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  • WTF is going on with this 3421 formation?? Everyone copy Conte ??

  • @batman88 You're forgetting that Pochettino have been using a tactic called "lavolpiana" before Conte's arrival, that interchanges between a back-3 and a back-4. Starting midway through last season he' using more of a Bielsa formation, 3-3-3-1. Look up the position & pass map of this match and you'll instantly see that Poch's tactics is NOT a 3-4-2-1.

  • @batman88 @batman88 they started playing on 3 defenders before conte even came to chelski LOL they were just changing it in matches from 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-2-1...thats why CB Dier was reported as CDM but in real he was CB last 2 seasons...

  • @batman88 Yeah, but it seems to be working for most teams.

  • Thanks God Besic dont play

  • @Romano -- Inace, pederu Ustaski, jel ga to nisi primio u supak pa si nervozan ko zensko kad dobije menzes?

  • Pay no mind to this troll. This is the same pathetic Croatian parasite who has been trolling on this site for years and Admins refuse to do anything about it. Look at his history. He is only shitting on Bosnian players or any foreign player that is Muslim. He is clearly racist but you guys running the site don't seem to give a fuck. This is why I browse this garbage with ad-blockers on my browser. He only praises Kramaric while consistently shitting on Bosnian players or ANY player who is Muslim. Meanwhile, captain of Croatian NT is half Muslim but that doesn't stop Ustasas like Romano to continuously spit racism. Hey @Admin -- how about you do something about this 3-4 year long issue? Or are children running this website? Absolutely pathetic that you cannot ban this clearly awful human being who keeps doing the same annoying crap for years now.

  • I don't think Everton will lose.

  • 1-1

  • I think its best to wait to last moment when team lineups are shown to find out if James McCarthy, Davy Klaassen, Jordan Pickford and Mason Holgate if any or all of them play or not especially pickford and klaassen as they are big players for everton to get anything from this match.

  • Big question is will wayne rooney be drunk for this match will he turn up in his car drunk and get on the pitch and score and do a drunken celebration ?

  • I hate it when shake and overmars have different predictions for a match as both are correct a lot of the time guess i will go in the middle with who scored then and go a draw.

  • @RemyLebeu Shake and Overmars ?

  • @RemyLebeu I've noticed that too.

  • I think 1-1. Tight game, so could even be 0-0 or 1-0.

  • everton win @ 2 - 1 anytime scorers: sigurdsson ,Rooney and keane

  • Narrow win for spurs thanks to a late long-shot from Kane or Eriksen. Everton will probably win the reverse fixture instead. Everton 1-2 Spurs

  • Why is Gylfi Sigurdsson listed as blue when he should be orange? It's almost like someone doesn't realise that he left Tottenham Hotspur in 2014...

  • @MEHJones i didnt get ur point

  • @delpiero1100 In the man of the match listing above he was originally colour coded blue (like the spurs players rather than orange like the Everton players). It now seems to have been amended.

  • I fancy Everton here. Spurs seem to be losing their identity and last week against Burnley showed that!

  • @albgunn wishful thinking.

  • 1-0 COYB

  • Everton 0 - 1 Spurs Aurier may start