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  • Why don't people move out of the way when Kolasinac takes a shot?! Luckily he side-footed it, otherwise we'd have needed a mop and bucket.

  • Deserved win in the end. Terrible defensive positioning gifted them a goal (although it was a nice finish) and we almost gifted them another in the first half. Swansea did nothing in the 2nd half, 10 chances created for Arsenal to 0 for the Swans. Mesut Oezil, in a 'terrible' season now has the joint most chances created (with de Bruyne) despite playing 2 fewer games.

  • @SteveHyland De Bruyne is painfully overrated and Ozil is painfully underrated that's why. I've thought it, but it's interesting now you put it on paper. Ozil has good set pieces too which helps, but it's not his problem De Bruyne isn't as good at them is it.

  • Lord Sanches didn't play? Kkkkkk

  • Arsenal draw hahahahaha

  • @levi22 possible loss by stats, I'm surprised Arsenal aren't ahead with the quality of front three. I think they will probably score before the end because of that, but going to be very difficult to turn it around after conceding first to a Paul Clement side

  • @Champion good turn around in end, glad as I predicted arsenal on talksport

  • Arsenal win.

  • mertesacker=goal against. Another ice hockey style result of Arsenal. 5-2

  • Lol some people think Oxlade chamberlain still plays for arsenal and voted for him as Man of the match

  • @footballover it's happened so many times I'm starting to suspect that someone is just taking the mickey.

  • @MEHJones Unless someone has done this prediction at the start of the season for every single game before the transfer occurred. Who knows

  • Arsenal 5 - 1 swansea

  • Will never know why Arsenal struggle against Swansea at Emirates. It's a jinx. Swansea always scores 2 goals at Emirates. Bring it on Arsenal 2-2 Swansea

  • @njamimaranga There you go again making "always" statements which are obviously false. In May 2015 Swansea scored just one goal in their win at the Emirates.

  • @MEHJones 5 of the last 6 has seen Swansea score 2 goals. Is that rarely, hardly, occasionally or always? It's nearly always.

  • @njamimaranga Yes, "'nearly always" would have been more appropriate than "always". Now that it's 5 of the last 7, "usually" or "often" would be most appropriate. :)

  • @njamimaranga- You phrased it literally, therefore 'always' is treated as an/the absolute. Therefore you are wrong, luckily- otherwise we would've drawn.

  • Arsenal 3 - 1 Swansea

  • None of the first team fringe players did a thing to warrant possible inclusion in the XI for this game so the line-up, barring injuries etc, will be: CECH, KOSCIELNY, MERTESACKER, MONREAL, BELLERIN, RAMSEY, XHAKA, KOLASINAC, OEZIL, ALEXIS, LACAZETTE. Our home record is perfect so far and Swansea have scored just twice away from home so I will predict 2-0 to the Gunners.

  • @SteveHyland no doubt about Arsenal's creative power with those three, I'm going for the same scoreline, possibly with Alexis MoTM

  • @SteveHyland Mesut, Alexis & Laca were combining beautifully vs Everton, I expect chances created at the Emirates. .