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R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events

Comments (43)

  • ancelotti should consider the 4231 against lesser teams. Jamas/Isco in 10 role

  • next match isco shld start , not james

  • Isco came on late and yet has a 95 % pass accuracy, won 100 % arials, won the most dribbles AND assisted on Ronaldos goal. Rating 6.7 ...? Benzema did nothing, Rating 7.4 ...

  • @neumi17 You Madrid idiots. The rating of every player starts at 6.0 and it icrease with every good play, decreases with every bad play. Isco came on late and made from good play but didn't have enough time to build on the score. Where as Karim started, scored and have enough time to increase his score.

  • @shihab19 Yeah, he had enough time to increase his score. Unfortunately he didn't show anything anymore after that

  • @neumi17 Agree that Isco was awesome but Benzema scored and that could be the only goal of the match

  • @kedican I know, he scored that goal, but besides that ? Absolutly nothing... 28 touches in 77 min ? ZERO dribbles, zero shots ( beside the goal ),... I don`t think one action alone in a game is worth an improvement of 1,4 in rating.


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  • @AIbaruz not only do you not know when to stop you are also a moron

  • @AIbaruz You know it was quite a long time since this was funny, right?

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  • James is really a disappointment so far. I know he needs some time getting used to the team, but what he has shown so far is not god ...

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  • I'm watching the City-Pool game, and from what it looks like, Real Madrid's not doing so well.

  • Since Kroos is in Madrid, Real creates no scoring oppurtunities and goal anymore ...

  • @neumi17 Since James, you mean*

  • @Matelli Funny that Kroos assists on Benzemas goal 20 sec after I have posted that comment...

  • @Matelli Both

  • @neumi17 please comment the same about james. I want him to assist badly.

  • Really hope James gets the chance to play in the number ten role behind the striker that is his best position don't know why Ancelotti cannot see this,he's stifling James's talent by playing him on the wings.Hope we win convincingly...hala Madrid...

  • playing james in midfield is doing similar to what we did to isco last season. I hope these both lads are played in positions they're best and not in make-shift nuisance

  • Bale & Ronaldo x2

  • 3-0

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  • Isco should start , Iker is confirmed in goal.

  • This is a good game for Modric,Kroos and James to be tested as trio in midfield. Coentrao is injured and Jese is recovering. Di Maria is on the verge of signing for another club. Khedira according to Ancelotti will be staying. According to what Ancelotti said in previous press conferences, there will be no more signings this summer. Ronaldo isnt 100% but is still expected to feature from the start.

  • @Turan Trust me, James future is in the front three. He is no shutler.

  • @Turan Di Maria has joined Utd for £75M i.e 90 million euro , same what barca paid for suarez.

  • @Turan Its a weak midfield if we play those 3. Khedira is excess , i would like isco ( he did well last season) or illara to step up to xabi's role

  • so 1-1 again, hala overated

  • @spursman From the spudsman.

  • Benzema hasn't scored in 4 months now , thats where our problem is apart from defensive organisation. We create no. of chances upfront and spill it like spoilt br@ts. We're taking chances for granted like last few seasons which is upsetting. If we fail to score atleast 3 goals here , we need to sign tiger.

  • @soul_snatcher Falcao is 50-50 , lets see.

  • Alonso? I suggest Isco. Alonso featured in the starting eleven in both supercup matches. He showed very little. Time for some change. The same applies to Benzema. Cordoba is a great team for James to play as a striker. As to the rest of the team, Coentrao won't play because he is injured... wasn't even called up for this match.

  • cr7 will play tonight

  • @Mahdi Ofc he will.

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  • Think Rossi will be able to create much against this Makelele-less Galácticos side, so 4-2 Real.

  • @dSquib Oh hold there , dont reach conclusions too early , we've had that position covered. Makelele was different story wholetogether. I understand your urge to criticize madrid but dont be blind in distribe

  • Cordoba sigil is like a pizza pie :#

  • Siempre fieles

  • Vamos Los Blancos, sempre nos venceremos. Hala Madrid.

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