Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(22) 19 Goals 21 (25)
(11) 10 Assists 13 (16)
(6.9) 7.1 Average Ratings 7.1 (6.9)
32 Average Age 29.4
183.6 Average Height (cm) 180.1
(1) 1.3 Shots pg 1.3 (1.1)
(59%) 58% Aerial Duel Success 47% (47%)
(0.9) 0.8 Dribbles pg 1.2 (1.4)
(1.6) 1.3 Tackles pg 1.6 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Marko Pjaca Out 6.7
Player Reason Status Rating
Aleix Vidal Out 8.06
Rafinha Out 6.39
Sergio Busquets Out 7
Arda Turan Doubtful 7.24

Team News

  • Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri made changes to his usual XI at the weekend and is expected to recall upon the services of Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Mario Mandžukić and Miralem Pjanic when they host Barcelona on Tuesday night.
  • Dani Alves will face off against his former club for the first time since leaving Barcelona to join Juventus last summer. Marko Pjaca is the only player unavailable for Juventus.
  • Juan Cuadrado is a booking away from a ban from the reverse leg.
  • Sergio Busquets is suspended for the first leg after reaching the yellow card limit in the last round against Paris Saint-Germain. Neymar, Ivan Rakitić and Gerard Piqué are also a booking away from a suspension.
  • Pique and Rakitic served domestic bans at the weekend and will be fresh to return to the team when they travel to Juventus for the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie.
  • Aleix Vidal and Rafinha are out for the remainder of the season and leave Barcelona limited for choices on the right hand side. Arda Turan missed out at the weekend because of injury and remains a doubt here.
  • With Busquets sidelined, it remains to be seen how Luis Enrique will line his side up against Juventus and who will fill Busquet's role.


  • Juventus have never suffered defeat at home to Barcelona and are currently 21 games unbeaten in European home matches, last losing at the Juventus Stadium to Bayern Munich in April 2013.
  • Barcelona are in the Champions Leaguer quarter-finals for a record 10th season in a row. However, they have only won four their last 10 away matches in the competition and have lost two of their last three.
  • Luis Enrique's side should be confident of overcoming Juventus over the two legs having triumphed in eight of their 11 two-legged matches against Italian sides. Juventus should be favoured here, however.
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User Predictions

Comments (258)

  • Ideas - member since 15-Feb-17 2-0 I think, maybe even 3-0. Barcelona are struggling away from home. 2 days ago +6 -4 Reply Report ;)

  • poor recruitment on barca side. We need midds. Alexis Sanchez should come to barca. Plz this is sad. iniesta is getting tired. bosquests needs competition together with rakatic. Plz. 5 2 3 1 formation destroys barca. wow.

  • Juve is'nt PSG, the Italians won't concede 3 or 4 at the Camp Nou, not with Allegri's defensive brilliance.

  • reminded me of 2013, when Barca beat Milan 4-0 after being 2-0 down. Then was dismantled by Bayern.

  • After 3-0, the referee became blind. Cuadrado's goal. Mandzukic's yellow card. Even Khedira's It looks like juventus is the away team.

  • I think this is the most I've seen Barca allow 3+ goals to be scored on them across so many different matches in a single season. I do think this is an uphill task for Barca to overcome a 3-0 deficit against Juve given they've only conceded 2 goals over 9 games in the CL. I won't count Barca out because we see where that has gotten us before. The return leg is a must watch!

  • Anyone else surprised with Neymars overall rating? I didn't think he was good at all tonight

  • I can't reply to comments now for some reason (?) but to @Ideas , @neumi17 and @jonejo34 - I don't believe there is a bias towards Messi (or indeed any set player) either but playing Devil's Advocate, with over 200 stats counting towards the overall rating, it would be fairly simple for somebody who knows about algorithmic programming to base the system weighting around Messi's strengths to ensure he receives a high rating even if he has even an 'above average' day and a 10 if he has anything classed as at least 'very good'. I personally think it is a case of dribbles being given too much credence (there being seemingly no distinction between a useless dribble and a useful one), ditto for pass completion % and total touches (which can explain away some of Umtiti's unbelievable 7 rating)- all of which Messi is very strong at (ignoring the unimportant things like goals and key passes of course :-p ).

