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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(82) 66 Goals 76 (103)
(58) 40 Assists 70 (85)
(6.8) 7.1 Average Ratings 7.3 (7)
26.2 Average Age 27.3
181.3 Average Height (cm) 179.1
(1.2) 1.4 Shots pg 1.6 (1.2)
(48%) 45% Aerial Duel Success 55% (55%)
(1) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.8 (1.2)
(1.3) 1.2 Tackles pg 1 (1.1)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Adam Bogdan Out N/A
Nathaniel Clyne Out 6.27
Jordan Henderson Out 6.95
Virgil van Dijk Out 7.35
Daniel Sturridge Doubtful 6.76
Mohamed Salah Doubtful 7.69
Alberto Moreno Doubtful 6.8
Player Reason Status Rating
Benjamin Mendy Out 6.87
Phil Foden Out 6.3
Gabriel Jesus Out 7.05
Vincent Kompany Out 7.04

Team News

  • Liverpool have had more than a week to prepare for this huge Premier League fixture and will be well rested.
  • Mohamed Salah is expected to recover from a groin injury that kept him sidelined for the Merseyside derby last time out.
  • Philippe Coutinho joined Barcelona last weekend and someone will have big boots to fill in midfield for Jurgen Klopp's side.
  • James Milner and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will push for starts in midfield on Sunday, while Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez contend for the right-back spot.
  • Virgil van Dijk is carrying a hamstring injury, however, and is unlikely to be risked.
  • Pep Guardiola rested players during the 2-1 win over Bristol City on Tuesday night and will recall them here.
  • No surprises are expected from the away side, but David Silva may miss out due to personal reasons
  • Benjamin Mendy, Phil Foden, Vincent Kompany and Gabriel Jesus are also injured for Manchester City.


  • Liverpool are 18 points behind league leaders Manchester City but a win over Pep Guardiola's side would be a huge statement in their quest to consolidate a place in the top four.
  • Manchester City are on course to go the entire league campaign unbeaten but this is their biggest test. City battled to a 2-1 win over Bristol City on Tuesday, whereas Liverpool have had nine days to prepare for this match.
  • It should really be one of the most entertaining matches of the season and should be much closer than City's 5-0 win in the reverse match back in September. A high scoring draw could be on the cards here.
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User Predictions

Comments (176)

  • Klopp ist just Peps biggest nightmare. For the fifths time he was beaten by Klopp, No other manager came close to those statistics. Pep has still no answer against really good " Pressing/Counterpressing....

  • @neumi17 in my opinion pep's team is a little bit tired , they've played 9 games since mid December vs 7 games played by liverpool. And Aguerro is not that efficient as ex-Aguerro, he misses a lot of opportunities. But that's not to say liverpool were lucky at all, they really were very skillful and took their game to very high level. Kloppe, may be partially inspired by Bristol city, did his job 200% perfectly. I am Mancity fan

  • @neumi17 well, I think Pep`s record against Klopp in Bundesliga and EPL is not that bad to call it "nightmare". City, despite playing on Tuesday and not being in the best form recently, was very competitive in this encounter and had their answers. Completely othermatch than hopeless 0-1 last season.

  • @tar88s I am not saying that Klopp ist the better manager or that Liverpool is the better team, I actually prefer Peps approach to the game. All I am saying is, that those to coaches are on the opposite side of the football philosophy and that Klopp could beat Pep for the sixth time with his kind of " heavy metal" style football. No other coach came even close to this record, which means, that Guardiola still had problems when faced with that type of football by Klopp...

  • @neumi17 absolutely agree. However this style of football affects players health as they get injured much more often and Klop`s teams can not maintain this level through all the season.

  • @neumi17 Pep's teams have also been better and more funded than Klopp's as well.

  • Great goal by Sané I have to say. But it was generally a day of very marvelous goals, each one especially good in it's own way...

