Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(75) 45 Goals 66 (84)
(52) 38 Assists 41 (59)
(6.9) 7.1 Average Ratings 7.2 (6.8)
30.7 Average Age 26.9
179.9 Average Height (cm) 184.2
(1.3) 1.4 Shots pg 1.6 (1.2)
(52%) 56% Aerial Duel Success 52% (53%)
(1) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.9 (1)
(1.4) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.2 (1.7)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Ilkay Gündogan Out 7.07
Fernandinho Out 7.16
Vincent Kompany Doubtful 7.18
Fernando Doubtful 6.52
Player Reason Status Rating
Jan Vertonghen Out 7.28
Erik Lamela Doubtful 6.99

Team News

  • Gabriel Jesus has received international clearance and is in line to make his Manchester City debut.
  • Pep Guardiola is without Ilkay Gundogan and Fernando due to injury, while Fernandinho is suspended, which should see Pablo Zabaleta start in midfield once again.
  • Vincent Kompany is still lacking match fitness and is expected to sit this one out.
  • Erik Lamela is continuing to recover from a hip problem and is unlikely to be available for Saturday's trip to Manchester City.
  • Jan Vertonghen sustained an ankle injury in the 4-0 win over West Brom and is expected to miss the next six weeks of action.
  • Ben Davies and Kevin Wimmer are battling to replace the Belgian in defence, with the former perhaps set to be given the nod.


  • Manchester City were thumped 4-0 at Goodison Park at the weekend, a loss that saw Pep Guardiola admit his side are out of the title race. However, their recent home form has been commendable, with three successive league wins at the Etihad Stadium.
  • Tottenham trounced West Brom 4-0 at White Hart Lane on Saturday and have won their last six top-flight outings. Spurs have won their last three league meetings with City, though have won just one of their last six at the Etihad Stadium, that coming in this fixture last season.
  • City are still struggling to ahdere to Guardiola's demands and Spurs have what it takes to secure a club-record seventh successive league victory at the hosts' expense.
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User Predictions

Comments (62)

  • Man City played very well and deserved more from this game. There was an element of luck in how the ball fell for both their goals and the first goal could have been disallowed for a handball but Walker's push was lucky not to draw a penlaty and sending off. City have every right to be annoyed with this result. Credit to Tottenham that they didn't fold under pressure and stayed in it to score two great goals. Get well soon Toby Alderweireld!

  • @MEHJones *penalty

  • Man City should have had 2 or 3 penalties here, and Walker sent off. Plus Kane was offside for Spurs' second goal. Totts get more dodgy officiating at the Emptihad.

  • @What4 There was also a foul on Wanyama before their second goal which you forgot to mention.

  • @What4 Harry Kane was offside for the second goal? Hmm, I think you are grasping at straws there. When Eriksen plays the ball Harry is not closer to the City goal line than Zabaleta is as shown by their locations with respect to the lines in the grass (which are parallel to the goal line).

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Spurs played terribly and City deserved to win but when your defence is so porous, opposition teams don't need to play well to score. If Lloris didn't have his worst performance since coming to England, City may have lost.

  • I also wonder if any team from bottom half had City defenders and goalie, what would be the amount of goals conceded?

  • @tar88s Good question. Would be a number with 3 digits by the end of the season, I guess...

  • Kolarov's 8.0 rating is a joke. Unless he gets credit for Alli's goal.

  • @BeautifulLoser the whole ranking is just "adjusted" to the score. Had a small details changed the score - figures would be totally different,

  • wow who scored got man.u match 1-1, bournemouth match 2-2 and west brom match 2-0 score prediction spot on not bad at all.

  • 2 shots on goal, 2 goals. Awesome defence for City

  • @tar88s bravo is LITERALLY useless.

  • @Froce On BBC Five Live 606 (15th Jan 2016 49 minutes in) a City fan called John credited Pep, with Claudio Bravo, for inventing the false number one.

  • Im a spurs fan a damn that push on sterling should have been a pen, but what a counter-attack

  • Some people once compared Lloris with Neuer ... ;-)

  • Wow, Lloris outBravo'd Bravo

  • "Better than De Gea" they said.. Lolris

  • city needs to shoot not always pass pass pass around the box

  • @danyal.maathers.5 No, it`s very usefull to pass the ball until you find the best position for a shot. Look at most british teams and their primitive approach. They shoot as soon as they are behind the center line and hope for the best. That is very stupid and has nothing to do with " creating chances " ...

  • Excellent performance by ManCity! Tottenham looks clueless and Pep is all over them. Kane had his first touch in the 21st minute...!

  • Mousa Dembele might be the most underrated player in the league.

  • no draw. 100% tuan rumah menang

  • either 2-2 or Tottenham will sell it 2-1 to hosts.

  • No need to get carried away. Losing to Koeman is a wholly different matter to losing to thespuds. Man City 3 - Spurs 0.

