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Comments (81)

  • this is the first tie i have seen a goal keeper get a 10 on whoscored. whoscored, take a bow

  • Tim Howard, take a bow. 16 saves tonight, the most by any GK in a World Cup game since 1966.

  • Lukaku should start for Belgium again imo. He looked very direct which caused USA alot of problems. Glad that he is proving himself.

  • @Shadow_mo95 He shouldn't origi is way better, the thing is that he came in we USA were already exhausted

  • No assist for Lukaku on first goal?

  • Aron Johannsson has scored 26 goals last season and opts for Wondolowski.

  • @HalaMadrid12 Good point. Klinsmann had a reputation to go all out with the offensive style, which I liked very much, despite what the critics said during his time with Bayern. But this time he went strategical and neglected the offense. He could/should have included a striker like Johansson even in the starting lineup, IMO. Dempsey can't do it all by himself.

  • @antonsmith you had me at 'strategical'

  • Best game so far on this World Cup !!

  • Median is one shot per 2 minutes and 12 seconds. Crazy.

  • Howard outstanding. Deservedly MOTM. Yedelin should be up there too though.

  • Wondolowski flop of the match.

  • @El_Duderino BTW even if he scored at 90'+2, it wouldn't have counted: he was offside.

  • @antonsmith Actually, after verification, he was onside - the issue has been debated a lot since the game. So yes, that was the flop of the match. The ball had just bounced from the ground but it should have been an easy goal. Dempsey's miss during the overtime was also really disappointing.

  • @El_Duderino I think he palyed well, he just unlucky

  • @keyponk04 I think this sport is about kicking the ball with your feet, which Wondolowski can't do.

  • 15 saves and a 84% pass accuracy. That's probably the best stats I've ever seen for a keeper.

  • 15 saves from Howard. Unreal!

  • 15 saves, holy s**t

  • 40 shots,17 on target )) FIFA 07

  • @kamso I knew Green would play.

  • Best extra time of the World Cup so far!

  • @TheFactsProvider But why we need it to wait 90 minutes

  • @Drakuul ikr


  • This guy need a good defender line, definetly he play the game of his life...

  • Tim Howard 10.0 with no full time boost!!

  • 9.9 rating with 12 saves for Howard !!!!

  • @AndreyNosatii omg it is 10.0 right now,never seen something like this in my life ;D

  • @AndreyNosatii totally deserved :D

  • @SynystePL yeah,has more saves than everyone on this World Cup,with 14 saves !

  • I'd blow Blatter to see Belgium-Columbia in the final.

  • Belgium looks like Argentina on crack.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Kompany should get his rating up immediately, 7.1 one for him is a joke.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • What a miss from Wondolowski! Should have won it.

  • @TheFactsProvider Klinsmann would kill someone if Wondolowski scored, cuz there was "offside".

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Howard with a 9.7 rating! Insane!

  • 9 save for Howard and 9.3

  • Tim Howard is having the game of his life

  • This is the goalkeepers world cup.

  • @DelJuve + james rodriguez :p

  • So if goalkeepers decided to become monsters in this world cup.lol

  • @DelJuve every* not if. my mistake.

  • In 30 minutes, interview with Klinsmann: "Well it really looked as though Belgium were gonna beat us but at the end of the day we found the much needed goal and we're through to the next round."

  • and I think this was the 6th 0-0 and the 7th draw at half time...

  • Belgium play power football, more opoetunities for they, but US can be good with a quick contra. Let's see, actually I like both teams.

  • Even game actually, Belgium look the most likely to nick a goal though.

  • Belgium looking really strong! I expect them to win this match and Argentina are not going to be happy playing such a powerful belgian team.

  • Zusi is completely useless. Bring on Julien Green.

  • @DelJuve first sentence was correct. Julian Green will not see time at this world cup.

  • @kamso so bring Julian to sit him on the bench, and leave out Donavan? I am sure he will play.

  • I believe that we will win...I wouldn't bet on it though. :)

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @painn Origi > Lukaku

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Villa for this tournament, you're right villa (y)


  • Origi > Lukaku

  • @Villa Lol Painn!

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Hey FactsProvider, why do you troll on Goal.com and not on Whoscored? People FactsProvider is one of the BIGGEST and most ANNOYING spam trolls on Goal.com but on here he is actually sane.

  • @HalaMadrid12 Maybe he's not the same person o-O

  • @HalaMadridGOAL indeed. He and that arsenal fan. "Who can stop my powerful Arsenal?" "Walcot the best in the world." lol

  • @HalaMadrid12 Trolls aren't human

  • Go USA. 1-0

  • Allez BELGIQUE!!!!

  • i dont like belgium but if usa wins 'soccer' will keep getting more popular in america and americans will become more influential in the football world, eventually football games will have multiple cooling breaks full of mcdonald's and kfc adverts. so, go belgium!

  • @thedanielgrant Don't think every nation should have impact in football? Mate thats borderline racism right here.

  • @HalaMadrid12 it's no racism bro it's xenophobia

  • @thedanielgrant Ignorant. Because we have break in the MLS, right? Cooling breaks? lol It is not even that hot here during March-July.

  • @DelJuve look at nba and nfl, 13 seconds of play then 30 second commercial break and repeat. in the nba, aren't they already considering reducing the length of a quarter from 12 minutes to 10 because the timeouts (read commercial breaks) make the games 3 hours long?


  • Belgium got a better team of individuals ,but USA in great form so my money on the soccer team! :P

  • 2-1

  • go belguim!

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