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Ballon d'WhoScored Nominees (2012)

Published on Monday, Oct 29 2012 16:21
The top 23 players according to WhoScored ratings taken from the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2012 from the start of 2012 til now (29/10/12). Players must have a minimum of 30 apps to be considered

Comments (6)

  • I'm glad your numbers reflect Pirlo's value to Juve and Italy. Messi should win the Ballon D'Or/WhoScored nonetheless.

  • should be a mixture of rankings and titles won. i know im bias as hell but Pirlo deserves it. i respect Messi and he's been fantastic, but what did he actually win this past year? Pirlo went undefeated en route to a scudetto and came 2nd in the Coppa and Euro. Pirlo will always be underrated, but if he does win it will restore my faith in UEFA and FIFA and show that the trophies they hand out arent always just popularity contests.

  • Surely scoring and assisting are the most important things in football??! Would be weird if they weren't rewarded in their ratings for getting goals!

  • WhoScored rating system loves Ribery. Interesting. Hey, what's with very high rates of dribbling by other players, making key passes, scoring, and assisting? No need for that, Franck.

  • pirlo deserves it this year

  • Very nice indeed. Messi will get it anyways...

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