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Match Commentary

Comments (62)

  • Rodgers is a great tactician

  • balotelli was good except finishing

  • @fafaq That's is the problem with SuperMario, we know how he starts in a match but never know how he's gonna finish it

  • Moreno was great today !!!

  • Last game for Enrique with Llallana coming in next week.

  • @HeavyT ... they play totally different positions?

  • @adamnelson It's a joke, Enrique played winger today

  • sterling & sturidge, a deadly combination

  • lovren is playing out of his skin today

  • Cracking finish from Moreno. Masterclass from Liverpool, brilliant performance we never showed up.

  • @Skrong We should have scored at least 4 to 5 goals against you. Mario Balotelli should have got a hat-trick.

  • @Skrong if moreno isn't flat footed he can be a terrific lwm.

  • Wow Moreno rocks *_*

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • lamela begins dancing on getting the ball ;)

  • aahhh coutinho.....

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • how is playing balotelli?

  • @KingSchultz Pretty good all things considered, woeful finishing though.

  • Both teams are suffering from finishing woes, but Liverpool have clearly been the better side. Poch needs to sort the side out if we're to get anything from this match.

  • @Skrong No it wont happen because Spurs are a club who spend their money on cheapskate players

  • I think Liverpool will go into this match much stronger than against City, they have a key player missing like Glen Johnson which will give Liverpool a chance to win the game! haha

  • @albgunn Liverpool won 3-0

  • @albgunn hhaha

  • @Tricyus lol

  • Lots of it riding on balotelli's mood. Hopefully when his agent told him it was his last chance, he would take it seriously.

  • Spurs need to clamp down on gerrard in midfield and cut them off at the SOURCE. Look at manchester united, Di maria, Rooney, RVP.. ect they boast nice attacking signings but can't score to save their lives. I'd like to see Spurs break up liverpool's throughballs with Capoue/Sandro eliminating the threat. Sturdige and sterling will be dangerous but they will have less opportunity to get on the end of a cheeky long through ball

  • Daniel Agger had rejoined his previous club Brøndby.

  • @AndreyNosatii Mmm hmm.

  • Its fun to scout teams you're gonna face in champions league group stages.

  • @commandozap True.

  • Similar result as last year! A Liverpool F.C. win! #YNWA

  • @rocky13795 0-3

  • spurs to win

  • @jimharis I'm neutral, so - draw please! ;)

  • Liverpool's squad got hit by the black plague against Man City, Both teams will play attacking Football So who the H!24 knows whats gonna happen, Right? probably a highscoring match

  • Spurs won't be a walkover like they were last year, but with Balotelli eager to impress, Sturridge with a strike partner, and no Glen Johnson, I think Liverpool will win this.

  • tottenham to win this with ease. Expect over 2.5 goals for this one

  • @tabiqiqbal what is the point of saying 2.5 goals? im pretty sure they wont scored half a goal...

  • @swagio= MORON That means there will be 3 or more goals scored. You must be new to soccer. Go study up on soccer lingo first, only then I may give you permission to post here.

  • @OddsMaestro I didn't ask what I means, I asked 'what is the point of saying 2.5 goals?'

  • @OddsMaestro and you must be American, maybe I just don't like blowing all my money on betting.

  • Can see Spurs hammering Liverpool like 3-0 or 3-1 here.

  • @morningstar Shut up man, you lost 3-0. Anyway, you cant talk because you should have been hammered like 4/5-0. lol

  • 2-1 for Tottenham

  • @AIbaruz No


  • @Dinesh Yeah, thats right baby

  • @Dinesh is Lallana back???

  • @swagio nope

  • @spuds Yes he is, was back in full training last week

  • 2-2 ??

  • i can only see tottenham getting better under potch so keep dreaming about that 4-0

  • @jevyload You mean 4-0 to Liverpool

  • @jevyload a manager can start well, but how can he keep standing if we have his spine???

  • 0-4

  • Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 Liverpool

  • @Jarell You are a Fu**ing genius

  • @swagio Lol

  • @swagio Thank you my friend

  • @Jarell After your prediction for the Man City game...Spurs guaranteed a win here I feel.

  • @ericanthonypepper As usual, you are wrong again and always will be

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