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Match Commentary

Comments (38)

  • Navas was surely MOTM, he didn't make any mistake. It was hard shot from 7 meters while he was standing 4-5 meters from the ball, he couldn't do anything better, no one could. Just raise your hand and pray it won't bounce back to Greeks. But it did, cuz Greeks was ALL OVER THE BOX.

  • Greece plays like Italy would like to play for years.

  • Why Nawas have error? He saved Costa rica.

  • Navas not MOTM because of the supposed error? Nope.

  • He was Man of the match!!!!!

  • NAVAS ERROR???????????????


  • Lazaros with 97% Pass Accuracy, 7! dribbles, 5 shots on goal, 70 touches and not even top 5 in rating !

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • again lucky Greece scored in last minutes...

  • This World Cup is full of goals, drama, controversy and unpredictability

  • It wasn't Navas' error

  • Almost all greek players look old, are bald and have their remaining hair in their face...

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @neumi17 and their names end in S

  • @neumi17 LOL, not football related, but funny

  • Probably will get down voted, but this match is not at the level a World Cup round of 16 match, expected Spain or Italy to be playing...

  • @CarloCDT Well, then they out to try better next time.

  • This is really hard to preview. Costa Rica is playing well and should win, but Greece normally are good at defence and may draw or score from a corner kick in the last minutes...

  • @hellreaper You, I like you and your predictions.

  • @Cherk Thank you :)

  • When you cross an exciting attacking rookie team against a defensive based tedious team it's hard not to pull for the first one. Good luck for them both though.

  • Costa Rica to win 2-0!

  • Greece will win!

  • Good luck to Costa Rica ! They deserve to win this game !

  • CRC 0-0 GRE

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This is an impossible game to predict but it would be good to see Costa Rica win. Wonder what the odds were before the tournament for Costa Rica to make it to the quarterfinals.

  • somebody tell this greece team it's 2014, not 2004.

  • @thedanielgrant Well it could as well be 2004 because there are players in this squad who played for Greece 10 years ago at Euro 2004.

  • @thedanielgrant why? It's serving them well.

  • I do hope Costa Rica win, they deserve it for laughing in the face of all the naysayers and topping the 'group of death'. However, this will be the first match for which they are the favourites, and I think that could work against them; they took Uruguay and Italy somewhat by surprise, but Greece will - of course - be happy to sit back and frustrate them. The question is: do the Costa Ricans have the required spark to break down an organised and compact Greece side?

  • Greece shouldn't even be playing this match

  • they will eat the greeks alive like suarez

  • 10-0 costa rica

  • I hope Costa Rica wins!

  • Greece to WIN---> 1-2

  • This is a difficult game to predict , 1-0 for Costa Rica

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