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  • Well, Mesut came and playd very well it seems. Despite Steve having a dig at him pre game lol

  • Excellent performance in attack but some laziness in defence would have cost us if Huddersfield had a decent striker. You got the feeling watching at 1-0 that a 2nd goal would finish them off and that it proved. Absolutely no defensive shape thereafter and we could've scored a couple more. Lacazette was again immense with his movement, he will miss the Utd game through injury and that could be a blow for us depending on Jose's tactics. Parking the bus would actually help now Giroud looks likely to start so fingers crossed. Oezil was excellent. I highly doubt he was ill given the energy he showed in the game. Everybody else who started played at least "decent", solid 7 out of 10s from me with a couple of 8s. We have a great chance of beating Utd on Saturday providing we cut out the sloppy passing, because that could cost us against a team who break as fast as their first choice XI. All in all, happy.

  • @SteveHyland Finally a good game of Özil again...

  • lacazette hat trick looks likely he been good form lately for arsenal and france

  • Huddersfield haven't scored in their last 6 away gams in all comps. Interesting stat.

  • Arsenal and over 2.5 goals

  • 4-0 to Arsenal.

  • The only team Huddersfield have beaten away from home is Crystal Palace and the only team they drew with was Burnley (a good result in itself tbf). However, they lost to West Ham, Swansea, Liverpool and Bournemouth without even scoring a goal and conceding 11. Our home form this year after a tricky, but ultimately deserved, win (based on pure dominance) against Leicester has been very good. I know we can mess up what seem to be guaranteed home wins but Huddersfield have shown nothing for me to believe they can get even a point away from home against a top 6 side so 3-0 Arsenal, even without Mesut Oezil, who seems to be "ill" again. Funny how he always pick up a mystery illness when there is a story about him in the tabloids (Barcelona "deal", this time).

  • @SteveHyland I don't think he's a well person. Some people are prone to injuries, others to illness. If may be weather and diet related, and a genetic thing of being ill a lot. He's not physically robust and is a ballerina on the pitch. I don't mean that in bad way. I mean he plays with grace on the field and not brutality. Difficult to say why he's missing. If I managed Barcelona I would be interested in Ozil at left wing in 4-3-3 system

  • @Champion- Most of the time, I'm sure it is a tactical ploy from Wenger to keep him out of the limelight. The way he moved around the pitch tonight didn't strike me as a man who was so ill the other day that it was more likely than not that he would miss THIS game. It happens too often that he misses a game through a nondescript "illness" when he gets media flack or a seemingly credible transfer story appears for it to not be linked. I don't mind tbh, as long as Wenger is careful with which games he sits out. Burnley away with the guaranteed physicality? Yes. Utd at home? No. Luckily that is how it has transpired. Shrewd move in all possibility from the Professor.

  • @SteveHyland.... If Barcelona came knocking on your door you would be ill too and you would not feel like playing for Arsenal.

  • Arsenal is a great home team. Huddersfield has no chance. 2-0 or 3-0 at least.

  • @champion *records

  • @shakes what do you mean?

  • Arsenal 1 - 2 Huddersfield

  • @shakes Are you serious ? Or trolling? Why? How?

  • Huddersfield's legs may be gone after chasing shadows for 90 minutes against Man City. Despite it being a well-drilled tactical team display, the mental and physical side of that game may have taken it's toll on them. Arsenal is a difficult side to play at the Emirates at the best of times. Huddersfield won't roll over, but Arsenal will probably take 3 points here. 2-0.

  • @Champion I agree though Huddersfield could start brightly and take the lead only for their legs to go by the second half. Arsenal to win this in the second half, 2:1 imo.