  • I believe I'm correct when I say Juventus have never been knocked out of a European Cup/Champions League tie after winning the first leg by 2 or more goals. Not only that, but I believe they have only been knocked out twice in all European competitions after winning the first leg by 2 or more goals (the '88/89 UEFA Cup against Napoli and the '09/10 Europa League against Fulham).

  • Such a shame Messi's great season won't be rewarded with a UCL or La Liga trophy, simply because Barca as a team has been awful. Once again Messi was by far Barca's best player.

  • Brilliant Chiellini. In my view Chiellini and Dybala should both be over 9. Chiellini is my MOTM. Messi was Barcelona's best player by a mile.

  • @Ideas Exactly. I really enjoyed watching Chiellini and Alex Sandro.

  • A really good match from Messi and a good game from Neymar but otherwise average or poor from everyone else

  • @MSNism- Some quality passes for sure. Eye of the needle stuff. Another night he'd have 2 assists. Juve should've scored more than 3, so I think the score-line disparity was correct (5-2 would've made sense to me) but Messi's 2 passes to create chances, which frankly should be scored at this level, were sublime.

  • Where the hell is the assist for Mandzukic? Wth is this?!

  • I have seen Andre Gomes play bad but tonight was a new low... Pretty much he hardly won any of his tackles and any kind of forward ball didn't get to its target. Mathieu was also shocking with the way he almost let Cuadrado come towards the box for the first goal... Sigh

  • @MSNism In my opinion Rakitic is a weak link for Barcelona also. Rakitic always seems to be chasing back to his position in attack or defence. He isn't a calm player and always panicking.

  • The reason I think Barca lost tonight was probably the fact that we don't have a midfield. One pass and suddenly ur against the back 4 it was embarrassing and also the fact that Barca were very stubborn to pass out against the press and just brought pressure on themselves. Dybala with some fabulous finishes, the second reminded me of a Messi finish, super impressive

  • La Liga and CL hope its gone, copa del rey here we come

  • Those who think Barca will bring it back next game, We are talking a team that's only conceded 2 goals only in the UCL this season...

  • messi gets a 7.75 and neymar a 6.83. why? messi had 1 shortOT but it took him 4, neymar had 0 but only took 2, key passes 3 for both, messi had an 85% and 68 touches while neymar had 92% and 81 touches. dribbles 5 for messi to 2 for neymar, messi lost the ball 4 times and had 1 bad pass neymar only lost the ball 1 and no bad passes. on defense messi had 2 tackles to neymar 1, 0 int and clearance for both. crossing 0 out of 2 for messi, neymar 3 out of 8, long ball 2 good for messi out of 4 and neymar 2 for 2, through balls 2 for 2 for messi and 0 for neymar. so for 1 more shot on goal, 3 dribbles, 1 tackle and 2 through balls you get almost 1 full point. dont mind the 3 more dispossess, neymar getting more touches and higher passing %, more crosses and better rate on long balls. whoscored is bias, numbers prove it.

  • @edemex Messi was better than Neymar.

  • @Ideas this website is not about who is better but pure stats.

  • No Referee no party, Good bye Barc3l0na

  • Messi 5 dribbles, but dispossessed 4 times. That amounts to 1 dribble, as far as I'm concerned. I doubt there's a player in world football that gets dispossessed as often. Of course Whoscored couldn't care less. They're too busy playing their Messi propaganda game.

  • @mourasaint Do u even watch the games or just come on here and interpret stats?

  • Barcelona had 8 chances to score tonight. Messi created all them. Your "dribble-dispossessed = ..." don't make any sense.

