Match Summary

Tottenham Arsenal
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from counter attacks
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from set-pieces
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Were poor at finishing
Were aggressive
Were caught offside often
Commited a high number of individual errors
Played with width
Played with width
Attacked down the left side
Attacked down the left side
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured crossing the ball

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Comments (69)

  • Congrats TOTTENHAM ! It's a pity Everton lost their nerve and fell before their visitors, Chelsea, when they had it all. Trudge on TOT and finish in glory.

  • Eriksen is something special. His assist for Alli was so good.

  • Strange that people here don't even mention Özil anymore. He did again absolutely nothing but nobody complains...

  • @neumi17- He isn't playing well, but so much of what he does better than anybody else in world football requires a good striker to be playing on front of him. To not have a world class #9 in front of Oezil is criminal, you negate 75% of his skillset. I've lost count the number of times I've seen him get the ball in dangerous areas and look up only to find absolutely nobody to pass to. He is then forced to pass backwards or sideways- almost always out of the dangerous areas he likes to inhabit. When Alexis was in the 9, after his tricky first few games, there was a chemistry. Oezil was creating less but was scoring more. Wenger then inexplicably moved Alexis. Giroud hasn't been a regular in the team and we have nobody else to play there. Whoever is to be the manager next season, and it highly likely wont be Wenger now, they need to either bring in a top finisher or abandon the 4-2-3-1.

  • @SteveHyland So 42mil player need another 50mil

  • @WazzaFC- Yes because the £42m player is the provider. When a player creates 144 chances in a season and only 19 have been put in the back of the net, there is clearly a problem. If it didn't matter who was playing in the #9 provided you have a world class #10 then I could be the striker, Lewandowski would be replaceable at Bayern and Belotti wouldn't be rated at £85m.

  • @neumi17 hahaha.. I was about to talk about it. Last year I said Ozil will see a drop in his form. Bcoz I saw some signs of lack in his performance. Many fans insulted me. HE IS A GREAT PLAYER. NO DOUBT. but sometimes the manager should have the courage to bench his popular player if there are other teammates who could perform better . Which is not Arsen case. Now Arsene discover that Chamberlin is better than others. Is not that too late?. Arsenal are one of the most complete team and are a dream for a manager. Why do they are in the mid table?.

  • @sampo yes yes, we are tired of hearing about the invincibles, just sort out ur current situation quietly please, no noise. And hav to agree with the other guy, playing Ozil without a predator striker is criminal, also, playing him without a midfield dynamo like Khedira is not good too. Ozil is primarily a lazy player and needs to come with accessories which in this case i s box to box midfield partner and a world class finisher.

  • Well done Spurs!

  • Also Xhaka and Ramsey is one of the worst CM duos in the premier league. Literally Crystal Palace has better CMs

  • Today Tottenham had a team and Arsenal had Cech and Sanchez

  • Well done spuds, we'll just wait another 20 years for you to do that again.

  • @What4 Goonies are deluded for a reason.

  • @What4 and no UCL action for u next year, whats the point anyway Arsenal was gonna draw Barcelona in the round of 16 anyway...

  • @What4 If Spurs can keep their main players next season & Wenger doesn't quit soon, Spurs will remain way better than Arsenal.

  • @Spyro- Spurs probably will keep their best players for next season unless the new Barcelona boss tells Eriksen he will pull the strings in his system. That would be difficult to turn down given Barcelona's almost guaranteed CL contention and, at worst, a 33.333% chance of winning La Liga compared to maybe half of that in the prem (depending on managerial changes and transfer windows). I doubt Wenger will be in charge next season. Arsenal look like a rudderless ship and to not even make 4th would surely be the final nail in his coffin regardless of whether we win the F.A Cup or not.

  • @Spyro Playing all our home games at Wembley next season won't be easy: it could cost us 12 points or more.

  • i know in college football they have the iron bowl and others like, why arsenal always talk about finishing ahead of the spurs? is there a cup for finishing 3rd as long as they are ahead of the spurs? i feel its a half full glass mentality where they never win the EPL but they want to feel good about 3rd spot. i could be wrong.

  • @edemex- It's called local rivalry, you always want to finish above your neighbours irrespective of your own league position. However, I don't know of any Arsenal fans who consider finishing above Spurs success if it doesn't mean we win the league. Ditto for finishing top 4. St. Totteringham's day, in recent times, was always something we could fall back on after failing in the league. It didn't make the season successful but it meant as bad as we were, we weren't as bad as Tottenham. Bragging rights last a full season, Arsenal fans will be getting it from Spurs fans on here and in real life and that is how it is.

  • @SteveHyland i get the derbi rivalry but the manchester teams dont brag about finishing ahead of the other, chelsea and arsenal dont brag about finishing ahead of each other and they are both from london too, also why is the spurs vs arsenal such a big rivalry? usually its the two biggest teams in the city, like real madrid and atletico madrid. i dont hear atletico vs getafe, not that spurs are small like getafe. to me it sounds like arsenal are just being a bully, like the big teams are a bully to them, at the end arsenal had finished all this time ahead of spurs but its been a long time since they finished ahead of united, or city or chelsea.

  • Why Xhaka is in Arsenal.Who can say?

