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  • Swallow this from Guidolin, Conte :-D

  • Hey Liverpool can we please get Mignolet? It looks like we have a much bigger bag of Belgian sh*te than you do.

  • am I the only one having troubles with data refresh? Safari on El Capitain

  • @B4C Use Chrome or Firefox and it will work just fine

  • @B4C No. Chrome on Windows 7 64-bit and Chrome on Windows 10

  • @B4C not only you it seems

  • it's a sure win for Chelsea FC

  • Hazard is going to pulverise that defence Costa will also run riot

  • 2-1 chelsea

  • Terry and Cahill are too weak to handle Llorente and co. 2-2

  • So Chelsea sold David Luiz for £45M to PSG, then bought him back for £30M a few years later. I wonder what Mansour owed Abramovich £15M for. Looks like very legit and above-board deal going on here, it's not like oil and gas tycoons ever get involved in shady business, is it?

  • @What4 Actually PSG made money with David Luiz.

  • @What4 there are more tricks like that, when some team which sells given player to another one and then also sells match in the league for some % of money given as 'transfer" before:)

  • 0-3 Chelsea. Batshuayi to score.