressive, isn't a real striker or a real winger. But in fact, he is always on the good timing and create many clear cut chance. He is completely underestimated.

  • Oh dear, that second goal was sexy. 25 passes leading to that and a sweet assist by Cesc too

  • same old story, Hazard gets 8+ rating for nothing

  • @Nemeth You must have missed his run for the 2nd goal when he dribbled past the 5 players then? Or you're a hater?

  • @Nemeth he was a constant threat on attack and he helped create the second goal. 8 dribbles..

  • @Nemeth don't hate on greatness

  • @Nemeth 8 successful dribbles, what'd you expect?

  • @Nemeth Hey, he had 8 succsessfull dribbles ... For each dribble he gets one Rating.

  • @neumi17 yeah i know, and that's the pathetic part of ratings

  • totally agree, have a feeling that Shurrle will shine this season

  • Schuerrle is getting better and better ...

  • Typical Costa, typical yellow card

  • holy Cesc 0_0 ... 2 assists already?

  • @Redhawkz destroyed by barcelona. Revived by mourinho.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Wow Fabregas' touch was incredible.

  • @Skrong Just for that Wenger should have bought him.

  • @Thypot Wenger said he didn't want to come back to Arsenal.

  • @Philip_AE Yes but we don't know where is the truth. Anyway, he is far better than Özil.

  • @Skrong amen to that

  • that action... just WOW!

  • aaaaaaaaand.... its gone

  • Is Heaton goalkeeper now?

  • 0-2 Chelsea

  • 1-3, Costa with a brace.

  • @easyrlz He does't has a brace, i looked at his teeth.

  • Chelsea are not going to treat Burnley lightly, Mourinho will not have forgotten Chelsea's losses on the road that ultimately cost them the title.Chelsea win.

  • Scott Arfield 1-0 Burnley

  • 1st week of the league and no one squad has come away with a commanding victory... I think Chelsea is going to demolish Burnley by 3+ goals. Just a feeling...

  • @HandofGod I have exactly the same feeling

  • vokes is out so this can be very easy for chelsea

  • Costa Hatrick

  • looks like an easy win for Chelsea in the, but you never know in the premier league. I say 1 all, don't hate me

  • Diego Costa to score more than once and Chelsea to win. 0-3

  • New season. C'mon Chelsea! C'mon Chelsea! C'mon Chelsea!!

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