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  • maurizio sarri ur the true MVP

  • 1 - 3 Napoli Win.

  • Hopefully Napoli win. No disrespect to Verona fans but Napoli are a true sleeping giant. It's a great city, have a potential fortress of a home stadium and, given their history, COULD generate the pulling power needed to acquire world class talent. They will need to win the league then subsequently do well for a season in the CL. Hopefully they start here, 0-3.

  • @SteveHyland honestly,totally agree in regards to their city and its fans, they are very passionate. All they are missing is a stadium of their own. The owner must either buy the existing one or build a new stadium. If Napoli can get back on their feet then they can easily fill a 60,000 seater stadium or at least most of it.

  • @Footballfanatic66- Buy the San Paulo one would be my choice. The acoustics of it lends itself to a hostile, cacophonous atmosphere which makes it extremely difficult for opposition teams to play in. I heard there were plans for a new stadium, maybe it's still in the works? Hopefully they keep the interior contour the same though, you can replicate it even without a running track and those atmospheres are what give a home stadium it's own flavour.

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  • 1-0 Verona win!

  • No points should be dropped here, Verona is in a poor form. Forza Napoli!