Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(83) 64 Goals 76 (84)
(57) 38 Assists 42 (59)
(6.8) 7.2 Average Ratings 7.1 (6.8)
29.5 Average Age 27.5
183.3 Average Height (cm) 185.8
(1.1) 1.3 Shots pg 1.7 (1.2)
(49%) 49% Aerial Duel Success 55% (53%)
(1.2) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.9 (1.1)
(1.6) 1.3 Tackles pg 1.2 (1.4)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
John Terry Out 6.35
Kurt Zouma Doubtful 6.23
Marco van Ginkel Doubtful N/A
Player Reason Status Rating
Ben Davies Out 7.12
Erik Lamela Out 6.99
Marcus Edwards Out N/A
Toby Alderweireld Out 7
Danny Rose Out 7.42

Team News

  • Kurt Zouma and Marco van Ginkel are still both lacking match fitness for the hosts.
  • John Terry has been ruled out for another two weeks with injury, though is Antonio Conte's only real injury concern ahead of Saturday's game.
  • The Chelsea boss could name an unchanged XI for the welcome of Tottenham.
  • Tottenham are without Marcus Edwards, Erik Lamela, Ben Davies and Toby Alderweireld through injury.
  • Danny Rose is suspended due to an accumulation of yellow cards, with Jan Vertonghen expected to start at left-back.
  • Harry Winks is pushing for a third successive start, though Mauricio Pochettino could drop the youngster to the bench for this one.


  • Six successive wins has lifted Chelsea to the top of the table, though they could be third by the time this match kicks off. However, they will be confident of topping the Premier League by the close of play on Saturday having not lost a league game at home to Tottenham since 1990.
  • Spurs have won only one of their last nine competitive outings and were knocked out of the Champions League in midweek. They will look to exact revenge on Chelsea having seen their title hopes ended in the 2-2 draw between the pair in west London back in May.
  • Chelsea don't look like conceding at present and should inflict further misery upon an out of sorts Spurs side.
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User Predictions

Comments (59)

  • Stunning goals

  • oooooh stunning stuff from chelsea in the second half!!!! get in there!!!!! suck on that totts!!!!!boo ya!!! there at top and thats that

  • @Chelsea4Ever- Nobody has ever won the premier league in November.

  • @SteveHyland I didn't say that bro!!!!!

  • @Chelsea4Ever- That's true, you didn't. I just got the feeling you thought it actually mattered at this stage of the season with all the exclamations etc in your post. Not that I mind Spurs being beaten. I'll buy the Champagne.

  • @SteveHyland the point I'm trying to get across is that Chelsea r playing very well at the moment and to beat Tottenham the team playing them hast to be pretty good!!! Go 4 it!!!! Buy the champagne if u really can b bothered...I'm not stopping u

  • @SteveHyland yes but you can certainly lose it, so we'll take the league position and honestly top 4 was the primary goal so Chelsea have another advantage having less pressure than the other sides. Couple that with no European matches and it looks like Chelsea have a shot at this thing.

  • @Agreen- Yep, believe it or not, about 1-2 weeks before the window shut I predicted Chelsea to win the league. My logic was based largely on the lack of European football and a big transfer budget therefor a late minute surge. I must admit I don't think you will now, David Luiz has played well in defence thus far but is still David Luiz. As you say, after last season's campaign, top 4 would be a good start for Conte's reign. It is shaping up to be the most contested title race for a long time. Can't even rule out Utd winning it although that is maybe a 50/1 shot.

  • @Chelsea4Ever that's that until you drop down from the top which wont be long hopefully

  • @lwpgooner 17 weeks later still top of the table bro

  • @lwpgooner I wouldn't count on that!!!!

  • Dembele is a baller

  • For me, Tottenham plays one of the best football out there and they didn't deserve to lose today but hey that's football.

  • @CirdomAkul In the CL they played one of the worst football out there ...

  • @neumi17 Good point, had Poch rested the starters on Tues instead of trying to win it, the result today might have been different

  • @ezzyballa is that a joke? Because that's exactly what he did.

  • Beta Spurs, tumse na ho paega!

  • Tottenham will win this unless Chelsea sort there lives out in the second half

  • beautiful goal by Pedro

  • Bang goes the 7th clean sheet, I just hope that blues can pull it back.

  • @ChelseaRgr8 I have not expected that lol we failed to control the game. Our midfield has been the culprit. The first 30 minutes Moses, Kante, Matic and Alonso has been terrible. And Costa has been terrible the whole 45 minutes.

  • Cmon Chelsea tho I'm guessing a 1-1 draw...spurs to snatch a late equaliser...

