Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(19) 8 Goals 21 (26)
(14) 5 Assists 7 (15)
(6.9) 6.8 Average Ratings 7.1 (6.9)
33.3 Average Age 35.5
181.3 Average Height (cm) 182.5
(1) 0.8 Shots pg 1.5 (1.4)
(56%) 64% Aerial Duel Success 52% (50%)
(1) 1 Dribbles pg 1 (0.9)
(1.5) 1.7 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.4)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Santi Cazorla Out 7.81
Mohamed Elneny Out 6.28
Mesut Özil Out 7.36
Player Reason Status Rating
Philipp Lahm Out 6.94
Manuel Neuer Doubtful 6.89
Douglas Costa Doubtful 7.09
Jérôme Boateng Doubtful 6.58

Team News

  • Santi Cazorla and Mohamed Elneny are both ruled out for the welcome of Bayern Munich.
  • Mesut Ozil missed the 3-1 loss at Liverpool through illness and while is back in training, will miss out on Tuesday.
  • David Ospina can be expected to start between the sticks, as has been the custom in the Champions League this season, while Alexis Sanchez could start here having featured from the bench at Liverpool on Saturday.
  • Philipp Lahm is suspended for Bayern Munich, with Rafinha expected to be preferred to Joshua Kimmich at right-back.
  • Yet Kimmich could come into the side in midfield in place of Arturo Vidal, who may be rested for this.
  • Manuel Neuer, Douglas Costa and Jerome Boateng are all doubts.


  • Arsenal come into this tie on the back of an underwhelming run of form have lost four of their last six, with one of their two wins coming at lowly Sutton United in the FA Cup. Only three teams have ever overturned a four-goal first-leg loss in the Champions League and face an uphill task if they are to secure a spot in the next round of the competition.
  • Conversely, Bayern are on a fine run of form having failed to win just two of their last 16 competitive fixtures. That being said, they lost their last visit to the Emirates as goals from Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil secured a 2-0 win for Arsenal.
  • Bayern romped to a 5-1 win at the Allianz last month and can be expected to pile further misery upon an out-of-form Arsenal side.

User Predictions

Comments (115)

  • Gone are the days were Arsenal is the king of EPL.

  • Comparing with Barca, Arsenal just likes a shit.

  • Arsenal vs Bayern with Laurent Koscielny 2-1 (arsenal, without Koscielny 9-0 (Bayern) Still no excuse, wenger should have not thrown Xhaka in the back 4 when Koscielny got sent off.

  • I can't even score that much on FiFa or PES..

  • I think the majority of people commenting below since the final whistle never actually watched the game since none of the key decisions, all of which went against Arsenal have been mentioned. The scoreline is embarrassing but this result had extenuating circumstances, unlike the first leg. To not treat this match on it's merit is something I'd expect from 10-year olds. Anyways, as for the talking points: Walcott should've had a penalty since last time I checked, you aren't allowed to go through your man to get the ball. Lewandowski was offside prior to the penalty kick/red card incident so that shouldn't have even come to fruition. Anything after that is therefore nulled. Assuming we scored the penalty (Sanchez wouldn't have taken it :-p ), we would've been 2-0 at HT. Respectable against this team. Would we have gone through? No. Could we have won THIS game? Yes. Not many teams would prevent Bayern scoring a few when 11 vs 10 when they need to score themselves. Too much pitch to cover.

  • @SteveHyland yes, if the penalty was call sanchez would have scored because neuer is such a horrible keeper, and then the 2nd would of also happen because when you change one thing, nothing else will change after that, and of course in the 2nd half they were going to go out and score another 6 because after all they are arsenal, the team that never chokes.

  • @edemex- Sanchez wouldn't have taken it first of all because he is a poor penalty taker, secondly had you bothered reading my comment you'd have seen the part where I state Arsenal wouldn't have gone through. My comments about THIS MATCH are valid.

  • @SteveHyland lol what a deluded comment. In that case we should go back and look at the "extenuating circumstances" where Arsenal scored handball goals which would give a different result.

  • @mIKe9441- Yes we should, every single game should be treated on it's merit. Failure to do so it ridiculous. For THIS game it was clear Arsenal were the better team XI v XI and should/could've been 2-0 at HT. Completely different game if the big calls went our way.

  • @SteveHyland Truth is, that was not a typical 5-1 game. The first 50 minutes Arsenal was the much better team, more focused on the pitch and closer to score the second goal than Bayern to score at all. However, the way Arsenal fell apart after the penalty was than really poor. Of course after Lewandowski had scored everybody knew this was done yet you don't have to give up in such a way. Next round Bayern will get a better opponent and if they play like they did in the first half they won't advance, thats for shure...

