Match Summary

Arsenal Everton
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Stole the ball often from the opposition
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from counter attacks
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were strong at finishing
Were aggressive
Were poor at finishing
Were aggressive
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Attacked through the middle
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Attacked through the middle
Favoured short passing
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured through balls
Favoured crossing the ball

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Comments (34)

  • supporting Arsenal has been tough in the last few (10 maybe ) seasons but I think next year could be a nice refresh. If they played in CL that would be the same as always, easy opponents in the group and then failing on Bayern/Barcelona. Maybe some new young guns will shine too.

  • Highest points total to not make the top 4 ever, for all the "wits" below. And this despite possibly our worst season ever under Wenger, and Man City and Liverpool can barely scrape ahead of us. Says more about them than us.

  • @What4- I would be very disappointed as a City fan given they were clear favourites to win the league in pre-season but those 2 teams are offering hope whereas we know what will happen next season and every season while the same people are in charge of the club. Can you honestly see where we go from here with Wenger in charge?

  • Good. We were better than Everton with 10 men. Now to win the Europa League.

  • High five, anyone? #YNWA

  • @Vadermort reported

  • europa is where they belong.. champions is for teams that actually have a chance of winning their title. not just try to finish ahead that then spurs

  • @edemex Pfff, yeah, because obviously Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have a chance of winning the CL..o don't make me laugh. Spurs will be crap in the group stage, so they can get knocked into the EL and then be crap in that. Man City will colapse when they meet a decent team, and Liverpool will beat their chest, with misty-eyed recollection of previous European exploits, only to fail as usual. Really representing for the Premier League, aren't they?

  • Everton cant ever become top class team with such team spirit

  • Ha,ha, one man down and they still score the second one. Wenger is a genius...

  • @neumi17 He'll need that genius in Europa League next season.

  • Assist from Welbeck lol

  • First golal 7 minutes, EZ.

  • x2

  • Welcome to Europa League arsenal...

  • arsenal win 3-1 or 4-1

  • arsenal win 3-1 or 4-1

  • arsenal will win this and both team to score for sure

  • 1-2 for Everton

  • I think we'll win but finish 5th. Really don't see Man City losing or Liverpool drawing. Koeman tends to set his teams up very well against us so I expect a close game. 2-1.

  • @SteveHyland What a disappointing, embarrassing and mediocre season. Just seems to happen every year. Depressing when we see clubs with less resources outperform the Arsenal too.

  • @Overmars- I agree and essentially we spent £92.65m to earn just a single point more than we did last season (based on players who played this season- Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez and Holding). It is a misconception that we don't spend money. We spend it but the players bought aren't Arsenal calibre for the most part and the young players don't develop at Arsenal like they used to, both are Wenger's doing. I hope he decides to leave or Kroenke's hand is forced by Usmanov's bid and he listens to what now constitutes the majority of the fans and takes the 2-year contract off the table. We need a complete restructure at the club with a new managing director, new manager and new backroom staff including medical personnel. The new manager will also need to have a clear out of the average and above average players. We were told by Wenger that the new stadium would make us big-time players akin to Bayern, Madrid and Barcelona. We haven't progressed in the slightest since moving from Highbury.

  • Lukaku is playing very bad against bigger clubs, so I guess he will make not so good game here again. I expect Arsenal to win, but Pool won't slip at home vs Boro...

  • It will be interesting to see if sanchez and lukaku will be greedy in this match and rather than passing the ball for a sure goal they will only shoot all the time and infuriate their team mates. And last time lukaku scored against arsenal was 6 april 2004 I will go the other route and say giroud can score 2 or 3 goals preferebly with a headed goal as he has been performing well lately and he is the current player playing for arsenal to score the most against everton 5 goals combined in 2014 and 2015. So the scorpion King or should I say scorpion kick Giroud gets my man of the match vote.

  • @RemyLebeu I suppose you mean 6 april 2014.

  • anytime scorer A.sanchez and arsenal to sink everton @ 3 - 1

  • @shakes- Well done.

  • @shakes Great bets

  • Arsenal 3 - 1 Everton Both teams to score, plenty of chances and shots in this game. Fancy Lukaku and Alexis to score. Key players for Everton are their midfield as their defence isn't all that. Just need Boro to get a result vs LFC which I don't think will happen.

  • @Overmars- Correct although I'm sure we would've won by a larger margin had we kept 11 men on the pitch. Everton were poor being a man up.

  • pay Everton players 20000 pounds a player if they win. #YNWA #LFC

  • Sánchez 1-1 Lukaku

  • @Salek does that mean you think sanchez and lukaku are each going to score once?