Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(16) 10 Goals 16 (17)
(12) 7 Assists 9 (13)
(6.8) 7 Average Ratings 7.2 (7)
36.3 Average Age 35
181 Average Height (cm) 183
(1.1) 1 Shots pg 1.2 (1.1)
(50%) 53% Aerial Duel Success 62% (60%)
(1.1) 0.9 Dribbles pg 1 (1.1)
(1.7) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.9 (1.7)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Man City
Player Reason Status Rating
Raheem Sterling Out 7.19
Vincent Kompany Out 6.82
Samir Nasri Out 6.43
Nicolás Otamendi Doubtful 7
Player Reason Status Rating
David Luiz Out 7.35
Blaise Matuidi Out 7.14
Kevin Trapp Doubtful 6.94
Marco Verratti Doubtful 7.47
Javier Pastore Doubtful 6.26

Team News

Man City
  • Samir Nasri wasn't included in Manchester City's knockout stage Champions League so, despite his impressive showing at the weekend, will not feature here.
  • Vincent Kompany is back in full training, yet is not quite fit enough to start while Nicolas Otamendi a doubt with an ankle problem sustained against West Brom, but should be fine to feature. Raheem Sterling is sidelined due to injury.
  • Yaya Toure, David Silva, Gael Clicy and Kevin De Bruyne are all set to come into the starting XI after either starting the win over West Brom from the bench or not featuring at all.
  • Laurent Blanc comes into the meeting with Manchester City without David Luiz and Blaise Matuidi, with the pair suspended after picking up yellows in the first leg.
  • The PSG boss is sweating on the fitness of Kevin Trapp after the German hobbled off at the interval in the weekend win at Guingamp. Javier Pastore and Marco Verratti have both travelled with the squad, but are unlikely to start.
  • With a raft of problems in the middle of the park, Blanc could drop Angel Di Maria into midfield, though Benjamin Stambouli is an option if the PSG boss wish to solidify the midfield.


  • Manchester City secured a crucial draw in Paris last week and netted twice in the process, so hold the advantage coming into the meeting with PSG. The Citizens' home form of late, however, has been fairly spotty with just two wins from their last six at the Etihad, so the visitors could progress to the next round.
  • PSG rested a handful of first teamers at the weekend and were able to come away with a 2-0 win at Guingamp. The victory, though, was not without casualty, as goalkeeper Kevin Trapp sustained a heavy knock and was forced off at the interval and it could be a huge blow if he fails to prove his fitness in time.
  • This could be another entertaining encounter between the two teams in what may go all the way to penalties.

User Predictions

Comments (49)

  • Arrogant Parisian tears taste so good. And I'm not even a Man City fan! The battle of the Sheiks, el Cashico, ended with Abu Dhabi defeating the Qataris.

  • Crazy formation from PSG. They play all life in 4-3-3 and then, in the most decisive match... 3-5-2.

  • Glad City went through, if only to shut the "PSG are amazing" brigade up. It's almost like they play in a league where none of the other teams are better than Southampton. Just 3 genuine chances created despite having 64% of the ball when, realistically, you need to score twice or to put it another way, a team total of less than de Bruyne produced on his own from having one twelfth of the amount of time on the ball. Verratti or no Verratti, there's enough on the pitch to produce double figures. We slam Man Utd for having loads of the ball yet producing little! Di Maria continues to be crap in England but Rabiot shows promise. Hopefully he moves to a team in England or Spain in the summer. I see this PSG team being, in a couple of season's time, how Monaco are now. It doesn't matter how nice the place is to live in or how much money they get, eventually the top players will crave domestic competition. I'll be shocked if Marquinhos, Rabiot and Verratti are there come the end of 2017/18.

  • It really discredits Real Madrids season. They'll get to the final by playing Malmo, Shaktar, PSG, Roma, Wolfsburg, and City (easiest draw). While struggling too

  • @ChaoticReaper Why loser always complain? despite uefalona things at ur club

  • @ChaoticReaper If they win the title, nobody would remember the details. Case in point: they beat Schalke, Dortmund, Bayern and Atletico to get La Decima only a couple of years ago, yet everyone still speaks of a conspiracy that gives Madrid the easiest teams "every single season".

  • ManC moving to the next round?

  • PSG / Ligue 1 Overrated

  • @richccfc Their entire midfield (their biggest strength) was out... Not an excuse but that's really frustrating. I wish Verratti could have played too... See you next year guys, good luck to you.

