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  • Another crap away performance. Wilshere looked like the one player who could produce a genuine chance but there was zero movement around him. West Ham defended well but our immobility, the fact we were reluctant to really stretch the pitch and the fact we were even more reluctant to put aerial balls into the box despite Giroud being in the XI made life far easier. We haven't played well in a single away game all season but I thought when we toughed a victory out at Turf Moor, that would be the start of a run of away games where we would discover our inventive touch. Clearly not. At the moment, it is difficult to see where the next away win will come from.

  • Özil invisable again ...

  • @neumi17 you must be blind.

  • If West Ham play like they did against Chelsea then I see them beating Arsenal!

  • Second victory in a row, and against top club, doubtfully. But, West Ham is confident after last result, they were good in last two games. This time they are going to play the same tactic on game. So, draw or tight win for Arsenal.

  • West Ham 2 - 2 Arsenal

  • 2-1 Arsenal, West Ham were lucky Chelsea didn’t play well. Arsenal usually play well then shit then well so odds are they’ll play well this time around

  • I wouldn't play Holding in the middle of a 3. I would either revert to a back 4 or keep Mertesacker as the central figure. Per played no worse, overall, than Koscielny and Monreal against Southampton, but because his error led to their goal, his performance was highlighted more. The number of times poor positioning from Kos and Nacho let the Saints in was laughable for a club of our standing so all 3 CBs need to play far better here. I think we will sneak a win in a tight affair. 2-1 Gunners.

  • Arsenal 2-1, Giroud to score

  • westham 2 - 1 Arsenal

  • @shakes Agree with ure prediction. 2-1 W.HAM