  • @tefana Wrong Neymar had 3 key passes as did Messi, but Messi created more clear chances because the game was played straight through him and that's why Barca got humiliated. Iniesta and Sergi Roberto touched the ball more than Neymar, Neymar was barely in the game and that's why Barca lost, jealousy has snook-in Messi has started showing his dictator side. It's best for Neymar to leave this dictatorship, he is the best player in the world and Messi can't handle the praise he's been receiving, the whole team was totally ignoring Neymar especially that ginger smoking lanky trash and grandpa Iniesta. Cmon don't tell me you didn't see that?

  • I thought Alves shut Neymar down. You can't play through a player who is incapable of beating his direct opponent and who doesn't yet have the decision-making skills of someone like Messi. Neymar looks to dribble first every time and breaks down the momentum of moves a lot of the time. One day he might be the best player in the world, but I don't believe that time is now.

  • @realnews Watch the actual game next time. Messi was clearly Barcelona's best player.

  • @realnews @realnews Neymar touched the ball more than Messi and Iniesta. And he didn't created any clear chance. Who is dictator then? However your slang and your nickname tell everything about you. I will trust my own eyes and statistics.

  • @realnews Think of the three big chances tonight... Iniesta, Suarez and Umtiti... Who created those chances? Messi with wonderful passes... He was really good tonight, Barca lost because of a lack of a midfield and a shaky defence... Don't blame it on Barca's best player tonight

  • barcelona should do a formal complain, dont wait for tomorrow, do it now before its too late. this is the 2nd game in a row where they fail to score a goal and the refs are refusing to help them. just a disgrace, complain so they can get all the help they can in the next 3 matches. couple red cards, some dives turn into penalties, the normal off side goal, when it is all said and done, the refs will bail them out yet again. 14 vs 11 is the best formation ever.

  • @edemex They still had help, they just didn't make the most of it.

  • It would have been a different game entirely if Neymar had played.

  • When will Barca realize than the team built around Messi is useless, sell and get rid of grandpa Iniesta who thinks hes more dangerous than Neymar in the final third, my God Roberto and Iniesta touched the ball more than Neymar, how is this possible? Sell - Messi, Mathieu, Mascherano, Gomes, Turan, Iniesta. Get rid of the hazbeenz.

  • @realnews you are a dumbass. sell messi? please get a brain!

  • Getting really boring all these comments about how the site is somehow biased towards Messi. He was the highest rated Barca player for good reason. He beat more players than anyone else on the pitch (the site doesn't seem to take into account the actual danger created but that's something that affects all players), had 3 key passes including two perfect through balls which should have ended in assists, and was basically the only Barca player who created any danger. Dybala got a much higher rating because the end product was there. What's the problem?

  • @jonejo34Exactly !Funny thing, If I had written this I would have gotten 5 downvotes at least...

  • @neumi17 plenty of downvotes now if that's any consolation. Just thought I'd try and explain it to some of these people who have a tantrum every time they look at a Barcelona game on here, but I doubt anyone can get through to them to be honest.

  • @jonejo34 the bias towards Messi on this site is undeniable, and long running. It's arguably (somewhat) less egregious now that people have finally opened their eyes to it.

  • @mourasaint There is no bias. Messi is a great player so he gets high ratings. Yes dribbling are overrated on the rating system, and defensive actions (and goalkeeper saves) are under rated.. but there is no bias towards Messi personally..

  • If you look at Barcelona's formation and see nothing wrong, you don't know anything about football.

  • @MrNemobody Einstein

  • Anyway,,better start warming up to the idea of ronald koeman..or jump ship, Terrible display of football yet again

  • Messi 7.8? �� The Whoscored propaganda continues. He was a 6.8, MAX. You people are a joke, truly.

  • Barcelona had 8 chances to score tonight. Messi created all them. It isn't t enough for good rate?

  • @mourasaint Dybala should've got a 9 at least, best player on the pitch tonight.

  • @mourasaint Every dangerous moment for Barca was created by him, every little one. So his rating is understandable...

  • @mourasaint He had a rating of 8.8 before the game even kicked off. haha

  • Juventus played a great match in all aspects. Barcelona can't overcome high pressure this season against top teams and i'm not surprised because they have lots of problems in midfield and defensive lines. If any team could disconnect their supply lines to MSN, they find themselves in big trouble as we saw in this game and some other games this season.