  • @SteveHyland hahaha Not many teams would prevent Bayern scoring a few when 11 vs 10 when they need to score themselves. Too much pitch to cover....lmao Chelsea drew 2-2 with Barcelona away with 10 men for over an hour and scored two goals, your comment sums up your side's mediocre mentality. Shi*e club deluded fans

  • @WazzaFC- What does Chelsea vs Barcelona from a number of seasons ago have to do with this Bayern team? Incidentally the match psychology was different and Chelsea scored 2 on the counter from sticking everybody behind the ball.

  • @SteveHyland I think this is the first game in the history of UEFA matches that the official watching the goal line, whatever he's called, has actually made a decision. We all they were just there for decoration, festooning our television screens in their wonderfull yellow outfits. Until last night, that is. Not to mention Bayern's embarrassing dirty tactics, for example, the incident that got Oxlade-Chamberlain booked late in the game, when some Bayern player ran into him and dived, Vidal tackling Ramsey with his arms, and then trying to break Sanchez's legs, etc. Overall, a really poor performance from the officials. Notheless, another pitiful performance after Koscielny was sent off. On the other hand, Bayern have the players and all the dirty tricks they need to go far in this competition.

  • @SteveHyland @SteveHyland Arsene still tried to give Bayern a fight, though, when he brought on Ozil and Perez. He could have brought on Gabriel and Gibbs, sat back, and maybe limited the goals to 3 or maybe even 2. Yes, the referee was harsh, but those injustices always occur in football, and teams have no choice but to cope with them. Wenger desperately threw all he had at Bayern, and the expected goals followed. I'm not saying that the red card wasn't a major factor in the second half; I'm saying that Wenger could have reduced the embarrassment by accepting defeat and parking the bus.

  • @SteveHyland I agree with you. The referee made it easy for Bayern. Until the sending off both teams were about equal with Arsenal winning by 1 goal (though as you pointed out, Walcot had a penalty denied)... I really doubt someone would bet real money that Bayern would win by 5-1 after HT whistle.

  • @felipe9525 Actually, Arsenal were far superior in the first half.

  • Epl reminded of their quality.

  • @NuchalLine- This is what I hate about the "EPL is rubbish" trolls on here, you jump on every result without looking at the circumstances. Do you think Real Madrid would've faired much better with 10 men against this team? The first leg result was embarrassing, I agree, but there isn't a team in the world that wouldn't be destroyed by Bayern in the same situation as Arsenal faced from the 51st minute. It's far more embarrassing Barcelona (a better team than Arsenal) getting beat 4-0 by PSG (a lesser team than Bayern) but none of the trolls on here bother mentioning that unless they are Madrid or PSG fans.

  • @SteveHyland PSG better team than Arsenal, EPL is rubbish and Real have beaten Atleti ewhile having 10 men. Your opinion are no longer needed.

  • @DeanO- Can you read? I intimated that the difference between Barcelona and PSG is smaller than the difference between Bayern and Arsenal therefore the 4-0 win by PSG over Barcelona is a bigger flop than Arsenal's 5-1 first leg loss but none of the Liga trolls, yourself included, mentioned it. Also, Bayern have considerably more firepower than Atletico, completely different teams. Atletico don't ever outgun bigger teams, they use stout defence and counter attacking to win.

  • @SteveHyland Thats why atleti beats bayern like always..bumd guy

  • @SteveHyland Actually RM would do better than Arsenal 10v11. Red card usually doesn't break team's defence, but attack. And yet Arsenal conceded 4 more goals, most of them from their own mistakes.

  • @fervour21- Actually, I doubt it in the situation Arsenal faced at 1-1 (needing to win the match thereafter 4-0), Real would've done much, especially if Ramos was still on the pitch.

  • Could anyone send me the link of this on the xvideos? I want to see the highlights

  • i hope arsenal directors never let wegner go.. its so great to see them fail every year.

  • Arsenal should be banned from Champions league -- for the sake of England.

  • Is this what it means to get banged to death? Wegner should take the hint and leave. I mean, honestly. Just go, man. Coach Leicester City or something. Arsenal is obviously no longer yours and it's time to leave.

  • Arsenal 10-2 mess up at the round of 16

  • Scheiße festival.

  • @What4 So goonies are happy with the result ?

  • @What4 no swear words pls

  • O good God, lol. Arsenal just go to Championship. You've seriously embarrassed English football.

  • @IvanaSarayevo This IS the standard of the English Premier League.

  • @hindy and the standard of uefa refs giving cards irregularly that ref must be sick and should be admitted

  • @hindy Nah, man. It's just Arsenal. They are the lowest link when it comes to BPL. Other teams don't embarrass themselves this way. 10-2 is almost at a point where you have to beg Munich for mercy.

