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Arsenal Manchester City
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were strong at finishing
Were poor at finishing
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Played with width
Attacked down the left side
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Favoured short passing
Favoured long shots

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Manchester City


Manchester City


Manchester City


Manchester City

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Comments (90)

  • woooow

  • Déjà vu? Manchester City have beaten Arsenal 3 times this season. And scored 3 goals in all of those games.

  • @Davisson After two 1-5, away and home, against Bayern München last season, this one was a very normal result.

  • City played well in the 1st half but all 3 goals were helped by 1 or a couple of fairly basic defensive mistake(s). There should've been a 4th too with neither CB deciding to track Aguero in the box despite everybody knowing where he was going to run to. Such basic errors that, although should be eradicated by the player himself, need to be ironed out by the manager if they continue to happen, yet aren't. This completely disregarding our general poor defensive blueprint as is typical of the post-Invincibles squad. I think everybody can see Wenger is done at this level, just like Ancelotti, Capello, van Gaal and a number of excellent managers from the previous era. It happens.... they were the ones deposing established managers once upon a time after all. The question is what type of manager do we need, and even if we do get him, will they be shown the level of support you need to compete at the top level? Based on this season, 4-5 starting players are needed whichever formation we use.

  • I used to laugh, but I have to confess that I feel pity for Arsenal nowadays.

  • Ederson as Motm is a bit far fetched in my opinion. Besides the penalty he didn`t have that much to do ...

  • @neumi17 Man of the frigging match has to be Sané! He was involved in all goals: second to last pass, assist, and finally he scored.

  • The only manager that is able to turn struggling teams around is Mourinho but he can't leave Man. U to come for this Arsenal job. Mou took champion league with Porto, he made Chelsea a big team, he took champions league with Inter Milan, Madrid was struggling like the way they are struggling this season but Mou turned things around when he managed them, let's not forget that he took the EPL with Chelse before the anticlamax. Now Man. U is competive again with the touch of the charismatic manager. He could solve the Gunner's problem but Man.U know who he is.

  • @Eben Actually Arsenal would be a perfect team for Van Gaal. He tends to be a frigging dictator and a pighead as well. He has a philosophy, a modern approach, and he is able to rebuild teams! His work with Bayern was tremendous (Lahm as a rightback; Alaba and Müller were created by him); he did great work with Barcelona, twice; two consecutive CL finals with Ajax; in 2014, he brought a virtually dying national team to the semifinals. I wouldn't care too much about his apparent failure with United because United is a madhouse: they are still grieving for Ferguson and looking for a clone of Sir Alex. There are definitely not ready to dominate again.

  • Oh, one more thing: I REALLY hope Gündogan and Sané keep this form and spirit going until mid July :-P

  • Nothing much to complain if we take a closer look at this. There are 30 points between City and the Gunners at the moment. We saw this difference on the pitch.

  • @BeautifulLoser- The question is more why there are 30 points difference. I fully expected to lose tonight, heavily as well given how lacklustre we were in the league cup final, but our failures are not just against the best team in the league. Our away form has been diabolical all season and our record against the fellow top 6 has been poor for a while. The gap is a synergy between City's brilliance and the other teams' ineptitude in at least one area. I would be more annoyed as a Utd fan though so that is one crumb of comfort.....

  • @SteveHyland Arsenal are stuck. No development can be observed despite expensive new arrivals such as Alexandre Lacazette, Aubameyang or Mkhitaryan (even though he strictly speaking came free of charge). Even the “new-signing effect” of Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan seems to have fizzled out after just one game. Wenger supposedly did not approve of those two transfers, by the way–apparently because of the age of the two former Dortmund players. A lot of things point toward a split between Arsenal and their dyed-in-the-wool manager. And by the way, an important component of Guardiola's and City's brilliance is their ability to exploit the other teams' ineptitudes.

  • @SteveHyland I don't understand how you can build a team around Özil, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan? The chemistry of those 3 is totally poisonous as they always seem to dissolve in big games and when it matters the most.

  • Arsenal need Thierry Henry as a manager

  • Wenger you don't have anything new to add to Arsenal , so you must leave , you must feel ashame of yourself old man , Respect your career and leave

  • @Cannavaro69 Just STFU, please.

  • I think Wenger should be sacked.His time just went. Agree with Neumi17, the sqad lacks of character.

  • Each player of ManCity is more technically gifted, more mobile and determined than Arsenal. City has much more speed and precision in their passing than the gunners. Wenger stands for 90 s football without any counterpressing. The squad lacks also character...

  • @neumi17 I think pressing Man City is problematical = chasing shadows. Man City are the best team I've ever seen. .

  • @neumi17 I'd rather say noughties instead of nineties. Modern counterpressing basically started end of the noughties with Guardiola at Barcelona.

  • f*ck!! we have just lost a penalty.

  • Not even the penalty! Swallow this, Aubameyang! xD

  • are arsenal bad or city really good?

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown Arsenal unbelievably bad !

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown Usually both

  • if wenger stays, we riot!!!!! ����

  • @Stalkerstab Iam with you, WENGER OUT !! WENGER OUT !! WENGER OUT !! WENGER OUT !!!

  • Arsenal should be impressed Ancelotti wants to manage them, look at his Champions League record.

  • @Geolardo Look at his work at Munich, instead.

  • will cech ever get his 200th clean sheet?

  • @KlaasJanHuntelaar At this rate it might depend on whether he finishes his career at Arsenal or not.

  • After this, I think the time has finally come, after that Carlo Ancelotti interest speculation, I think may seem a wise move.

