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  • Dembele also had an assist...

  • this is carlo's at his best. only reason they are going to win the league is because the league is no-competitive. 2 big names are leaving and the youth players did not get a chance to grow and develop as the replacement.

  • @edemex "not-competitive" that is the main reason i am so pissed. I think we need a salary cap in entire europe. Bundesliga is so boring, Bayern wins it for the 5th year in a row now. Such a dominance is fascism and i dont like it!

  • @bluelight62 Barca 7:1 Real 6:2 - who on earth enjoys this crap. Carlo Ancelotti is a great coach though.

  • Well done Prussia!

  • Mia San Mia!

  • Will Bayern keep Ancelotti after this?

  • @Turan Honestly, what better option do they have? However, DFB-Pokal is expected by Bayern fans soooo his job is clearly under threat. HOWEVER, the Bayern board are known to be very level headed so I think they will only fire Ancelotti if they have someone as good or better than him for the job. I can't think of anyone who matches that description.

  • @Turan I hope they do not. It's a shame to see world class players like Alonso and Lahm end their career this way.

  • Wtf why is everything suddenly in Russian?

  • @Javk5pakfa Happens to me as well sometimes... Might be a bug in the language detection.

  • @BeautifulLoser Yeah I would guess so...

  • Lol obviously DFB Pokal didn't pay this website enough money!!

  • More evidence that WhoScored is biased. Even Coppa Italia's two-legged semifinals had a match center.

  • No match center for Bayern - Dortmund? :-0

  • 4:1

  • Dortmund to reach the final

  • Dortmund over 1.5

  • BTTS


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  • Can we please get a preview of this match

  • borussia