  • This is just a timid club for timid supporters

  • And how I cant say /Wenger Out/

  • While Jesus Gabriel scored for Manchester City, Arsenal fans are going: Oh Jesus Gabriel!!!!

  • disgraceful penalty, Michael Oliver should be fired

  • @JoeSWFC what, this was a correct call

  • Eriksson next goal

  • @Benos18Hifp eriksen

  • Tottenham needs dembélé because all of the midfielders of Tottenham are overrated

  • @modric97 I like how dembélé wasn't on the field when Tottenham scored their current goals

  • pls win spurs

  • BTTS 100%

  • somehow, Arsenal always can jinx Tottenham, definitely at least a draw

  • Arsenal to end spurs title challenge. 2-1 arsenal. They will hit them on them on the break, Ozil and Alexis will punish them mark my words. Spurs are quality no doubt but they flop at cruicial times, the team is young. Arsenal whether or not you like them has experience throughout the team. It's gonna be a wicked game COYG (not even an Arsenal fan)

  • @flephmang Arsenal can't win this.

  • @Bol There's a difference between can't and might not. Chelsea win today and they'll have to go for broke. Look how that turned out v Chelsea. Gunners win all day

  • @flephmang I meant CAN'T. You see the ft score now? 2-0. Not even a goal for Arsenal.

  • GOYG

  • I know spurs have been playing 3-4-2-1 recently to great effect, maybe for this game switch back to the 4-2-3-1. Get more people down the wings and really push the two arsenal wingbacks back (assuming they play 3/5 at the back) and cause the new found arsenal back three more problems by drawing the wide center backs away from the center of the pitch due to an overload on either side. It would be just whether having the risk of one man less in defense against that arsenal front three would be worth it.

  • After Chelsea lost at Goodison Park ..Spurs 2-1 Arsenal, Eriksen is MOTH. ^_^

  • Waiting for a resounding win by Tottenham Hotspur. They will give Arsenal a thrashing, likely 3-1. Able Everton will also be putting a spanner into Chelsea's works elsewhere and clearing Spur's path to the title. Go Spurs, Go! Go!

  • Wenger hasn't beaten poch in North london bottlers derby in PL, i predict a draw or a spurs win.

  • no way this will be 13th on the spin home win for Spurs, 2-2

  • @koziol.mutant I think so

  • The doubtful players like dembele and rose for tottenham and Koscielny and mustafi can effect this tie greatly so is best to wait right up to the official lineup to decide who might win this one.

  • Mustafi is out and Koscielny is only "60-40". Presumably we'll keep the 3-4-2-1 formation after 3 wins in a row. Chamberlain should be back in the line-up after 1, if not 2, MotM performances as a RWB. Who we play in the 9 will be interesting. Welbeck would be ideal but he is far from 100% fit. Ramsey was rested against Leicester so he should start ahead of Coquelin. I predict our XI will be: Cech, Gabriel, Holding, Monreal, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Xhaka, Gibbs, Oezil, Alexis, Walcott. Hopefully Son plays LWB for Spurs. Rose is definitely out but I suspect the more defensively adept Ben Davies will start. Dembele possibly missing could mean Dier goes into CM with Wimmer RCB. I don't see why Pochettino would move Alli from the position he has scored most of his goals from. Eriksen is the danger man for me. Been Spurs' best player all season (97 chances created, 8 goals scored) and was last season too. Stopping him play goes a long way to stopping Spurs but we rarely think like that. :-(

  • Arsenal won't have any chance to finish in top 4 if they lose in here. If Spurs fails to win, they won't have any chance to win the league. Just wow !

  • Exciting N. London derby - must win for both teams!

  • On current form and paper Spurs are better but they've failed to beat worse Arsenal in history on many other previous meetings even when Arsenal were with 10 men! I can't call a winner here at all. If you fancy Spurs winning here easily you are wrong! Spurs seem to have a mental issue when playing Arsenal! I think Arsenal would be well pumped up for this! Let Spurs win then it will help them. Beat Spurs and Chelsea are Champions. Arsene Wenger's amazing doing!

  • Spurs 2 - 1 Arsenal Although, I would love it if we could win and end Spurs season.

  • Tottenham 1-1 Arsenal

  • Arsenal got lucky with Leicester because of that own goal from the german. This time luck has run out 2-0

  • @SirCharlesRichfield Well you are a very smart man Sir Richfield.

  • @SirCharlesRichfield I agree.

  • It's a minor issue but if Tottenham win it means that Arsenal don't get their precious St Totteringham's Day this year.

  • @MEHJones Common things are never precious. Champions League is more precious to you lot than St Totteringham's Day is to us, old boy.

  • @MEHJones anyway they wont get it.

  • The most frequent result for this fixture is 1-1 regardless of form.

  • @MEHJones comma before regardless

  • @WSGrammarCorrection Do you have nothing better to do with your life?

  • @WSGrammarCorrection Nope, it's not necessary in that sentence. However, a full stop should be included at the end of your sentence.

  • @MEHJones- Not to mention the small matter of starting a sentence with a letter in lower case.

  • Remember John Motson's line in the old FIFA games: "And the punishment continues"

  • Easy win for the might Arsenal. Spuds are no match.

  • @Jonji By the way, who are Spuds?

  • @Jonji Mere wishful thinking. Get real.