  • I'm surprised Neymar doesn't have at least an 8

  • @excalibur Dude are you blind, he barely touched the ball, grandpa Iniesta was thinking he's Pele, one of the reasons why Neymar was shining this season was grandpa was mostly on the bench.

  • @realnews Lol, chill man. I'm just referring to the way whoscored normally gives him these ridiculous ratings for pointless dribbling in his own half and sideways passing

  • @excalibur Sideway passes and useless dribbling? Seriously let's keep playing with Messi as the main guy for more of this so you can say Messi was the best player on Whoscored ratings yeah����..you idiot. The reason Barca lost was Neymar was barely involved because Messi wanted to be the man and guess what he's not shit but his game is shit, pass pass and when you get in the final third you have to passto Messi so he can make the key pass or get the shot at goal, yeah let's continue like this so you Messi fans can snort of his ratings on Whoscored.com.

  • @realnews Messi plays for the team and tried his absolute hardest tonight but he didn't have support

  • La Juve, vinciamo sempre noi! Forza Vecchia Signora mia. Te Amo Per Sempre, Bianconeri! Juve per sempre sarà!!!

  • Not surprised by the result . Hope Juve won't make the same mistake of being too defensive like PSG did in the 2nd leg. They should play their natural game and they can go through

  • Rakitic and Suarez were a complete failure tonight. Mascherano and Neymar basically invisible.

  • Messi has a 7.7, unreal.

  • I've got a tenner on Suarez taking a bite out of Chiellini at the Camp Nou ;)

  • where is the Assist from Mandzukic?

  • barring Dybala

  • Messi ranked better than any of Juve offensive players lol

  • Chiellini is a monster. What a player. And the others provide him very good cover when he goes looking to win the ball.

  • after this match, dybala will be on barca's wishlist.

  • @whoknows Not just after this match

  • @whoknows he would be stupid to go to that boring team

  • If barca can score an away goal or two they will surely beat juve at Nou Camp

  • Whats going on here? LOL Juventus isn't PSG, I think this time Barca will say bye bye to the competition.

  • lol how embarrassing,,what a horrible team

  • A lot of ppl so surprised by the parcial result(3-0), Barça and Real are so Overrated, the commentators here in my country are talking like it was the biggest upset of the Champions League giving no credits to Juve. lol

  • @RreisS You just can't call Barça and Real overrated, seriously.

  • @RreisS Not really, Malaga beat us in the weekend so beating us is not something special,,we're only surprised at how terrible we could be at such a stage,,keep your chest down sir

  • @RreisS 3 year absolute dominance of europe and u call them overrated Wtf

  • @RreisS ***Partial*** srry

  • Messi is rating 7.3, for what exactly?

  • @boller for being Whoscored's favorite boy!

  • @boller Dribbles and non threatening shots :P

  • I said pre match Barcelona needed to play 442 system and defensive solidarity. Let's see if Madrid learn from this and drop benzema

  • @Ideas Bale was a LB, there is no problem with keeping Benz. Its totally different from Barca.

  • @Ideas lol bbc will play aaaany waaaay

  • Don't worry, UEFA inevitably has the second match fixed to ensure Barca gets through.

  • Bayern must surely beat real

  • @AdexP Also 3-0

  • @neumi17 naa 4-0

  • 3-0 :DDD Farcelona strikes again. I hope tomorrow Bayern will do the same with Real. Bye bye spanish football :)

  • No red circles for the Barcelona players after Juventus 3rd goal? (again)

  • Barca needs quality defenders

  • Barca is 3 goals down and their goalie has 7.1? Whoscored is hacked!

  • @boller none of the Barcelona players are getting "red circles" after juventus goals...


  • Gg juve.

  • Juventus win 4-0?

  • @Bario If Juve win 4-0 they can still loose 1-6 at Camp Nou, remember? :-)

  • @jesper They wont, not even with a terrible based ref (bribed). Juve has too much experience for that. But I also don't think it will become 4-0, more like 3-1.