  • @neumi17 sorry good comment

  • @neumi17 ������

  • Now Pep is no longer facing that stupid questions on the press-conferences regarding the unbeatable run:)

  • @tar88s haha

  • Congratulations Liverpool!

  • Firmino MOTM

  • Goalkeepers are really a joke at this level. Imagine if you trained every day of your life since a child to be a goalkeeper and were still this bad. What's the excuse? Considering how much these guys earn per week they really are trash.

  • @Champion Are you seriously saying that Ederson is 'bad' based of one game? Ederson (and Walker) are the main reasons why City are flying in the league, forget all that talk about KDB and Silva being so fluid and meticulous in midfield: Ederson is a top keeper who rarely, despite his given instructions and playing style, commits errors. Otamendi has been very reliable this season (Stones for some parts of it) but Ederson makes up for their mistakes. He now has 11 clean sheets (12 if you count the first Man City game v LFC at the Etihad), only eclipsed by Courtois and De Gea at 12. If you seriously think that Ederson is a joke and plays like trash, please reconsider your football engagement and find another sport to follow. Even his distribution is world-class and you can tell that he has invigorated City's backline with confidence, but it's obviously hard for people realise that he has added a new aspect to our game. The only other error he did commit was against Shaktar (2nd game).

  • @ZuberiMamba De Bruyne and silva are clearly the best players for city. You are highly deluded if you think Emerson is a main reason why Man City are flying in the league. What a joke analysis you are

  • @Champion Those to acquisitions made by City has allowed the team to flourish with them not having to worry with their defensive issues. A part of Guardiola's philosophy is that everyone should be involved in the build-up play (starting from the defence) and therefor a lot of the attacking players track back - and with the addition of Walker & Ederson we attack with more fluidity. Walker rarely gets beaten for pace and Ederson has for most of the season been incredibly reliable in goal, and his distribution is miles above Bravo's (who also possesses magnificent ball distribution). I never said Ederson was the best player for City, but his (and Walkers) contribution has changed the team for better resulting to a much better defensive record. For you to say that I've made a 'joke analysis' is comical, after you claimed that Ederson was trash based of one single game. It's you who've brought that 'joke analysis' on this page, so I would suggest to you to get lost.

  • @Champion KDB and Silva are almost as good now as they were last year. Their overall contribution is always immense and they remain pivotal to our prowess this season. Through our ups and downs those two proved their quality last season and that's why I'm saying that Ederson & Walker are the main reasons City are flying in the league. We were extremely prolific last season and scored goals in abundance - but the main problem was the defence. Look at the statistics from the previous season; Fabianski had a better save percentage than Bravo - and he was our main keeper. Look at the full-back situation: Kolarov, Clichy, Sagna and Navas (for parts of the season). All of these couldn't cope with Guardiola's intensity and were therefor exposed, leaving us vulnerable to counter-attacks as they lacked the ability to track back. Now, we have one of the best keepers in league and to add to that we have added a top-quality right back in Walker who has the ability to pummel up and down the pitch.

  • @ZuberiMamba Cry more. Ederson is average an best. Only good with his feet. He's a rash keeper and young and inexperienced. You are clearly very riled by the length of your response. Walker has also been pretty mediocre this season, nothing special. Their star player is De Bruyne by a country mile along with David Silva.

  • @Champion I not denying that KDB is City's star player so what is your point? Tell me where I stated that Ederson was our best player. I never claimed that, I'm saying that he is the main reason (with Walker) that City are flying in the league due to a stabilised defence. I can't bother to write more with you saying that he is a bad keeper with average quality, obviously you don't watch Man City or either you don't understand the vitality in having a good defence. Hilarious, pathetic even.

  • @ZuberiMamba he’s an ok keeper, but become hugely overrated due to the winning run. He was horrendous today and I don’t see how you think this performance is at all excusable considering he earns more for this game than most earn in a year.

  • @Champion Ederson started out as a full back...