  • must be bts, score tricky, home win 2-1 or 2-2

  • Spurs not playing well and missing two of their best players - if Chelsea can't beat them at home by several goals like they expect to then they will be disappointed.

  • This match gonna be draw. 1-1 . Costa and Kane to score.

  • Chelsea for the win.

  • 3-1 chelsea

  • Chelsea would either win or at-least a draw if spur show up.

  • Spurs would be better off if they played Alderweireld in central defence and move Dier to LB. Dier has been terrible since going into defence. It's tough changing positions, he should be in midfield. Of the 2 options, Alderweireld and Wimmer as CBs are more likely to stop Costa. That being said I don't think they will. An on-form Spurs could win, but they are far from on-form. Pochettino's tactics in the CL were naïve, Spurs should've lost at the Emirates and were lucky to beat West Ham. I think will lose here too. 2-0. Costa and a Hazard penalty. Wanyama to get sent off, not long before time with his dirty elbowing tactics.

  • @SteveHyland what north London derby were you watching?

  • @SteveHyland Alderweireld is injured I think you mean Vertonghen.

  • @denisgrad- Yeah I did. Should've proof read before posting, I never do. My bad.

  • Since Spurs are out of CL, they can focus on league. Chelsea 2-3 Tottenham

  • @vikasjoshi9617 yea right,like thats going to happen today :)))

  • @vikasjoshi9617 Since Spurs are out of CL, they can focus on the PL, thats fine. Although they wont have any joy in this game just yet. Their confidence is lower then Chelsea's, and they miss their 2 best performers Rose and Alderweireld. I even doubt they will score a single goal.

  • @7dana I even doubt they will score a single goal. - Agree, very possible.

  • @vikasjoshi9617 They can focus on anything they want and they reach nothing. Tottenham is he most overrated team in PL and Pochettino is definitely the most overrated coach. They disgraced themselves in CL (what's more - in very very weak group!!!) and shows completely nothing in PL.

  • @afx "shows nothing in the PL" is an unnecessary exaggeration and incorrect given they are the only team to have beaten Man City.

  • Chelsea all the way ...

  • So many Chelsea haters down voting but none of them want to speak up... why did "BORING BORING CHELSEA" make you fall asleep with all recent 4-0 5-0 demolitions?

  • @denisgrad- Haven't down-voted, but I do agree Chelsea were boring from the 2nd half of the title winning campaign up to and including this season's game against Arsenal- and I'm sure you do if you're being honest. Prior to that they played well, despite being Mourinho-led :-o lol, and since Conte switched to a 3-4-3, it has been an attacking, proactive Chelsea which so far have also been solid defensively. Definitely not boring, but I've always rated Conte's teams' ability to switch styles depending on the opposition despite not changing the formation too much. I would like to see this Chelsea against Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool playing well. That'll be the true test, but you can't fault them thus far.

  • @denisgrad I personally don't think Chelsea are boring but I still hate them - perhaps it's the arrogant attitudes of the fans who seem to think that because they have played well of late - that they are now invincible.....Tottenham may be weakened and low in confidence but they are rarely a walkover anymore. Try and show a more level mind and respect when facing the opposing team. The BPL is the best league because there are so many surprise scores.... either team could win this....

  • @denisgrad Exactly. Nowadays tottenham is the most boring in PL

  • Going for 3-0 Chelsea

  • @Ferit22 This was written before the whoscored prediction was out btw.

  • If Spurs play with 3-5-2 they would WIN. 0-2

  • @dts89 They can even play 5-5-5 it doesn't matter. Tottenham will be completely destroyed.

  • @afx hahaha, true

  • @7dana yeah, thanks ;)

  • normally I would say Chelsea would win 1-0 or even 2-0, but Tottenham have really shown that they can do well against the big teams like Arsenal (1-1) and Manchester City (2-0). I think it will either be a 1-1 draw or Chelsea win by a tight margin.

  • Tottenham is total bollocks. They are not playing as good as they did last season. They have just been eliminated from Champions League - low on confidence. Their defence is in shambles. They have a good attacking players - Eriksen, Son, Kane. I am not confident Chelsea will keep a clean sheet in this match but Chelsea will 99% win this match.

  • More like 1/2-0, Tottenham a dangerous team at the minute

  • @ChelseaRgr8 did you watch them againts Monaco ?? they were awfull

  • @ChelseaRgr8 How dangerous is Tottenham?Playing for draws?Chelsea doesn't surely play for draws.

  • Top of the league, Costa on fire, Spurs fatigued with UCL= 3-0