  • @taktiko Glad I'm wrong.

  • 2-0 is a good result but Juventus needs to be more carefull in the 2nd to keep the cleansheet, otherwise it will be very hard to progress to the next stage

  • I think game is over we are huge?

  • Heh...expected nothing less.looks like i dont need to take barca seriously anymore... unless they pay the refs

  • Why Does Mandzukic not have his assist for the 2nd goal

  • @RreisS maybve because the ball ricochettes from a defenders leg, the ball clearly changed trajectory

  • @RreisS mandzukic cross and dybala shot on first touch

  • Rating is not correct Dybala only 8.4??? Bonucci 6.6??? Buffon save amazing shot and still only 6.7??? WTF

  • @Marchisio8 it's purely stats based . its by an algorithm. You build the rating as the game goes on. 8.4 is high for half time. The rating system makes it very difficult for defenders and goalkeepers to score highly

  • Messi is looks and plays like an old man now..clocks ticking

  • @DeanO Barcelona are weak. Bad line up. Juventus are too experienced to crumble at the nou camp, Barcelona need to hold it at 2-0 at the worst or they are out

  • @DeanO are you watching the game? that pass to iniesta, and he is also dispossessed khedira in a dangerous area, the only times barca look threatening is during his involvements

  • @KlaasJanHuntelaarI know, Ive seen,,but Dude,,remember the magic? that would have been a goal,,,its just that iniesta also looks to retire anytime soon

  • People constantly complain about Messi's ratings on here but you see even here he's having a good game and constantly dangerous, 35 minutes in while his team playing poorly and losing. Doing everything he can.

  • @dSquib looks dangerous but isn't really anymore.. do you know what he used to do???

  • @DeanO Like getting 38 goals in 34 combined UCL and La Liga games? I remember because that's this season.

  • @dSquib I see...when was his last hattrick? when did he last score against real madrid? and why are people speculating that Neymar is better than him? All I can say is that when Messi was Neymar's age.. He was a beast,, btw you say he's got 38 goals in both competitions? in 2012,, He scored 50 in la liga alone.

  • @DeanO all you're proving is the ridiculous standards he is held to. "People" are speculating that Neymar is better? Well, Neymar is excellent . . . but "people are speculating" that the moon landing is faked also. Who cares? People say a lot of stupid shit.

  • No red circles for Barcelona players after Juve 2nd goal?

  • Stupid line up from Barcelona . Arrogant and naive

  • Second goal was with Mandzukic assist?

  • @Halamodric yep, i also think is a Mandzukic assist...

  • @LuisLopez Well, whoscored team are blind :)

  • "first touch" Dybala funtastic

  • Chielinni was shy when he met suarez

  • Barca will pass Juve (remember this moment)

  • @A.r.m.e.n I hope you will remember too what you wrote...

  • @neumi17 Yes i will (wait)ab you will see

  • Anyone know of a good and reliable website to stream this and the borussia game?

  • @Lechiffre10 Ask Batman. He knows his stuff. :)

  • @Lechiffre10 You don't really think you can legally watch these games for free, do you? I pay for this but I don't want to pay for you! Either you pay or you don't see, that's how it works

  • @Lechiffre10 postponed

  • @Lechiffre10 what borussia game?

  • @Lechiffre10 total sportek

  • @RemyLebeu only thing you cant watch the full match on total sportek there's a ad in the middle you have to pay to remove the ad

  • If barca wins, no more arguments...Italy is overrated.

  • Seria A is underrated.

  • Now the lineups are clear - Mascherano, not Gomes, will play. And Mathieu instead of Alba

  • Barcelona will prove they are the best team.0-3.Too many people believe Juventus will win.Too much pressure on the home side to perform up to expectations.If Barcelona comes to play,it won't be close.

  • @trill Hows this looking for ya bud??

  • @trill Only took 7 minutes for Juve to score...

  • The problem with some tipster here is to believe that the "heart team" will win. This is bad. The thing is serious, not only say that Barca will win, or Juve will win without presenting viable arguments for this.