  • @Murgen lmao... only Veratti was injured.. crap excuse. Kompany out for City and Sterling

  • @richccfc Motta, Matuidi and Verratti OUT. Luiz suspended.

  • @Murgen PSG were crap even when Motta was on, Luiz is bad and Matuidi overrated all of a sudden

  • Zlatan, your nose is offside! It's like I said a few weeks ago, PSG are nowhere near as good as they think they are.

  • If I was Pellegrini, I would say to Navas: " shoot at gol...eeeh...I brek your knees...hokay? Puhs, puhs, PUHS DE BOL!", and have Kompany behind me cracking his knuckles.

  • @What4 That's the funniest comment I've ever read on this site. We need more of that kind of stuff.

  • WTF 3-5-2 for Laurent Blanc, he NEVER used that system with PSG in three years!!

  • @Murgen It allows them to keep the ball freely as Cty don't really press center backs on the sides. That don't really help them though, City have looked more dangerous so far. Loosing Motta is a blow, PSG have already loosed the ball too easily. Now they don't have any regular CMs. Change of system could help them though.

  • @Murgen Well if you look on FotMob, it's a 3-4-3...But every site/app shows a different formation from one another, so who the hell knows.

  • It's so hard to call. The first Leg has made this tie so exciting, I really can see this going either way, I personally think that City will progress... either 2-1 or 2-2 with City going through on penos.

  • PSG will go through to semis

  • PSG have been making quite good progress in CL during recent seasons and I would expect them to appear on these stages also in coming seasons. However, for Pellegrini and this City team this is the last chance to prove they can achieve even some success in Europe since under Guardiola they'll probably look very different team. Now they have to forget about Pep and focus in this match only, particularly their defense needs to step up. Verratti's and Matuidi's absence is shame, but I except PSG to name rather offensive line-up anyway since they need at least one goal. City have an advantage after draw in Paris but that may not be enough. 1-1 or 1-2, I'm hoping better effort than last week from both sides.

  • Zlatan will SCORE atleast ONE GOAL as always. Question is if can City keep it together? It smells like a 1-1 or 2-2

  • @Fromhell Bad nose.

  • PSG will win this, they know exactly what they have to do. One thing is certain, PSG will score. I think they will do enough to qualify. 1-3 for PSG.

  • @Mike.PSG Are you serious ?? You said the EXACT same thing for the first leg!!!

  • 1-2 2-2 2-3

  • @jivascenko exacty the same scores that I was thinking about

  • agree, sheiks can arrange 2-2 and only after then teams will play up to their best

  • Demichelis...

  • Dis game is tough to predict.. It can go anyway... But i see PSG win or draw

  • @Kaycee_GH Bad eyes.

  • 1-2

  • Man City will win it 2-1

  • draw is right, but i think it will be 1-1, or 0-0

  • PSG hopefully.

  • PSG will win just like they did at home LOL. and city's defence isnt that bad. probably 3-2. city win.

  • @spursman "city's defence isnt that bad" but yet you see them concede 4 goals in 2 games against PSG, ok

  • я думаю ПСЖ всё таки выйграет!!!так как у МС куча жёлтых карточек.и они будут играть в этом матче более осторожнее.....и счёт думаю 2-1!!!!

  • City to progress.

  • 1:1 City through

  • psg absolutely scores.

  • Oh man, Lucas Moura and Di Maria will tear City's defence apart...they are formidable on 1vs1 situations.

  • If Manchester City goes trought, PSG has no excuses because they won the Ligue 1 a long time a go and could focus on Champions League.

  • @hellreaper Actually, most people have seen PSG winning the title so early in France as a liability, a bit like Bayern Munich experienced a few years back...

  • @hellreaper That's just the problem, the focus is gone have you forgotten Bayern vs Real in 2014??

  • @taktiko What? I'm saying PSG is not fighting for anything only for the Champions League, so if they can't go trought it's because Manchester City were better. It's harder to do great performances when you are fighting for multiple things like Benfica.

  • @hellreaper i agree... City has top 4 survival in EPL as another headache but PSG is only focussed on champs league... They must go through if not we will say city was better

  • PSG to progress.

  • Nobody cares about this game or what ? Come on PSG let's do this!! I hope Verratti will be OK (but I doubt it...)