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  • Why didn't he give a chance to Joel Campbell??

  • I just wanted Arsenal because if they qualify Man U get a Europa League spot

  • lambat weh clas bio pun nk abis

  • awful game, we deserved to lose

  • Hats off to Basiktas and yes it is possible for them to win next week, but Ozil, Mert And Pod will be back so this will be interesting, how ever I am disappointed with how we (Arsenal) played, lost the ball to much, ox changed the game, he should start next week. we need a striker badly, we missing Wally especially!! I think 2-1 to Arsenal next week, but will be a hard game.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • arsenal was so very lucky. even with the ref they couldn't make it.

  • Go besiktas ❤️

  • @whoscored Demba ba hit the crossbar.

  • @ralleke news flash

  • Sorry but Arsenal will run riot here, I'm predicting a 3:0 or a 3:1 of Besiktas maybe can score from a set piece because Arsenal will control possession, too much experience in champions league for Besiktas, only advantage is the home fans but didn't Fenerbahce try it last year and were whopped! I would much rather see Arsenal in Champions League thanks. COYG

  • Turkey <3

  • Besiktas win

  • Arsenal have played 12 CL qualifying games, 12 wins, 28 goals scored, 3 goals conceded.

  • I hope Campbell will give us surprise.

  • i won't be suprised if beşiktaş can manage to win. my guess is 2-1 beşiktaş here.

  • 1.7 is too low. 2.5 days from saturday, arse still have quite a few players and limited rotation, not to mention this an away fixture in turkey against decent opposition . Reckon 1-1.

  • Sanogo is also out with a small injury

  • Want to know what he XVIII man squad is for AFC

  • Besiktas is a weak team by Arsenal's standard , easy lead for gunners but you never know in football anything can sway your feet off.

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