  • @Zyyydos The greatest thing about this sport is that any argument - even the most reasonable ones - can be fully destroyed by the actions on the pitch! We can hope (and sometimes pray) for our favourite team but we can never really know! It reveales only after the whistle blows ... Wish you all good games tonight!

  • Juve may lose ning home has fans and playing back home Hala Madrid

  • I'd like to see Mascherano fill in for Busquets rather than Gomes. With Gomes you never know what happens - but you know it won't be good. If he plays Juve will know where to pu the pressure.

  • Juve 2-1 Barca

  • Predicting a 2-1 win for Juve. Barca are still the 60/40 favorites in this tie IMO. When you have the MSN on your side, you can create something out of nothing at any time and win games. Especially the prospect of Neymar going against Dani Alves terrifies me. I hope Alllegri opts to start Lichsteiner instead. Forza JuVE!

  • 0:1 noway Barcelona losing to an average side like Juventus! WS predicting this because of the blip from Barcelona at weekend. Highly doubt it. there's at least 5/6 superstar players in that Barca side and they know nights like this extremely well.. If Messi doesnt score then, Neymar or Suarez will! salut

  • @albgunn 3:0 is more proper

  • Juve is very medicore in home in CL this season (won only 2 of 4 home matches - these are: only 2-0 with poor Dinamo and only 1-0 with average Porto + 0-0 with Sevilla and 1-1 with Lyon), Juve fans can only hope that Barca is even worse in away matches, much worse. So it looks like draw. (But I hope Juve win - only because of my betings ;)

  • Prediction : Juve to sit deep and with a good shape and rlly frustrate MSN and stop Barca from penetrating even though Barca will dominate possession. A mistake from Barca towards the end of the first half will allow Juve to counter with Cuadrados and Dybalas pace and Higuain to score. In the second half Juve will have a flurry of chances at the start of the second half but Barca will just about survive and then find a goal through Suarez midway the second half. 1-1

  • Juve win 2-1

  • In europe champions league and in la liga is Barcelona just poor as away team, on the other hand Juventus is supersuccesful in home matches, this is why I think Juve will win easily.

  • @Tofa OMG! "supersuccesful "??? 0-0 with Sevilla and 1-1 with Lyon is these superseccesful??? Juve won only 2 of 4 home matches in CL this season! - these are: only 2-0 with poor Dinamo and only 1-0 with average Porto. And Serie A is a completely different story! I alwas said: read stats - it doesn't hurt!

  • @afx Yeah there were sam bad moments but at home teir winning rating is good, at serie A they are leading table with +6 pts and yeah they lost or draw just few times as you mentioned, but still I think they are doing well home instead of barcelnoas away matches which are just way worst than Juventus 0:0 sevilla ....

  • @Tofa This is not Serie A but ChL. And I'm sorry - my clumsy finger touched the "Report"-button, that was not intentional, and I hope the WS-guys read this comment as well (since I don't know how to undo this) :-)

  • 2-1 for Barcelona, Messi and Dybala to score.

  • Juventus is capable of winning this game 2-0 against tired Barcelona side, just like what Malaga did to Barcelona. Juventus to win and Higuain to score at anytime

  • Juve win 2-1 or draw 1-1,

  • it's revenge time for juve, i'll go 2-0

  • Don't see why Barca can't nick a goal here. BTTS

  • @flephmang juve could win this game 1-0 without conceding bcos they(juve) have highly experienced players and they are very organised.

  • It's a tough game, really tough especially when Juve are hosting it. Even though Umtiti and Pique are good enough to calm Higuaín, they need to block the supply line to him in counters. Barcelona will start dominating possession but Juve know how to play smartly. They are determined to win the first leg but no one knows what's to happen in Camp Nou. This game can be a good clue

  • If Barcelona are going to avoid being battered they are going to have to swallow their pride and change their system. Surely Barcelona need to play 442 in my opinion, drop Suarez and play a proper defensive structure. They need to play deep and play fast counting attacking football on the counter and abandon possession game. Mascherano is a very good central (and defensive) midfielder and fits the system perfectly as CM. I would also double up on the left with Digne and Alba for defensive solidarity. I would play a back four of Roberto, Pique, Umititi, Alba, A bank of four in front of Turan, Rakitic, Mascherano, Digne with Messi and Neymar up front. Another option is Mascherano being a centre back in a 352 system. I think 442 is a better strategy those as Barcelona will be able to counter with it much better in my view (and forced to quick counter because of the shape of 442) and not play pointless possession game. I fully expect Barcelona to line up nothing like this though lol.

