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Match Commentary

Comments (32)

  • What a game to saviour, credit to Southampton though for responding strongly after going behind, and credit to Liverpool for keeping them at bay after they restored their lead against them.

  • snap, props to Southampton, what a game!

  • If Southampton playing this way is typed to relegate it surely will be spectacular season

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • It's with such great importance that we start the season with a win. But that was a tough, tough match. Got me all sweating with those dangerous attacks from Southampton. Dusan Tadic is a stud signing! Manquillo had a solid debut for us and he can only get better once he understands the offensive game of the team. Johnson will eventually be replaced at LB (Moreno!) and Lucas shouldn't start (Can?). Not impressed with the way we played, but credits to Southampton for showing the league that they don't intend to slow down with the mass exodus they went through. YNWA!

  • Liked the look of Koemans style of play tbh.. feeling more optimistic about this season now.

  • This rating system sucks! To me Tadic and Wanyama has to be rated over 8. Great match though and unlucky Southampton.

  • @drewisdrew Wanyama and Fonte were great though.

  • @drewisdrew Before the assist he was playing below average. His rating would of been much lower. Still, it was his first game in EPL. Same with Pelle.

  • Liverpool managed to finish their chances & Southampton didn't. Otherwise I'd have to say Southampton were actually the better team. Liverpool didn't play their best but still managed to win & that's all that matters I guess.

  • huge match by skrtel and lovren

  • Lucky bastards. Liverpool does not deserve to win

  • 1-1

  • lol what a back-heal by Tadic!!

  • 2-1 saints win

  • southampton is a new team.needs time

  • 3-0 Henderson, Sturridge, Gerrard

  • 2-1 Liverpool, Sterling, Sturridge, Ramirez

  • Man Utd - Swansea Scenario

  • It's a bit of a Southampton vs Southampton really

  • @IVANXZZ if u cant beat them, buy them

  • Tadic and Pelle on the attack for Southampton ought to be good...

  • I can feel an opening day Liverpool F.C. win! #YNWA

  • S'hampton will park the bus. No Suarez, no goals. 0-0 draw.

  • c`mon Redz, we go again.

  • Agree Liverpool 3 0. What happened to Southampton? after a very good season seems the team was torn apart!

  • 3:0 is my prediction.

  • 1-0 Southampton, Lambert own goal

  • should be a cracker of a match

  • If we take away their spine, how can they walk?

  • @pred they cant.

  • CAN'T WAIT YNWA!! <3

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