  • @Jamie_K how is this relevant here at all? He’s playing keeper and getting paid for it

  • @Champion It is very relevant because you stated in your first comment that those goalkeepers (Karius & Ederson) had been trained since they were children when he actually started out as a full-back. @Jamie_K Don't take anything this fool says seriously.

  • Can you time stamp more matches please time traveller from the year 2023 and tell me more about this future of yours or is that classified information.

  • who is this guy TimeTravellerFrom2023 how can he get liverpool to win and salah to score the winner correct just how. anyway time stamp lol that was my idea doesn't it mean to identify when a certain event occurred, usually giving date and time of day. Time stamp trending

  • @RemyLebeu It's not like he predicted a team like United to win 4-3, or Andy Robertson to score the winner. Liverpool winning with 4 GS and 3 GA with Salah scoring the winner are very predictable outcomes, just look at Liverpool results and look who is Liverpool top scorer, he simply picked the highest possible outcome and got lucky. I know you are just having a laugh, but it'd be stupid for a person who could 'time travel' to expose himself on the internet just for banter rights.

  • Time stamp it 17.54 hours 14 january liverpool beat man city salah scores the winner 4-3. In the record books forever written in history the team that ended man city unbeaten streak.

  • @RemyLebeu are you copying me by saying time stamp 17.54 hours remy lebeu you are not a time traveller even though well done on predicting a match 2 months back impressive when you don't have the information I do.

  • @RemyLebeu Egyptian Messi strikes again

  • @Champion Why not Egyptians CR;7? Though I think he is his own man. Very good guy.

  • @Eben Left footed, small, good dribbler and good finisher. Fast off the mark. He is similar to Messi in many ways.

  • @Eben Yeh who wants to be a forward that has nothing but a 4% conversion rate? Also Ronaldo fans love to make fun of short players, Salah is pretty much as tall as Messi, even though both could hold their ground 100x better than that Portuguese diver who's got more than 10 dives already this season.

  • @Eben Because Salah can dribbles, Ronaldo can't...

  • Fantastic spectacle! Superseded my expectancy, well deserved victory for Liverpool.

  • HA

  • Amazing & Entertaining Match....

  • New goolkeeper: Jan Oblak, Atletico Md.

  • @ZiZZi he will cost a lot..

  • @Champion He'll cost pretty much the same as Forster from Southampton, maybe less.

  • @Champion The put more than 80m for defender !!

  • @ZiZZi Yes but I think Oblak costs 80+ million. Contract until 2021 and Liverpool just sold Coutinho for stupid fee

  • MacGoreth - member since 03-Feb-15 "Should be an easy game for Liverpool. Man City first loss. Mane to either score or assist." 1 hour ago

  • @MacGoreth Great prediction

  • @MacGoreth Respect. But do you call it an easy game in the end?

  • I made the comment on leicester vs man city match last year 18 november check it if you don't believe me in my comments i wrote liverpool will be the first team to beat city for revenge for the 5-0 loss that was 2 months ago now can anyone here make a prediction like that 2 months ahead of you I would like to see that.

  • @RemyLebeu Congrats! Now tell me which one do you prefer, Oreo or Chips Ahoy?

  • @MacGoreth mmm both lol

  • GegenPressing !!!

  • Pep doesn't rest his players in the cups, trying to win all the trophies, and now they're tired.

  • @MrNemobody That's his problem. They have a very strong 2nd XI and just compare the wages and fees of Bristol City's best 11 and Man City's strongest 2nd XI..even Man City's 3rd XI would be worth more on the transfer market I'd imagine

  • @MrNemobody the stupid winter schedule we have in England doesn't help

  • @JoeSWFC The biggest sides with the most money have the best squads and the best chance in all trophies. Considering the amount of money Man City have spent in the Premier League era (more than any other team) it is no excuse at all.

  • @JoeSWFC Yeah, that's how it's always been, but the manager's job is to... manage.

  • Liverpool doesn't always shine, but when they do, it's so bright.

