Match Summary

Liverpool West Ham
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from counter attacks
Stole the ball often from the opposition
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from through balls
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from set-pieces
Were strong at finishing
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Lost possession often
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Attacked down the left side
Attacked through the middle
Attacked down the right side
Dominated possession
Favoured through balls
Favoured through balls

Situational Report

Positional Report

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Comments (22)

  • moyes can't beat liverpool as a manager and mourinho can't beat newcastle as a manager seems like sometimes as a manager you have that bogey team that you just can't beat whichever team they manage.

  • @RemyLebeu Moyes used to be United's manager, Jose current United manager VS Rafa used to be Liverpool's manager, Klopp current Liverpool manager.

  • @RemyLebeu Liverpool are reaching their best form of the season so far, it wouldn't have mattered who managed West Ham today :D

  • west ham have 3 old defenders zabaleta collins and evra who can't keep up with speedy players like liverpool's attack recipe for disaster for west ham

  • Van dijk makes liverpool defence undercontrol. He is the best defender of the world honestly and whoscored stats agree with me.

  • @modric97 pass the weed bro

  • @modric97 umtiti, varane, ramos, inigo, otamendi, rojo, bailly so shush!

  • @DeanO get ur loliga trash outahere!1))

  • @DeanO It's just a question of hours in order to believed as the best defender of the world. Just an injury could play against him.

  • @DeanO @kunoy, van dijk is underrated. His stats speak for him. If he played for barcelona, he would have been in the first plan.

  • @modric97 funny guy

  • Liverpool 1 - 2 West Ham

  • @Red_Card ..you can wake up now!

  • @Red_Card That's funny

  • @Yman Very...

  • LFC 6 - Wham 0 Mane 2, Salah 3 Firmino 1 yipeeeeee...

  • WH +2. Hope WH good record against big club continue.

  • Liverpool with Virgil defend very well I will put my money on the host win with clean sheet.

  • Home win

  • L' Pool 1 - 3 /0 - 2/2-4 Westham

  • Liverpool 1 - 3 / 0 - 2/2 - 4 Westham

  • @shakes ...keep shakin', until you get the correct result!