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Manchester United

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Comments (50)

  • Poor Moyes. Seldom in the world of fickle fan appraisal has so much scorn been poured upon someone. Oops, sorry, went off an a tangent,that was about Rooney.back to Moyes.he wasn't actually that bad was he? Van Gaal wants another year to show results. Not so different. Fixing the second hand car while driving is no man feat.

  • rip manchester united

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I bet man utd won't even get up to ten points in their first ten mtches

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  • Despite a very average performance tonight, I think Man Utd can finish in top 4 this season. Di Maria is one of the world's best and he will be providing a lot of key balls for Rooney and RvP once he gets settled in his new team. The inclusion of Blind has also strengthened the Devils. Di Maria has everything it takes to be EPL player of the season. Writing about Di Maria in another team, it makes me really sad as a Madridista.

  • @kam It's really sad watching Di Maria at opponents crib, however he won't be as effective as in Madrid, not that he has the flare, rather no one else in current MU team to match him. Madrid had the right tempo with BBC, that helped Maria to play his best. Wish him good luck anyway.

  • Moyes maybe better!

  • @pinklord lol!!

  • and Burnley will score at the final of game )))

  • @AndreyNosatii You are smiling without eues D: , are you blind D:

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  • @AndreyNosatii I was kidding calm down ;)

  • LVG was sacked in a year during his 2nd spell at barcelona when he took them to 16th position in about 6-7 matchdays. I dont think he will be sacked here as utd are too desperate.

  • Just 1 shot in 45 mins with di maria in team is abysmal. Burnley is a joke , you're supposed to go all guns blazing if you claim you can still win the league LVG.

  • Wouldn't have predicted Jones looking more the part in this system than Evans, but Evans is really bad right now.

  • When Van Gaal got the team, I was very happy, maybe United will be back on the track. This time I don't feel they can score to Burnley... Probably a draw. Let's see.

  • I would let tom cleverly date my daughter, because there's no danger of penetration.

  • @BigDong lol

  • @BigDong hahahahaha

  • Seems like some bets went to Brunley, *chuckles*.... let's see how it goes

  • Welcome back in Dortmund Kagawa ! You were missed....

  • the arfield tekkers ftw

  • I'm not a Man U fan but it will be good for them to redeem their image...

  • Di Maria needs to adjust speed and depth of passing to MU standard..

  • @mysterious what is man utd's standard?burnley?

  • @mysterious it's his first game, mate

  • @Philip_AE i meant ironically.. there is no CR to make the runs he is used to.

  • Burnley are like whooping buns , if utd fail to win here its LVG who is at fault , smart utd fans will know this and push to change his stubborn easy2beat system

  • Probably 1-1, 2-1 or so ...

  • But im still betting on Burnely for the WIN #GamblewithLove

  • Listen I HOPE I FREAKING HOPE, that Man Utd play only a back THREE, what is man utd thinking signing Luke shaw for 30Ms when for close to that same amount im sure they could have signed Ricardo Rodriguez, and Now Angel Di maria is suppose to be either A CM or a Winger who knows all i know is united have pathetically little defense in the Mid or at the back and its gonna cost them all season, RELEGATION PLEAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, ... but uh yea the smart money is on Man utd for the win or the draw for this one

  • Real marketing did a big mistake selling di Maria.............he was our best player last season without doubt......I want b@stard Perez head in my plate.........who dare to sell their best player on peak..........I fear we have to wait another 12 years for next champions league..........

  • @Jekaman you said the same thing when ozil left , it takes balls to make decision and stare right into the future. I guess you havent realised that. Take a break n think through. Why angel left when we offered him even the money? he knew he crossed the line when he made that gesture to fans for which he apologised.There was no going back for such lack of professionalism. No hard feelings for him but he axed his own head.

  • @commandozap Angel left because the contract offer Real made came too late and wasn't good enough. After that he felt offended and wasn't really up for negotiations, as I saw.

  • @Exti His little ego will take him nowhere , we all know that. I never knew angel had such a ego until he made that gesture. And his reluctance for amiable negotiations proved it.

  • Di Maria will be the man of the match today

  • @Santoshvikraman Mabe Gea will be ...

  • Man united could just win it because of the attacking players the boast in line up. But if burnley remain composed in possession and are determined to get a result they can beat the shit out of united hapless defence as mk dons.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 1-3

  • 1-3 for UNITED!

  • relegation candidates in my opinion.... and burley are pretty average too

  • @swagio *Burnley

  • @swagio Fail

  • they will win because it's the great manu united with LVG -lose 2-1 at home to swansea they will win... -Draw away to sunderland they will win eventually -lose 4-0 to Milton Keynes here's my prediction 2-2. a clash between two lower midtable sides.. Except a loss if LVG still thinks his tactics of 3-5-2, 3-4-3 will fit manu's players

  • after last nights display...you should hope it doesn't reach double figures #prayformanchester

  • Burnley 0 vs 3 Man Utd

  • 1-2

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