  • @Ideas Neymar could play on the right of a 442 maybe and then play in position, on the left he's going to get too tempted to play as am advanced left winger. That will get Suarez in and be helpful. They need to change shape though I think from 433

  • 2-0 I think, maybe even 3-0. Barcelona are struggling away from home.

  • @Ideas Only IF they line up like the preview that's my prediction. If Barcelona use a strategy like my above post then I expect an even contest.

  • The guy making this predictions must have bump his head. Even if Juve wins even if.....it will be 4-3. Barca is way to good to make fun of we saw that with PSG

  • @SirCharlesRichfield What happened in the first leg? What happened in Barcelona's last league away game? You are stupid.

  • @Ideas You will see tonight.....and the only idiot will be you

  • @SirCharlesRichfield Mafia vs uefacelona. Barcelona Can't buy referee against mafia

  • @SirCharlesRichfield Dude, there was PSG, this is a JUVENTUS. The Turin team has the BEST defense of the champions league this season. The Mighty Barca, has made mediocre games away from home. He lost to Malaga in his last game, lost to Deportivo in another match, not to mention losing to PSG 4x0 (away from home). Juventus is a great team, it makes a beautiful campaign in Italy, Barça also does, but ... The stage is now another.

  • 1-2

  • Barcelona will do their usual, play like they think they can put 5 past anyone. But they defend like mugs, especially if chasing a goal late on. Juve needs to stop Barca from scoring for as long as possible, and chances will open up for them on the counter.

  • @What4 @What4 @What4 Well, Juventus is playing home. So, BArcelona have a very good attack versus a good attack/good defense team. 2 x 1/ 2x2. Barcelona on the second leg will win for sure.

  • It looks silly really to predict Barca not to score when they have MSN fit.these 3 are capable of anything in any game.Juve have not been great on the front lately,especially Higuain.

  • @Dinozo88 Okay, but is it back? Barcelona has suffered many goals against attack (away from home), as in the other game against Malaga.

  • 2-2,2-3

  • alegri knows how to play and win against barcelona(he did it with AC Milan, who had worse players than juve has know), juve will win 2-1

  • 3-0

  • Gomes could be really harmful in such a game, like in Paris. I think that both teams will be very patient, i can see Juve scoring after a free kick or a counter attack. Barca should be happy with a draw though. 1-1

  • As long as Enrique doesn't play Gomes, it shouldn't be that bad.

  • I agree with WS prediction. JUVE 2-0

  • 2-1

  • Barca!

  • The UK bookies are making Barcelona slight favourites to progress. I don't see that at all. Juventus are probably the most savvy team left in the competition (Atletico Madrid fans may disagree). I think if Juve take any winning margin to the Nou Camp then they'll qualify. Hard to see Barcelona not scoring, so will go 2-1 Juve.

  • @SteveHyland Home teams in this legs still having nice advantage. I agree that Juve have to score lots of goal on home, but Barcelona still unbeatable on the second leg.

  • @Daimler- If Juve win the first leg then they don't need to win the 2nd, that is the point.

  • @SteveHyland That makes absolutely no sense....You are saying if Juventus wins by any result they will qualify, and you predict a 2-1...How is that enough for them to qualify? I would say only a clean sheet of at least 2-0 and a great game at Camp Nou would be possible for that to happen

  • @hellreaper- The problem is your comprehension, not my comment. There is nothing factually contradictory within and I mentioned a SPECIFIC team so that means the comment, and logic used, makes perfect sense. I didn't state "If Juve take any winning margin to the Nou Camp then they WILL qualify", I actually stated "I THINK if Juve take any winning margin to the Nou Camp then they'll qualify"- this being dependent largely on Juve's ability to defend a 1st leg lead. Hope that cleared things up.

