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R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events

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  • Viva France

  • Not super convincing from the part of France. The only good news for them is that every other team has also played horribly so far in the Round of 16.

  • Giroud got 6.4, really stupid rating. Giroud= 5.8, the worst player tonight

  • 5.8 is for the no names that enter the game in 89+ minute and can't do anything meaningful to get their ratings up. But it's their fault, cuz the Earth is a geoid.

  • 5.9 for Enyeama. :/ He was the third best for me after Valbuena and Griezmann. Most no. of saves this world cup..

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @painn And those saves were magnificent, no Pletikosa mumbo-jumbo.

  • Griezmann 6.5 and Gabriel 6.3? Geez, and Giroud 6.4? Your rating system is flawed. It ignores completely major things happening on the pitch that can't be measure in numbers. Like that Griezmann run at second goal. For you it's just mileage, but it was crucial for Yobo to make his mistake.

  • And also Evra gets higher rating than Koscielny and Varane? Wasn't that every cross and almost all of Nigeria's attacks through France's left flank ? Between 46. and 70. minutes there was no left defender in French team. And Musa had more tackles than him. Sorry, Patrice. You're too slow.

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  • @painn and Valbuena 12...

  • It wasn't Yobo's goal. It was David Luiz.

  • @El_Duderino lol

  • @El_Duderino Well thats just your opinion man.

  • Commandozap, you're out of your element.

  • Why was that goal-line clearance removed from Moses, why isn't there a woodwork hit denoted on Cabaye?

  • @Exti Oh great, now Cabaye's shot was added :D

  • @TheFactsProvider Griezmann is of German ancestry. Cabaye is of Vietnam ancestry. Moreover, cabaye is a eastasian word.

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  • @painn ain't nothing wrong with that. I was just founding it interesting. Cristiano Ronaldo is not 100% Portugues, his grand-mother is Cape Verdean. Nani is Cape Verdean, varela is Cape Verdean, Pepe Brazilian, William Carvalho Angolan, Quaresma gypsy, and Raul Mirieles is of Italian descendant.

  • @DelJuve his grandmother is Vietnamese.

  • Horrible tackle from Matuidi! How is that not a red card, unbelievable! French have been spared a second red card, after the Pogba incident in the group stage. Horrible foul play from the French yet again!

  • Matuidi should've been sent off for that ridiculous tackle.

  • Giroud hast the worst technique I have seen at the WC. Unbelievable how bad he is with the ball.

  • @neumi17 As an Arsenal fan I can confirm that

  • @neumi17. Pass accuracy 69

  • deljuve is portuguese ( read it in an other match commentary) not italian. mike PSG, you poor man live with stereotypes..

  • @KingSchultz That is right, I am an afro-Portuguese, currently living in the USA. I love Juventus because of their players in the 2006 world cup. SInce them I have became a fanatic.

  • lol that's not offside. Nigeria robbed a clear goal.

  • @TheFactsProvider thought he was onside as well, but stills show Emenike was just off when the ball was played. Right decision in my opinion

  • @WilliePete in anyone's opinion who can watch a reply. It was offside

  • It was offside, but the TV guy has no idea what an offside position is, so he drew the line like a noob.

  • Expecting an upset from Nigeria.

  • Come on Nigeria!! Hope a good win!!

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  • Go ahead Nigeria. Hope Nigeria 2-0 France

  • 2-0 France

  • 0-1 nigeria wins

  • Super eagles are up to the task I believed strongly within me, that this is final for France. eagles are going to next stage in these tournament. France 1-2 super eagles

  • 4-1

  • France will beat Nigeria 3-1.

  • Whilst France are the favourites, Nigeria has a secret weapon in Enyeama. He really is an excellent and painfully underrated stopper. France may just find it a little difficult to beat him.

  • @FootballFanatic Well, he is amazing but he is no secret to us. We know his quality, since he arrived in the french league he has been outstanding.

  • lol only two players in the predicted starting eleven is a true frenchman.

  • @DelJuve Of course when there is racism, Italians are never far away... How is your national team doing?

  • @Mike.PSG wow you preach racism and make a racial comment are a true activist

  • @Mike.PSG It's funny that you are able to both take a stand against racism and spread stereotypes about Italians in the same sentence.

  • @antonsmith lol

  • @DelJuve And I forgot Debuchy

  • @DelJuve Lloris, Cabaye, Valbuena, Griezmann... And even though the others do not only have French nationality they did well, and played well for France.

  • @danianevem Valbuena is of Spanish origin hence having a name like Valbuena. His father is Spanish I think. So it's Lloris, Cabaye, Debuchy and Griezmann.

  • @TheFactsProvider Griezmann is of German ancestry. Cabaye is of Vietnam ancestry. Moreover, cabaye is a eastasian word.

  • @TheFactsProvider I think Cabaye is of Vietnamese descent through his paternal grandmother. So it's Lloris, Debuchy and Griezmann.

  • @masromie Griezmann suspicious, sounds german..... btw 50 % of young players from different french nationals teams has dual citizenship (according to official sport fr authories, they are trying to solve that, cause the vast majority of them will play for the other nation)

  • @philophil To be honest I have never heard, seen or known anyone with the name Griezmann before other than Antoine. But who knows, it might be German.

  • @TheFactsProvider He has a portuguese grand father (from his mother) who was pro at Futebol Clube Paços de Ferreira (wikipedia)

  • France to WIN---> 2-1

  • 3-1 for les bleus

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