  • Tricky match for Spurs as they'll be looking to continue their rampant streak, while Pep desperately tries to steady the ship. I don't think the result will be as straightforward as everyone believes, but hopefully it goes 2-0 to Spurs.

  • fngn

  • Man City are vulnerable to through balls and counter attacks, Kompany is badly missed, and Pep looks under pressure. However, City do have a good home record, some very capable front men, and the potential debut of Gabriel Jesus provides an element of unpredictability. Tottenham are in impressive form and look very balanced with a solid defence, reliable midfield, and effective attack. Both teams like to dominate possession. Most signs point towards a Spurs win with more than 2.5 goals total... but I have a funny feeling it might be one of those games (cf. Liverpool vs City) where we expect a lot of goals and there is only one. I'm going with 1-0 to Spurs but a draw wouldn't be the end of the world for either team.

  • Though match, hard to predict. If Pep gets annother beating it will all go down the drain from than on. So I don't think it will be something severe as whoscored predicts. At home they are quite good but I also can't see as win here either. So probably 1-1 or 2-2...

  • DRAW

  • Difficult game to predict as I don't think City will lose as badly as they did against Everton. My prediction is a Spurs 1-2 win but if Gabriel Jesus plays and Guardiola moves Debruyne inside or Silva back then I can see City getting a result. If they play the same team vs Spurs than City will lose, even if Vertonghen is injured.

  • @Overmars you speak about Gabriel jesus like messi or Neymar i don't know why he need first to learn the system he will not start but he will set on the bench and im not sure if he'll make difference

  • Score 1:3

  • I think Pep will grind out a result here same as against Arsenal! 2:1

  • @albgunn I find it unrealistic thinking City will be able to grind out a win. The only true advantage is the home pitch but otherwise I think that City are just too weak (ATM) to beat a title contender like Tottenham. They barely concede goals due to that defense, and the goalkeeper is world-class. As a City-supporter, I must say that hoping for a win would be delusional, especially if you take that back 4 of ours into consideration. If we are able to win, then the title might be in proximity, as long as be sign a center- back within the winter transfer window.

  • @ZuberiMamba Spurs are obviously in good shape and on paper the stronger team. However this is a key match and experience is whats more important in these games. You must understand that this Spurs side is exactly the same side as last year's where they cracked under pressure. Im not a fan of either but I think Pep and the City team have far more experience than the current Spurs side.

  • @albgunn I also have the same feeling that it will be unimaginable for Pep to lose 2 straight games.I see City emerging victorious in this one.

  • Spurs to win or draw @1.75 is a nice bet here in my opinion.

  • Manchester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspurs

  • City 1-1

  • Tottenham to win. A draw is possible, but City is in a mess in midfield and defense and their keeper is the worst in the league by far. Who cares if he passes well if he lets every shot in? As long as Tottenham don't get over-confident, they should be favored.

  • come on Tottenham.

  • The best City can hope for is a draw. Looking at how bad they are at the back, it beggars belief why Arsenal played so conservatively against them. A good attack will get 3 minimum if playing their natural game. you can't rule out a bit of individual brilliance from a City player but their defence is simply a joke and Otamendi/Stones probably the worst defensive partnership of any top 4 team in the top 4 European leagues. 3-1 Spurs.

  • @SteveHyland Arsenal played defensively because Wenger is afraid of every top team. He switches the team to defence in every big game. He so afraid to loose.

  • @abhi8- No he doesn't, don't talk rubbish. If anything, we've been too open in big games particularly those against Mourinho's teams. If we were defensive in big games, we wouldn't have lost as many as we have. It has been the counter attack and set plays which have done us in the past. It's also worth noting that the same tactics worked away to City in the past but Wenger overestimated Pep's City team's ability- particularly defensively. Realistically they are about the 5th best team in the league overall and their big weakness (defence) means that even in a shootout against a top team, they will probably lose. Their attack isn't the level of Arsenal or Liverpool either to make up for the lack of defensive quality.

  • @SteveHyland You are talking as if Arsenal has the best defence so we could have avoided Liverpool scoring 4 goals. Mourinho and Conte are defending a lot so Arsenal had the upper hand there. Though other teams are also scoring against these top teams then how come such a good attack as ours failed against them. The fact is Wenger is using two defensive midfielders in place of Santi. This alone explains how he wants to play.

  • @abhi8- Arsenal played Liverpool with Chambers and Holding as CBs. First time they played together with a combined age of 41. Added to that, Coutinho and Mane scored goals that no defence could prevent. Conte's Chelsea have only conceded 15 all season and Arsenal scored 3 of them. That was before the formation switch, granted, but nobody has scored a bucket load against them. Wenger is moulding Xhaka into Cazorla's replacement. He was a DM in Germany but Wenger has stated he sees him more as a box to box player. Had Cazorla been fit, there would be no question of playing 2 DMs, Santi would be in. Had we gone hard at City in the first half at the Etihad, then I find it inconceivable we wouldn't have scored 3. City probably would've scored, but in a shootout we would win as would Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea- because City's attack is simply not good enough to cancel out their defensive cock-ups.

