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  • Strange rating again by the way. Ingolstadt was much,much better in the first 45 min and could have lead 4-0 at half time. And also after Aubameyangs goal they had more chances to go for a 5-1 or 6-1. Yet the rating is almost equal and Dortmund is the only team with 3 players above an 8.0 score of which Aubameyang and Ramos showed nothing except their goal...

  • @neumi17 Well a game is 90min not 45min, if you look at the stats the only thing Ingoldstadt surpasses Dortmund is in Aerials won. So it's actually weird that Ingoldstadt has a higher rating.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • looks like no bundesliga title for Dortmund this season Bayerns new challenger is RedBull Leipzig

  • @fervour21 u spelled Hertha bsc wrong. :)

  • @HunEndorfin no i didnt, as you can see RB Leipzig is placed higher than Hertha

  • @fervour21 Even Leipzig will falter sooner or later. Bundesliga is a one club league, it should be renamed Bayernliga.

  • @TSN Buyern*

  • This match just shows that Dortmund lacks depth. Bayern will keep dominating for a long time to come.

  • @TSN If any team has depth this season, than Dortmund ! They have over 30 players in their squad, 10 alone for the offense. Bayern for instance has only 23 players , 7 for offense. And out of those 7 two are mid thirties and only one striker ...

  • @neumi17 I use quality and not just quantity as yard stick .

  • This shows how important Sokratis is for Dortmund.

  • @taktiko and Hummels, Gundogan, Mkhitaryan and Reus

  • lol crazy defending from Dortmund, should I even call it defending

  • Ingolstadt are rock bottom in the Bundesliga with 1 point, wtf is doing Dortmund doing!?

  • 2-1 or 2-2

  • @neumi17 I think Ingoldstadt will score more or it will stay 2-0 if they continue like this

  • lol 2x exact the same goal

  • Oh my God what is BVB doing????

  • Making a bet on arsenal, herha(x1) and bvb against the last. and ofc, bvb conceding a goal in the first minutes, while hertha leads.. remember kids, betting is the game of the devil..

  • Retarded Weidenfeller..(or match fix..)

  • Something says me "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched" by Ingolstadt, so I guess we might see a host goal.

  • @Gabriele07 Just 8 minutes for an Ingolstadt goal.

  • @Gabriele07 Bürki would have saved that.