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  • C'mon whoscored! Fabregas pass WAS NOT an assist. Do not be silly with something like this. Ivanovic should have an assist, as well as Rakitic in yesterdays Barca game!

  • Second half was intense. And as always star player overrated. Sure, Hazard scored a great goal, but was he really man of the match? Oscar, Ivanović and Courtois was overall better.

  • @El_Duderino Hazard has a goal, 7 key passes, 6 dribbels and 89% pass succes

  • @TDC314 And football ain't math.

  • @El_Duderino those are called statistics not math

  • Costa is going to be a beast this season like last season, mourinho is going to make him one of the best strikers out there

  • @Matelli Huh what? He's already one of the top strikers in the world. Chelsea don't develop talent, they buy it. Simple.

  • @Matelli I'm a barcelona fan, I wish the best to Fabregas, I'm still not happy with his being sold but well nothing I can do, only wish the best to him!

  • @Matelli Mourinho doesn't make one a beast, he buys one and so was the case with Costa. Mourinho can't develop players. A good tactician is all he is.

  • @hindy He can, like Guardiola did to Messi, look how is Messi without Guardiola is, he did the team work for Messi instead of work as a team, every pass went to Messi, look how it was last season and you will know what I mean. Trust me, Mourinho will make him a beast, he was great in Atletico, but in Chelsea, if not the best, then top 3 of the best striker

  • @Matelli Costa won't score 35 league goals plus 15 in other competitions plus he has better suppliers at Chelsea so even if he actually scores more it doesn't mean it's thanks to Mourniho. It's Simeone who made Costa a beast. Don't even bother convincing anyone other way.

  • Assist for Iva?

  • I don't believe it, the old layout! I love you!

  • @hindy I hope they keep it like this, or at least make very little change -- it was pretty awful this morning.

  • @hindy +1

  • No longer any information on number of passes completed per player. The new design is beautiful but the functionality and contents don't match it. In addition, it is terribly slow. I have a feeling I will be using it less and less. A pity.

  • @Hero88 There's a number of passes attempted and a pass success %. That should be quite enough, to be honest. And it is slow because it is still being worked at and tweaked. Give it a couple of days. I think the guys have done a great job!

  • I guess I'll finally get used to the new format, for the moment I find it difficult to read and manage, the display get darker for moments. Anyway, Chelsea 4-1

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Chelsea will win but it won't be as easy as some think.Matic and fabregas is certainly a midfield upgrade compared to ramires and lampard.

  • 4-0 or 5-0

  • 3-1 or 4-1

  • no way Chelsea are losing or even drawing this game. gonna be a blow out with. something like 5-0 seems more like it

  • @may7even Not that Much :)

  • more like 3-0 for me in favor of Chelsea

  • Wood not playing whoscored???

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