Match Summary

Napoli Juventus
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from through balls
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Commited a high number of individual errors
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Played with width
Attacked down the left side
Favoured long shots
Dominated possession
Favoured short passing

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Comments (36)

  • higuain seems so useless

  • It is a miracle that Napoli didn't win...

  • 17-4 shots in favor of Napoli, Juve with only ONE shot on target !

  • Sami Khedira the best

  • lemina in the starting lineup ..hahahhaahhahahaahahhaah very funny from Allegri that means he dont care of the result of this match.. he will focus to the next match in coppa italia

  • if juve wins tonight i will go naked to my work the next morning

  • @delpiero1100 Will there be any prove of that?

  • @delpiero1100 prepare yourself to go naked

  • it might be possible juve might give 100 percent into this match. so i see a victory of napoli here...Playing in San Paolo is frighteining prospect for even best of the best. Why might juve not give 100 percent? Very simple...the reason Allegeri was succesful in comparison to conte here was becoz Conte preferred to give 100 percent in every serie a matches and this left them burned out for uefa cl matches. Allegeri on the other hand give break before big games in europe. A victory for napoli looks very likely.


  • Napoli to win. The Atmosphere at Naples Sao Paulo will be Maddening, And the fans won't accept anything else than a WIN, leave a draw. A win. This will be a night to remember for both Higuan and Napoli fans. Like when LeBron went to Cleveland for the firstime as a player of Heats, or when Luis Figo went back to Nou Camp Barcelona with Real Madrid. Nothing in history have I seen anything more than rivalry. More of a World War. In the End. Napoli should win. Juventus squad is nearly worn out. They're playing at stitches,. I can only see 1 outright winner. Napoli. Either 1-0/2-0. Higuan and Co will have to breathe for another day.

  • Predicting a 2-2 draw. If Napoli loses again, the Neapolitans will go nuts! Forza JuVE!

  • 1-2

  • 1-2

  • 1-2

  • I hope allegri isnt stupid enough to let start the star players every match till barca. Today, ok, let the best players start, very important match today. In coppa italia, let dybala and higuain start on the bench. When needed, let them in. Against chievo, let all first team players rest. Because i dont want any injury or unrested players. Against chievo: neto, rugani, barzagli, benatia, lichtsteiner, rincon, lemina, sturaro, asamoah, mandzukic, kean. We're almost lost dybala because allegri dont rest him. Today 1-3 juve!

  • @cforcrime Only thing I despise about Allegri. He doesn't like resting players when they desperately need it. Take for example Higuain, he is long due a long rest, and I think this is what is affecting his form. Watch him use half of our starting line up till the barcelona game.

  • @DelJuve this wasnt what i expected. This line up was a complete waste. Were lucky we disnt lose. Allegri is an amature. Takes to much risks. How dare he to let sandro cuadrado alves dybala start from the bench? I miss conte. Their was no fighting spirit at all!

  • 1-1 or 2-2

  • 2-1 to Juventus.

  • Napoli 1-0 Juventus

  • Napoli 1-2 Juventus

  • Will be very tough for Napoli to come out with 3 important points here.

  • @tristankleyn Not entirely true. Napoli can do damage against Juve.

  • @tristankleyn Agreed ^^ . And they're focus is only in the league now.

  • @tristankleyn You guys are forgetting the fact that Juventus are head and shoulders above the rest in Italy right now. Napoli has definitely entertained the world with their form this year, but still have a way to go to win against the Old Lady...

  • @tristankleyn Enjoying yourself?

  • @dSquib , Lol

  • a win here takes Napoli out of the tittle race.

  • @DelJuve The title race is over, bruv!.

  • @McHennie nope, we lose and Roma will have their chance. We win is pretty much done, though.

  • La Juve, vinciamo sempre noi! Forza Vecchia Signora mia. Te Amo Per Sempre, Bianconeri! Juve per sempre sarà!!!