  • @hellreaper For another team, yes, 2-1 isn't that good. That's why he mentioned Juve's savvy. For me it's hard to predict how good Juve will be because they often look unconvincing but at the same time have a comfortable lead in Serie A and never expend any more energy than they need to. They've been essentially preparing for this game ever since the draw was made.

  • @hellreaper Don't exaggerate, it hardly "makes absolutely no sense".

  • @What4 Well, you are right, I exaggerated. His logic makes somehow sense since he is faithful to the fact that a 2-1 victory fits in the category of "any winning margin", but it's contradictory at the same time because in terms of qualifying advantage, a 2-1 is a very bad result to bring to a 2nd leg against a team like Barcelona :P

  • @hellreaper- It isn't contradictory because qualifying advantage (and the ability to defend a 1st leg lead) is entirely dependent on the team from, and up to, a certain point. How big a margin a team needs varies dramatically, as PSG proved in the previous round, so you can use pure probability (that being the odds of a team going through after winning the 1st leg 2-1 and it being at home) or you can use subjective reasoning. We have both used the latter, hence- "2nd leg against a team like Barcelona". You didn't use probability yourself to counter my comment, you used the fact it is Barcelona and not a lesser team playing.

  • Both teams will score and higuain will score

  • Look at stats.NOOO WAAY.Barca will win

  • I feel like it going to be a 2-0 for Juve

  • Oh my God .What a match.

  • 2-1 Juve

  • The commitment of Barcelona against PSG was revealing. If the ratings of whoscored are objective and comparable it seems that Barca would progress. In the best XI of their respective leagues Barca features 3 players, Juve just 1. Either Messi or Suarez have more goals than Dybala and Higuain together. For Juve I hope that they are just focused on this Champions League and that Higuain, Khedira and Alves make use of their experience in La Liga.

  • @minitechnik- They are objective because they are statistics hence not subjective ratings, but they definitely aren't comparable, and goals is probably the least accurate stat you can use to compare. For example, Suarez is scoring more goals and at a better strike rate (in terms of shots per goal and goals per game) than he did for Liverpool despite not being any better a player. Using him as the common denominator, it's clear the numbers have increased because of the opposition. That being said, Suarez has still been the most impressive of the 4 players you mentioned this season, it isn't just his goals because his general play has been very good, but his 4.125 shots per goal ratio (when scoring over 20 league goals) in itself is superb.

  • It's very simple. If Juventus sits back, they have no chance of eliminating Barcelona. The key is pressing for Juventus. They have to know how,where and when to press Barcelona.

  • i vote for barca 1

  • Juve to go through by 1 or 2 goals.

  • i really dont know who i want to go thru.juve seems like a tough draw in the later stages but i dont want barca to go thru either

  • Juve 1 - 1 Barca juve all the way

  • @shakes ?2-1 juve all the way

  • 1-1

  • I will support Juventus, but Barcelona is very favorite to go trought, even if Juventus wins this match. This time Barcelona will probably score away from home and be more serious...A good result for Juventus would be a 2-0 so they could have hope for the 2nd leg but probably it won't happen :C

  • Its revenge time for Juventus. As long Barca plays with 11 men i dont think they can handle Juve at Home. 2-0 for the old lady

  • @Vellicahearst You're even better than before! This is actually in English and doesn't contain ridiculous, petty insults. Did you go to anger management class or something? Teach me all your mysterious ways! I can tell you'll just be rage watching this game tomorrow, praying for Juventus to win no matter what. That's a little sad, but not surprising.

  • Barca have got to pick up some better form soon if they want to get a result out of this one...

  • Juve 3-1 Barca

  • La Juve, vinciamo sempre noi! Forza Vecchia Signora mia. Te Amo Per Sempre, Bianconeri! Juve per sempre sarà!!!