  • @ADM11 Are you a poet? )) nice words dude

  • that is some collapse from mancity

  • It was coming for sometime now . City nearly lost in few matches but somehow managed to win at the end . Hope they will slip further and the title race will be competitive this season

  • @footballover Glad they are losing. Pathetic fairy team full of divers.

  • @Champion yes , it always looks to me like a makeshift team built on Arab money , no history . You look at their stadium, Emptyhad , the seats are never full .

  • @footballover in your dreams. lol.

  • @nceshNcero , if you have watched premier league only this season , then you are a kid in football. I have seen remarkable turn around by teams , so never say never in England

  • @footballover yes anything is possible in England. Man City could easily crumble. Especially towards the back end of the season when all the lower teams seem to perform very well in England

  • Any volunteers to bet on 4-4 ?

  • @babyenot Almost )))))))

  • @babyenot No chance.

  • @babyenot no.

  • yoh. yoh. yoh. tough one.

  • 4/1 I knew it! I knew that Liverpool is the only/first team that can stop Man City

  • What you people from the past are seeing now I have already seen with all of you long time ago this match goes into the history books as the day liverpool ended Manchester city unbeaten streak at approximately 17.50 hours 14 january 2018 mane and salah score like it has been written into the history books this event finishes with a liverpool win.

  • 3-1!

  • @BigDaddyJoe And according to something scientists are calling "Salah's Law", it's going to be 4-? soon!

  • @BigDaddyJoe See

  • Unbelievable!

  • Strength & class finish by Firmino.

  • If my calculations are correct and I have arrived at this point of time 14 january 2017 16.oo hours then mane or salah scores the winner here and liverpool end the unbeaten streak and go into the history books as the team that did it.

  • @TimeTravellerFrom2023 Why you didnt comment that before the match u idiot

  • @Cannavaro69 I did check my past (no pun intended) comments I write a hour ago I wrote Liverpool are victorious in this outcome of events with salah scoring. and don't call me a idiot you idiot I know more about the future then you ever will.

  • @TimeTravellerFrom2023 Ok then go back to your past and tell me what you see in Sociedad vs Barcelona 14 january 2018, or you can stay in your room all day watching TV and playing video games and dont you ever comments like an idiot

  • @TimeTravellerFrom2023 oop entered wrong timeline 14 january 2017 I saw chelsea beat leicester 3-0. correct timeline 14 january 2018 back to your present and my past.

  • @TimeTravellerFrom2023 You said Arsenal was going to beat Bmouth. Just stop it wasn't even funny in the first place

  • @ADM11 that was a diversion I purposely got it incorrect if got both correct then won't it look suspicious that I know so much information and I wasn't trying to be funny people from the future don't try to be funny as it is a bleak future.

  • @RemyLebeu lol

  • Liverpool can't trust their defense system at all.

  • liverpool has been better than city but a few mistakes by lfc paid off as usual. Chamberlain and Can are as world class as sané. But it would be 0 0 if courtois and de gea were there instead of ederson and karius.

  • @modric97 very pure strike*

  • @modric97 The 1st one is borderline error, it's a very pure striker but you'd think a keeper like De Gea would save it. The the second a top level keeper should be stopping though. For whoscored to not call the Sane goal an error for Gomez and Karius is a bit of a joke. Even at schoolboy level it's garbage defending and keeping on the Sane goal.

  • WHAT A MATCH !!!!!!

  • Karius error.

  • @Champion and Gomez error. Not only does he expose himself initially. But when he tracks back it's his job to cover if Sane cuts onto left foot to shoot. Dreadful defending by Gomez.

  • This feels like it will be similar to last season's game at Anfield. Liverpool score early first, then hold on for the win. Could be wrong, but that's what it feels like.

  • @uefalona looks like they did score D:

  • Should be an easy game for Liverpool. Man City first loss. Mane to either score or assist.

  • More Germans on the pitch than Englishman, funny...

  • @neumi17 Actually there are SEVEN players from the Bundesliga on the pitch (EIGHT with Klavan on the bench), FIVE of them are German.