  • @Geolardo Ancelotti a wise move ? :-)) That's even worse...

  • @neumi17 Ancelotti has won 3 champions is that worse? He would be way better than Wenger atleast

  • @spectre08 Yes he has. And besides that ? He failed often in his career. And with Bayern he was probably the worst manager since Kinsmann. His whole approach is dated and doesn't fit at all to Arsenal. He doesn't train much , let's the players do what they want and had a very relaxed approach in tactics. That only works with really great individuals who are really eager and focused on their own but not with the players of Arsenal. They need the opposite kind of manager who kicks their buts a bit. Many Bayern players did extra training on their own, because Ancelotti s fitness coaches were not only smoking while guiding the training but also had one session a day over 1,5 hours as opposed to Guardiola who had 2 sessions a day for 2 hours each. Ancelotti knows that he failed big time and needs some time right now to overthink things. As a coach he failed more often than he won ...

  • @spectre08 Exactly: He already WON three of them, meaning his time is over. None of those Champions Leagues were really spectacular, to be honest, expect a couple of matches in all three campaigns. On the other hand he didn't win with a star-studded Chelsea. He didn't bring PSG any further in Europe. All his winning teams were already dominant in Europe when he took over as a manager. How is he supposed to bring back Arsenal?

  • @BeautifulLoser he definitely would not be worse than Wenger though.

  • @spectre08 Well... I really don't know. But he would bring his complete family in ;-)

  • @spectre08 Equally bad at the most. Does that help anybody ? Arsenal needs a gutsy kinda guy, not another "gentlemen " ...

  • Game over,pep to rotate squad in the second half to avoid player fatigue since they have a game against chelsea

  • Arsenal need Tuchel

  • @richccfc But Tuchel doesn't need Arsenal.

  • Manchester City r destroying Arsenal..humiliation uptill now.

  • What a goal from Bernardo Silva! And good run from Sane too :3

  • Aubameyang with less than 25 touches in the game.

  • 1-3

  • 2goals for aubameyang and one assist for mkhitaryan

  • @olayinka What is it with you and Auba ? That is the second time I saw you writing this , do you really believe in that ?

  • Arsenal 1x

  • Will be closer than many expect. No Fernandinho combined with Arsenal's good home form should mean goals here. 2-2

  • @alwatp Gündogan > Fernandinho

  • 0:2 Otamendi/Stones + Kun

  • If there is Justice in football , Arsenal can't lose two consecutive straight matches against City, let us wait and see

  • This game will end 2:2 draw City will find it hard to beat Arsenal at Emirate, am kinda going for a draw here

  • Arsenal are appealing for snow shifters to help at the stadium before tonights game, - if they can get enough snow put on the pitch they may get it called off!

  • Arsenal - Manchester City 2:1 sorry whoscored not this time

  • @akil7 true

  • @akil7 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • City win

  • Emirates Stadium pitch is playable but Arsenal unable to give all clear for match to he played while they have discussions with Man City, transport bosses and police as bad weather continues to bite.

  • Prayinf for Gunners and Wenger to win the match,,, Good Luck Gunners,,!!

  • another win for mancity 3 wins over arsenal ...8-1 aggregate score

  • guess this will be 0-1

  • That tripping moment,when some people think city is going to lose to arsenal..

  • @mancityfanatic why ? anything can happen , they lost against Wigan , so if they lose today its not a surprise

  • @Cannavaro69 yes anything can happen but arsenal has alot of problems as a team plus Wenger is not a tactician....pep is a master tactician

  • I think Pep will grant some 3 consolation points to Arsenal.

  • 1-2 - Bruyne 1x assist. Ramsey to miss a clear cut chance served by Mkhitaryan. Wenger to speculate about buying another great 14 year old for €200 000 who will never reach full potential. The FIFA 14 Overpowered Sprint Speed ex Borussia Dortmund Phenomenon to chase a long ball and wooden leg a clearance into net. Sterling 1x goal. Silva or Silva 1x goal.

  • no way this being an under - BTTS

  • 0-5 to City realistically

  • I'm going for the surprise: 2-1 Arsenal

  • Arsenal 0 - 1 Manchester city ( under 1.5 match goals , NG , HTFT X/2 )

  • From @Pete2Boogie on Twitter: "Bookies tipping Arsenal to beat Man City on Thur. Largely because the gunners have had an extra few days rest whilst City played in a cup final on Sunday"

  • @MEHJones there might be two different Arsenals then because one of them played final too. Now serious - who is reading these trolls?

  • @martinkamenarski Yes, it is a really harsh put-down to the Arsenal team referring to the fact that many people (including Arsenal fans) didn't feel like they turned up on Sunday. The players in question have an opportunity tomorrow to make some amends. Maybe they will.

  • @MEHJones huh??what

  • 1:4 and I’m an Arsenal fan!

  • @albgunn NO WAY !!!!

  • Great chance for Arsenal, only lost once at home in the Prem this season. Battering Palace then Everton in their last two Prem home matches. They can close the gap on Chelsea (who have Man City away next) to 5 points. Arsenal have winnable fixtures in all their remaining Prem matches, apart from Man Utd away. They must start to believe in themselves more, when they're playing well, they can beat any team. This match could spark the catalyst.

  • Arsenal to win 2-1

  • Arsenal are at home and will want some revenge so I expect that this time they'll lose by just one goal.

  • 3-0 again City wins

  • Arsenal 0-3 City

  • @Overmars My mistake. Perfect prediction.

  • @Overmars Depends on the outcome of the League Cup final.

  • @splint3r Isn't that what he was really predicting? ;)