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  • Oh and I must be in the minority who likes the new penalty format. There was such a distinct advantage going first that more often than not, it was down to luck (winning the coin toss) as to whether you went through- statistically speaking I mean, of course it has never been a case of win the toss and therefore you will win the game. This A BB A system negates the luck gained by winning the coin toss and although people wont gel with it straight away, I think the new format will be well received. There is the problem, however, of whether now going 2nd will create the same advantage that going first in the old system used to. What will happen then? We had a big advantage going 2nd today.

  • Hello all. A fair bit of rust on display today from both teams. This always feels like the first fixture in the season where teams take the result semi-seriously. Xhaka had a good game. He really needs an all-rounder playing next to him. Goretzka would be ideal but there are rumours a deal with Bayern is done. We shall see. Lemar will hopefully join soon. He would give us options in either of the 2 formations Wenger uses and is extremely versatile. Lacazette's movement was sharp and it was a great effort which hit the post. Without Oezil in the team, we lacked some invention up top- as you would expect. Kolasinac is quickly becoming a hero. His earlier poor performances due to a nasty stomach bug don't reflect the player I have seen in the Bundesliga. Pretty sure he has the physicality to make it in the prem too. Ha. Pedro's red card was harsh. Neither team on display will represent more than 64% of the first choice XI after the transfer window shuts but a win is always nice.

  • Time to say 'STOP' to Cahill. In this match merges Akers and his teammate Luiz are his victims. Last year he was about to kill Mason . Please stop this idiot animal.

  • @sampo- I think it is more stupidity than malice but I agree, he needs a large ban to stop him from being reckless. He gets away with 2 blatant red cards per season.

  • Just seen the lineups, put your money on Chelsea to qualify

  • I never expected Whoscored to dump their favorite English club for Chelsea as they usually predict arsenal win most of time.

  • No Hazard, No Costa. Pedro and Willian behind Batshui and Kante/Cesc combination in the middle is probably worse start Chelsea will come in this game! Arsenal will play Sanchez at some point and team is relatively stronger on paper. Also Moses is still a pretty sh it player. Conte will realise that Costa is very important to this Charla squad and Kante/Cesc midfield is not really ideal! I'm expecting Arsenal to beat Chelsea again in a cup final and probably Lacazette to score a first competitive goal! 3:1 Arsenal

  • @albgunn- Don't quite agree on Moses. He isn't a great player but he does an ok job in the system. With the signing of Ruediger, I fully expect Azpilicueta to switch to RWB and Moses to be benched. Ditto for Alex Sandro and Marcus Alonso, if that deal transpires. As a squad player, Moses is decent enough imo.

  • @albgunn Did you watch any Arsenal games last year?

  • @MTM I watched last two competitive matches though! Arsenal both occasions won silverware playing Chelsea. Your point is?

  • @MTM On their day this Arsenal squad can beat any one... Inconsistancy, lack of concentration is their worst ennemy, as usal for the young/average squads.

  • Pedro is available..