  • @neumi17 Looks like someone doesn't know how to count. :P

  • @MacGoreth lol

  • @MacGoreth yeh lol

  • @MacGoreth ;-) I was metaphorical speaking... It's just interesting, that in a PL match almost less english players on the field than germans.

  • @neumi17 This makes no sense. "metaphorical speaking". No, you were just wrong. Lol.

  • @neumi17 Delph Stones Walker Sterling Oxlade-Chamberlain Gomez...

  • @neumi17 ???? They are more English players...

  • That went quick...

  • Sterling anytime scorer.

  • @Geolardo Tap ins, yes ...

  • @neumi17 Ronaldo has made a career out of scoring tap ins to be fair. He's even won the eurovision song contest of football five times

  • @neumi17 Goal's a goal, with his speed he can often get to the ball before the opponents defence.

  • Liverpool are victorious in this outcome of events with salah scoring.

  • Man city are on form though a hard game unbeaten will continue

  • I hope for first defeat for pep and city, I think a 2-2 draw is the most likely result

  • Maybe first defeat for Pep ...

  • there's no chance of Manchester city beating Liverpool today. ..I swear...

  • @mosesicia - 0% chance? Which planet are you living on?

  • @andrew7taylor sorry I was not in a position to reply but Liverpool did it by action. ..didn't they?

  • @andrew7taylor Maybe he lives on this planet and you lives in Mars...lol

  • @Cannavaro69 still laughing. ...the record at home ground could not be broken even with coutinho out...sterling was nowhere to be found. ..talk of Oxlade Chamberlain. ..he was fantastic

  • both team to score here

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Another big blow for Liverpool Van Dijk will not play, anyone that thinks Liver can beat City today one advice to him ( remove that idea from your mind )

  • @Cannavaro69 really?

  • I hope Klopp will give Wijnaldum a chance to play in his favorite position (CAM), now that Coutinho is gone.

  • Man City (0) gives you great value plus insurance.

  • First half Liver score one, second half City score one. 1-1

  • @Flyer Great Prediction Nostradamus

  • Its a big blow for the Liver if Momo didnt play

  • Why Momo will not play?

  • X2 100%

  • @watfordAlbert You get money from watford match yesterday?

  • @Cannavaro69 yes...

  • @watfordAlbert Good for you mate

  • With a mid week game on hand, with find it difficult any way, no coutinho too for the pool I predict 0:2

  • In the leicester vs man city match last year 18 november which man city won by 2 goal to nil I wrote in my comments that I am picking liverpool to be the first team to beat man city at anfield for the 5-0 loss as revenge I am still sticking with my prediction as I am still confident liverpool can do it. So this will be the furthest into the future prediction I have made almost 2 months back.

  • @RemyLebeu You Know its my dream to see City lose and i promised myself to make a big party and hope it will be tonight, and you are invited))

  • @RemyLebeu You need a creative midfielder to make the difference in these kind of matches and unfortunatly there is noone , and Liver must buy a world class midfielder with the money they got from Coutinho transfer

  • @RemyLebeu I agree with you, but can they do it without thier key players? you know that Salah and Coutinho are the best players for the Liver recently , now Coutinho left and Salah injured, so i have a doubt they can win without those two players

  • @Cannavaro69 told you so

  • @Cannavaro69 Salah now fit and will play, according to Klop

  • Liverpool 1-1 City.

  • If City win it means Spurs edge into the top four spots.

  • 0-0

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @albgunn what is acruallt smash?

  • @uefalona Its a device that controls the weather

  • Liverpool win.

  • Liverpool 1 - 3 Manchester city Raheem sterling to score first. (7' 16' 25' 34' 43' 52' 61' )

  • @shakes why didn't you stick with your first choice shakes I remember you said somewhere before that you were picking liverpool to be the first team to beat man city I told you man never go back on your first instinct always stick with your first instinct.

