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Match Commentary

Comments (32)

  • No man of the match?

  • Would not be surprised if some key players were waiting on yesterday's result, before making decisions

  • Hope this does not persuade Wenger he can do without replacing Giroud. Holding thumbs there are some deadline day signings, striker, CDM, CB

  • So damn lucky gunners

  • @Sinaj yeah, no shots on goal for Besiktas...very lucky for Arsenal.

  • @neumi17 Clear Penalty not called in favor of them. Yeah. So Lucky.

  • @Sinaj nonsense red card. so lucky.

  • Alexis=8.4??? stupid rating. He wasted at least 6 chances. Alexis's reasonable rating is about 7

  • This comment has been deleted.


  • This comment has been deleted.


  • @Sinaj what do you mean ? ZERO shots on target after 82 min...!

  • Alexis Sanchez will save Arsenal tonight.

  • @AndreyNosatii Good call.

  • @AndreyNosatii that dude is disllusioned

  • Also, Rosicky take the place of wilshere.

  • Wenger must use podolski or Sanogo replace Sanchez. Sanchez cant play forward.

  • @jayvin83 But Podolski can't t play foorball ... And as a single forward he is even more useless , since he can't control the ball in tight spaces.

  • Could try Wilshere on the right and Ox in the middle. They've both played really well there before.

  • 2 of napoli bilbao n arsenal going out

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • arsenal will lose more than 3 goal

  • grioud ramsey out seems gunners have no scorer i guess eagles win

  • Early season jitters. Lack of depth in established strikers perplexing, to put it mildly. Imagine the recriminations if arsenal don't get through.without Ramsey and Giroud this looks tough, and the lack of those two betrays squad issues.

  • Besiktas are not good enough to play for holy competition but here they're anyway to fill the place or maybe cause some upset. Raise your game or perish gunners.

  • @soul_snatcher lol! like arsenal is any better than beşiktaş! eagles gonna fly tonight!

  • I'm not sure if Arsenal is going to win but if it does, the scoreline should be 2-0 or 3-1.

  • i think draw 1-1 , black eagles fly

  • I'd let tom cleverly date my daughter, because there's no danger of penetration

  • 1-1, come on Black Eagles

  • Win Besiktas

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