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  • Alvaro to Messi during the game " you are very short " Messi replies " you are very bad in football "

  • Slammed these thugs 6-1 on aggregate, just as we should. Great games by Ter Stegen, Messi and Vermaelen. 2 goals for Munir will be good for his confidence.

  • @bradley.fcb Howcome Vermaelen got subbed if he played a great game?

  • @Rlnd I think Lucho could be saving him for a start against Athletic on the weekend hopefully.

  • @bradley.fcb Ok, lets hope. I'm belgian an I really hope he gets more playing time. Great player and would be good for our national team.

  • @bradley.fcb Yeah, and first goal was pure class. Messi's pass was great, but there was still a lot of work to be done as the goalie closed down the angle well. But even after getting past the keeper with one well-timed touch, Munir had to anticipate Ciani's sliding tackle and avoid it with a smooth lob. Great work. Also, another good game for Roberto, who's coming into his own as a midfield general in Busquets' absence. He's proving to be one of the most versatile players in the game today.

  • Barça may draw, or even lose here since it will be a heated derby that Espanyol will take with utmost seriousness and Barça will rest some of the players (plus Suárez wont play due to ban) because of the 3 goal lead from the first game. But that 3 goal lead is why there's almost zero chance for Barcelona to actually LOSE here, because if Espanyol goes through here it will be the biggest upset Barça had since Getafe knocked them out back in 2007. I hope Barça wins though. Screw Espanyol, bunch of non-footballing turd burglars.

  • It ll be tough but messi ll shine again...����������

  • It may be difficult for Barca but I do see Barca winning here by around two goals, 3-1

  • Just becouse its away game and derby it gonna be annoyingly hard for Barca