  • @shakes 1-3 and you add 7 moments for goals... I hope City will play their match as well as you play with math... ;)

  • @shakes hey I know those are times you picked for when the goals will come but those look like good lottery numbers might play them on wednesday and next saturday.

  • @RemyLebeu lmao

  • @RemyLebeu hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol......LMAO

  • liverpool 1-1 Man City

  • cmon city

  • I still ask myself why do people still think Mancity will ever loose this season their only competition is out of this EPL league (BARCA)

  • @Serial_Scorer- Because they are human and for those who have watched football, or any team sport, for more than a season it is clear that there is rarely a case of a team being truly unbeatable. Had City never been behind this season then your claim would have some legitimacy but the fact is they were behind against Everton, Bournemouth, Huddersfield and West Ham and if anybody claims it is beyond the realms of possibility for a team to go ahead and batten down the hatches to nick an unlikely win then they are ignorant, naïve, deluded or any mix of the three because it has happened. It has happened to Pep's Barcelona and to Pep's Bayern Munich, both times in a league with less depth than the premier league. There is also the unquantifiable (but existent nevertheless) element of luck. City have had loads of it already this season. It is said that you make your own luck, but if that is true it is more likely to be the truth based on a whole season than single game instances.

  • @Serial_Scorer barca paris r.madrid and liverpool are the only teams who can take down city + city actually lost this season against Shakhtar .. the only team still unbeaten is barca

  • @otmae PSG and Liverpool can't. Even Real Madrid probably can't. Only Barca can beat Manchester City this season.

  • salah hattrick

  • @Remember_Me He might not even make the starting 11...

  • @Remember_Me For Salah to score three, Liverpool would have to give up some space and create oppurtunities for City to counter attack. And we all know how that goes. Without Coutinho they can possibly come out with a draw, luck included.

  • @Remember_Me If salah scores hattrick score will be 3-6 (de bryne -(1) , L.sane (2) Aguero (2) B.silva (1) Mancity with a big

  • liverpool to win 4/2

  • 1-2 to City. superior

  • No Coutinho no Salah ! No way liverpool win here so in worst scenario draw but i think city will win 1-3!!!

  • @bojanbobostefanovski couldnt agree with u better

  • It will end 0-0

  • 3-1 Mancity to win john Stones back in the mix

  • If Man City can lose this season, that will most likely happen in Liverpool

  • @tar88s with Coutinho i would say the same, by without him? I don't think so.

  • @bojack :)

  • @tar88s i was wrong, but to be honest - I'm still shocked how many mistakes City did in defence. All of three 2nd half Liverpool goals was given by City defence. There was a lot of videos on YT how good City is in getting out of rival pressing, and today they look in that matter like a different team. But beside that was they worst performance in this season, still they was near to come back from three goals down.

  • @bojack right, the 1st goal was soft defending(or absence of it) + Ederson mistake too, completely misplaced in the goal. Players are already very tired to keep 100% concentration against aggressive pressing. Previous match against Brighton - same mistake from Mangala(as Otamendi) that lead to penalty. Watford game - Gray ran away few times and that was not happening previous matches this season too. Still the class of players is lower than Liverpool`s to convert all the errors. I assume Firmino fouled Stones before the 2nd goal though, looked like a push. Many factors were against City before the game: awful stats at Anfield, missing Silva, revenge after 0-5, 9 days of rest for Liverpool etc. I also think Pep didn`t have to let Sterling play, not only fans hate him but looked like opposition players did too:) But in the end it was really very close and frankly speaking City didn`t deserve 1-4.

  • @bojack agree

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @magicshroom1 Suarez gets his move away from Liverpool by using his Dracula fangs. He has since removed the fangs and you dont expect him to grow his fangs so fast if he moved to Liver.

  • @magicshroom1 Your inside information sucks, you better find another source to get your information

  • @magicshroom1 I can't see this happening as Suarez' family have lived in Barcelona for years, even prior to his move from Liverpool.