  • City 4-1 Spurs

  • @SamuelOkellogum Remember everyone this guy also predicted that Chelsea would beat Spurs 5-0. Incorrect by seven goals.

  • @SamuelOkellogum 0-0 is the only max. result for City to get, says parked a bus in front of defence area with all players down to own half.

  • @SamuelOkellogum The only way City are going to win by *that* margin is if there are made some serious changes. Bravo has gotten the chance to redeem himself multiple times, but he has been dreadful, just stopping 14 of the last 22 shots "fired" at him. Caballero nevertheless, is able to cope with that press and has a better understanding of where to position himself in front of goal when facing danger (from all angles). Stones also needs to be left out, I see all these English footballing legends saying that he'll prosper and prevail but he keeps doing the same mistakes, frequently. Pep is still arguably, one of the best managers ever, but he has to leave Stones & Caballero out of the starting XI - then we might see some changes, but not enough to beat Spurs by 3 goals. City's best player (KDB), is making chances, but no ones putting them; and the team doesn't show any true desire when they are down by two goals, just look at how apathetic they were against Everton. Too many flaws ATM

  • @ZuberiMamba- Pep is the problem. He doesn't see the defence is a liability, he likes a sweeper-keeper despite only 1 man in world football is able to play the role and he is getting Aguero to play an unnatural game despite being world class when he plays his natural one. Silva's output has also dropped considerably since Pep's arrival. De Bruyne is flourishing but that is it, and as you say he is creating chances which are then missed. The only way City will win 4-1 is if Spurs have a man sent off fairly early or they move this game to Wembley.

  • @SteveHyland The Wembley comment did get a chuckle.

  • @SteveHyland Pep isn't really the one to blame for our numerous problems. I'm not saying that he isn't culpable for the way we are playing but that he isn't the man to blame for all of our issues. He came to City to take on another challenge which, obviously, is not as good as the team Guardiola contributed so massively - Barcelona, or Bayern Munich, which similar to Barcelona was filled with established key-players in every position. Pep is getting a lot of stick my the British press, who we all can agree on, enjoy watching high-profile managers fail. City is nowhere near that status of Bayern Munich & Barcelona in terms of quality in the team, and in the defense in particular. When Pep coached Barcelona, he nearly instantly, got his visions implemented because of the quality of the players. Barca weren't to good the year before he was put in charge, put Pep's philosophy was inherited by instant impact. City doesn't have that quality in their defense, yet. I agree with th

  • @ZuberiMamba- How good a manager is he then if he requires personnel quality the level of Barcelona and Bayern Munich to produce a contending team? It's funny how Stones looked ok for Everton, not amazing but '...with potential', and has gone to City and now looks like a bottom half La Liga defender. You can't blame Pep for signings he didn't make or all of City's issues, but if you spend £160m on a team which has look so far away from title contenders despite every bookie naming you favourites, you deserve the most individual criticism like he got the most praise when Barcelona were destroying everybody under his leadership (a team which contained a world class front 6 of Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o and Henry at it's peak I might add). It's also worth noting that he failed to win the CL with Bayern despite having 1 of the 2 best squads each season. 3 semis when Bayern were in 3 of the previous 4 finals with arguably lesser personnel.

  • @SamuelOkellogum Hahahaha you made my day good joke mate

  • It doesn't take the mind of a genius to know that all the odds are against City. City have been fragile, weak and susceptible against high-pressing teams, such as Everton, who dumped the f*ck out of them just recently, Liverpool and now Spurs, who won the last time the teams faced each other. City, are as frequently said my "everyone", perfect from the midfield to attack but that defense is slowing them down, defying what is required to be considered as a title contenders. City hasn't been putting away their chances since that 10-game winning run at the start of the season, and that will cost them specially agains t Spurs; a team which strength is scoring those vital chances. Fernandinho has proved to be immense in that City side, but is still banned which makes City's midfield less versatile. The only player Spurs might miss for this game is Verthongen, who also has proven to be vital and potent in the Spurs defense - so that's a big loss. Predicting a Spurs win, probably 3-2 or 2-1.

  • @ZuberiMamba Actually in terms of Vertonghen there was an article written that said that even though Tottenham have more clean sheets with Vertonghen in their side, when he isn't Tottenham actually have a better winning ratio than when he plays with them. Just an interesting fact. I still think Vertonghen is an integral part of their defence, but I am guessing Wimmer would do fine in his place as he did last time.

  • @benjamin7797 Good notion, thanks.

  • @ZuberiMamba No Problem ;)

  • @benjamin7797 no promlem