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  • Oh, wow, Premier League is just something different... Proven for I don't know what time... But Chelsea management with their poor work on the transfer window are just begging Conte to leave. As he said it, it was proven. Chelsea just doesn't have quality back-up players to play on the asked level if someone get injured. Without Morata and Kante you saw the result.

  • What a beautiful game

  • trolling magicshroom Cp 3-2 or a possible comeback by Chelsea scoring 2 goals ( 2 - 3 ) a goal from fabregas would make it 50 for him

  • Lmfao

  • Imagine conceding to Palace, L

  • According to @11tegen11, so far this season Palace have been one of the unluckiest teams and Chelsea has been one of the luckiest. Regression to the mean is not a good basis for making a prediction but it would be interesting if both team's luck (as defined by 11tegen11) turns today and Palace somehow get a super surprise result.

  • @MEHJones 11tegen11 is an excellent source.

  • @magicshroom you do notice everyone has a right to voice his or her opinions as one mans meal is another mans poison if you do like an apple and I do like a mango you can't call me am an idiot for choosing a mango over an apple again Chelsea is not 100% best team in the league. I do see where your coming from can't see the bigger picture *** The End ****

  • Palace to score & Chelsea to win by at least 2 goal margin

  • With or without Zaha, Palace just doesn't have the capacity and the quality at this point to take something from this strong Chelsea team. 0-2

  • Palace 0 - 2 Chelsea . Would be a lot more with Morata starting.

  • How many votes for the ineligible Loftus-Cheek as MOM??

  • highly doubt this fixture produces a goal fest like it looks like another 3 - 6 hammering by chelsea. looks like this ends square crystal palace earning the first point of the season Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Chelsea

  • Palace 0-4 Chelsea