  • @hindy Lol no, I don't see Chelsea, United or City getting embarrassed like this.

  • @Spyro Nor Liverpool when we've qualified...

  • Biggest defeat ever at the Emirates... Fans should really revolt now, and I'm saying this as a Chelsea fan.

  • 10-2 jeez

  • How is it even possible to suck as much as Arsenal does?

  • @Kosaki It's called French Arrogance. It's when you have one guy at his job for too damn long who refuses to leave.

  • Damn it must feel good to be a bayern fan

  • @loli Think Spurs fans are also having a great time

  • Nothing to see are just training

  • @loli at this moment there was 5 thumbs up to 1 thumbs down LOL its gonna change any moment now

  • That red card really did some damage.

  • @felipe9525 -- Yeah.. that's what did it, lol.

  • @IvanaSarayevo lol Bayern were going to win? Probably. By 5-1? Not very likely but still... And I'm talking about this match btw, the fact that Bayern were already through is obvious.

  • @felipe9525 of course but Arsenal was already slowing down before the red card, it just showed they were fighting above their weight and couldn't keep up the pressure, still I give them credit for the 'exciting' first half and for showing Bayern some of their weaknesses.

  • @taktiko I'm not denying that Bayern would win this match but it certainly was not going to be 1-5, maybe 1-2. I was just pointing at how Arsenal were weak mentally and unable to defend afterwards. They were going to be eliminated anyway so should have tried to avoid conceding extra goals.

  • Basically, this was a no brainer.

  • Lewandowski missing chance after chance pfff reminds me of Auba sometimes

  • Walcott should have had a penalty, and Vidal is very lucky not to get a yellow.

  • Arsenal is on full pressure in 1st half, they can concede a goal from a counter attack at any moment, but is a nice posture by them.

  • another 4-0 for Baayern

  • Arsenal 3-1

  • 2-2

  • draw

  • both teams to score 100%

  • arsenal will win this match but lose on away goals

  • Let's not pretend we can overcome this deficit. Ben must grinning from ear to ear. Just put us down in the same group as Bayern next season, and have us face Barcelona in the round of 16, we can all see it now, just make it an annual fixture already! Same old same old. Hopefully Xhaka can kick Baldy McDivey in the plums, and Mertesacker can drape an Arsenal shirt over Alcantara, you know, give us something to smile about.

  • Wenger should quit for good

  • Arsenal has become a joke.

  • 0-1

  • Can Giroud beat hummels when it comes to aerial balls? the only way arsenal will get a result here is to play the ball on the ground very fast. Sanchez should start upfront. iwobi isn't for this kind of games.

  • @jefferee I completely agree with you, also would like for Wenger to give Lucas a chance. The guy is dying to prove himselft.

  • total >2.5

  • 3-1

  • 2 - 2 draw lewandoski and sanchez to score

  • HT/FT 2/1

  • we know the result

  • Özil is not playing

  • This one is a bit tricky. Arsenal is a bit struggling but they will fight hard at home. Still Thinking Bayern gonna win this, BTTS and Bayern win

  • BTTS and over 2.5

  • 3-0 or 4-1 gunners will win

  • @tudji7 Good one... :-))

  • gunners will play like there's no tomorrow. i expect hard fight and result might end 4-1 bayern to qualify

  • @SomalianPirates 4-1???? You must have been high while writing this comment. They will not even make 2 goals

  • @SirCharlesRichfield we'll see in 3 hours m8 ;) just mark my words buddy!

  • Mesut is playin as well

  • @SomalianPirates- Oezil has been ruled out of the game through illness.

  • @SteveHyland if someone is high, it's you! where did you get that information that özil will not play?? he was training yesterday with the others -> go check his instagram buddy!

  • @SomalianPirates Lol, how did that work out for you?

  • arsenal do not have what it takes to overturn this deficit.unless they play like they did against Chelsea in the first leg. i would go with a 4-4-2 formation with Giroud & Welbeck upfront,and Sanchez at LW and Walcott at RW to keep Benat/Alaba at bay and surge forward to deliver lots of crosses.i hope Costa does not play,and i hope Monreal does even just half a decent job in preventing Robben from cutting in on his left. otherwise we have a very average squad that is totally out of sorts since Cazorla got injured

  • Coquelin has get lot of criticism lately which isn't entirely fair in my opinion, but I don't think he should start here as he doesn't look good under pressure. Iwobi has played weakly too so I'd like to see Ox, Xhaka and Ramsey in midfield positions if Ramsey is fit enough. And I'd bring Perez in, his performances have been positive compared to most players in the squad. If Bayern don't give too much pressure and Arsenal defends well we have a chance for a draw or even narrow win but after embarrassment against Liverpool that's very unlikely so this should be standard win for Bayern, 1-2 or 1-3 possibly.

