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  • what a backflip :o

  • @35': Looks like a tough game for bayern. Frankfurt has been more dangerous and Bayern lost a lot of balls

  • Why is Muller so horrible in this season? Can someone explain it?

  • @skordan He have assisted 10 times so far, how's that horrible..?

  • @skordan He has always been horrible, especially his technique but had scored on a regular basis. Now since he doesn't score anymore you only see his poor play...

  • @neumi17 I must say, I get where you're coming from. I wouldn't say horrible but I have been of the notion lately that Muller is an overrated player. I genuinely believe that. He doesn't handle the ball well, doesn't pass well. Just scores or assists and the quality of them seem haphazard half the time.

  • @neumi17 he has never been horrible, you need to appreciate something more than technique and goals only.

  • @wilde- His movement is also excellent, he is impossible to mark when he is playing well but his passing is diabolical, lets be honest, and he is one of the players who's worth to the team CAN be largely measured in the countable stats, that being goals and assists. Not exclusively, but the highest percentage of any player playing for a top 4 top in Europe's top 5 leagues.

  • @wilde He has no peace with the ball, quite fragile when holding position, doesnt score goals and cant dribble at all. I just dont get it why Anceloti keeps Sanches on the bench and lets Muller play?

  • @wilde He has never contributed anything but goals and assists. If Müller didn't score Bayern often played with 10 men only. But this season he is assisting a lot...

  • @wilde don't worry neumi only likes dribbles, he's a bit like whoscored in that aspect

  • JB17 is in says Ancelotti