Why Real Madrid's Endrick is destined for greatness


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.  


In the past week, Endrick had the opportunity to play his first ever match in Europe and formally introduce himself to the world. And what an introduction it was.  


The teenager emerged as the match-winner for Brazil against England at Wembley, followed by another goal against Spain a few days later. 


Endrick’s rise has been spectacular. He broke through at Palmeiras at the end of 2022, but last year, in just 1500 league minutes, he ranked first for goals and shots on target, and third for successful dribbles per 90 within the Palmeiras squad. 


Endrick Transfer Value - how much is he worth? 


According to FootballTransfer's Player Valuation Model, Endrick currently has an Estimated Transfer Value (ETV) of €12.8m. This makes him one of the most valuable 17-year-olds in the world. 


Why Real Madrid's Endrick is destined for greatness


The scarcity of elite young talent is forcing big clubs to pay a premium for high potential players. The likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona are renowned for this strategy, knowing that waiting even a year might drive up the player's valuation and intensify competition. 


The recent success of Vinicus Junior and Rodrygo shows the success of this model, and the €45m fee that Madrid parted with already looks like a snip given Endrick performances over the past week. 


The stats - what will Endrick bring to Madrid? 


Endrick has provided an exciting glimpse of what he will offer Carlo Ancelotti when he joins in July. 


With an Expected Goal (xG) figure of 0.48 per 90, he has a knack for regularly getting into great goal scoring positions, akin to all top strikers. This was on display for his goal at Wembley when he sniffed the danger and positioned himself perfectly to tap in the winner. 


When he finds himself in such positions, he shoots with great power and accuracy, getting over 50% of his shots on target. His 11 goals last season came at a rate of 0.64 goals per 90, higher than any other player in the Brazilian top flight. 


With not enough minutes played in the current season, all numbers are from the 2023 Brazilian Serie A season. 


Expected goals on target (xGOT) is a post-shot variation of xG that assesses the quality of shots on target based on its end location. A higher xGOT value compared to the xG suggests better finishing ability. 


Endrick’s explosive goal threat is reflected in how his xGOT of 0.58 per 90 is much higher than his xG figure. 


Don’t be fooled by his 1.73 metre frame. The left-footed marksman's ability to hold off big defenders was evident against the likes of Lewis Dunk this past week, and this will only get better as he develops physically. 


While he may not possess the same dribbling skills as Neymar, Endrick uses his burst of pace to take on players with reasonable success for someone so young. 


Other aspects of Endrick’s game, such as his final pass, still need refinement, which means that he will likely be integrated into the Los Blancos first team over the next few seasons. 


Despite the speed of his progress, it would be unfair to immediately put high demands on a player who is still raw and has only played 2000 minutes of senior football. Both Vinicius and Rodrygo started at Real Madrid Castilla and were eased in over the first two seasons. 


Ancelotti's urgent need for a striker who can make an immediate impact may lead to the signing of Kylian Mbappe. This could provide Endrick with the time and patience to develop key elements of his game. 


The diminutive striker can learn from, and provide backup for, the Frenchman for a few seasons before eventually lining up alongside him. 


The Brazilian has already contributed to Palmeiras winning a few titles in his short career, but achieving success at the Santiago Bernabeu presents an entirely different challenge.  


While many have crumbled under the pressure, there is a certain aura about Endrick that leaves you convinced he is a star of the next generation.


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Why Real Madrid's Endrick is destined for greatness