  • @Castle Coquelin is no where near good enough for a team like Arsenal. What's he actually good at? He isn't capable of concentrating and being disciplined to his role in the side.

  • @Ideas He brought much needed defensive cover couple of years ago and formed very well working partnership with Cazorla. But he hasn't really improved since then and looks lost without Santi. It indeed seems Arsenal have to consider signing new defensive midfielder as Elneny hasn't impressed and Xhaka is better known of his passing ability than defensive work. But almost the whole team seems to be underperforming so I'm not sure it's that fair or useful to point out individuals.

  • @Ideas- Coquelin has played well in most of the big games, if you look at his career you'll see that is generally when he performs well. One of the reasons why he has been poor this season is because he is having to do the job of 2 players. With Cazorla next to him, he plays well against good teams as a general rule. Xhaka should be playing the role Santi does but is simply outclassed against top teams and looks poor against any half-decent midfields. When he has time, when we're dominating and he plays against sub-par midfielders then he can pick out some nice passes but when he plays against quality or is pressed regularly then he turns into a championship-level player and that is excluding his lack of discernment in the tackle which has resulted in him being sent off so much. This has been the case throughout his career- he doesn't have the quick thinking, defensive judgement or close-possession passing skills needed to be a regular for Arsenal.

  • I'll watch for the 0.000001 chance

  • 2-3 or 1-3

  • If Welbeck doesn't start then Wenger should be sacked. Sanchez and Welbeck should be the first names on the team sheet. Giroud, Sanchez and Welbeck all need to start. Iwobi has to be on the bench surely. Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud. If Wenger doesn't pick this exact team and instruct them to recklessly and relentlessly high press with an extremely high defensive line then he should be sacked in my opinion. If he picks Coquelin and Iwobi (or even just one of them) he ought to be sacked. It has potential to get thrashed, but who cares? Pick the team with the most goals in it, play kamikaze tactics and pray Bayern miss all their chances is the only hope for Arsenal. A real winner, and leader, picks this team. You must always play to win a two-legged tie no matter who the opponent and no matter what the deficit is from the first leg. It doesn't matter if you lose by 1 goal or 100 on aggregate. Losing is losing.

  • @Ideas Walcott is another option, arguably a better one than Ozil.

  • The result is obvious —— 6:2

  • Iwobi at number 10 and Xhaka/Coquelin midfield you couldn't make it up? haha I think Bayern will batter Arsenal even if they started with 9 players!

  • Best we can hope for is to make the aggregate score look a little less embarrassing but I don't even see that happening. Against Liverpool we looked like a clueless, defeated team in all aspects. Everybody knew what Liverpool would do apart from those representing Arsenal on the pitch and in the dugout, it seems. If we come out swinging, I can just see Bayern getting a couple of easy goals on the counter. A draw is realistically the best we can hope for, but I'm going for 2-2 in what will surely be Wenger's last champions league game in charge of Arsenal.

  • That Arsenal lineup makes me a bit sad. For all the criticism of his stubbornness (merited) Wenger will leave Arsenal with one of the more unWenger like teams of his reign. (Yes I know Özil is missing and Cazorla). By some law of nature Arsenal had at least two injury prone creative midfielders on the books at all times for the last decade. But gone is the retinue of flair players. He has now kind of a functional squad and he lacks the energy and coherence of thought to make it tick and in addition those functional players, Giroux, Coquelin, Elneny etc, just aren't that good. Arsene did most if not all of the things his most vocal critics said he should do but along the way he lost (a hackneyed phrase) his mojo.

  • @dSquib pretty much true.arsenal has turned out mediocre when they were expected to deliver.we can no longer compete against any top team in the world because of the current signings we have been making.we only have a few decent players in sanchez,ozil,Cazorla,Kosc,Bellerin,Mustafi,Cech.

  • Expecting a very open game where Arsenal go all guns blazing - Bayern's quality to shine through though, Bayern to win 3-2.

  • Suddenly at this point, even a 0-10 scoreline seems feasible :'(

  • 0 - 3 Bayern. Hattrick Neuer and Wenger crying all night long.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Arsenal play really well now that the level of expectation is low and Sanchiz might benefit from his rest over the weekend after all. However, overturning 5-1 is a very big ask and Arsenal are likely to fall just short again: Arsenal 4-1 Bayern Munich.

  • Arsenal will play for their pride... A high scoring game is possible, again.

  • any result can happen since Bayern is already qualified

  • @hellreaper even if here will be 6:0? interesting

  • ill say 2-1

  • Arse 1-3 FCB