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  • Shots bug is not fixed

  • The new match center has a lot of bug. Total shots: 0-1? Wtf? xD

  • Statistics are not working for me...

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  • I like you write the coach's name and referee's name. Good change.

  • I already prefer the old layout, sorry guys.

  • Not sure I like this new match centre. Too much emphasis on the ratings, which I really don't care about. Everything is great, looks very slick.

  • This new statistic table sucks.. ! None of the shown data is correct... Bayern no shot on goal yet ? ?

  • It's a 3421. Lewandowski is the lone striker with Muller and Gotze behind him.

  • 3-5-2 will be the cause of Bayerns downfall

  • Lord Bendtner will score tonight )))

  • ♥ lord bendtner ♥

  • Tough start for Bayern, 2-2 imo. KDB MOTM.

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  • Wolfsburg not lose here

  • Bayern will win, but Kevin de Bruyne will score a goal.

  • hmmm normaly Bayern Munchen win 2-0 but for this game against Wolfsburg I would say 4-0

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