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  • Isco ruined todays game. if he didnt play selfish and gave some passes to Ronaldo maybe game would me more interesting. The midfield players today were not binded and were not understing each other. Hope they will imrove thei game. Because this was the worst match they played until know.

  • Jesus Ronaldo get your form together

  • @MAN0 he's in good form he's just unlucky

  • @BSN hahaha

  • awch painfull elbow

  • ronaldo has got the right idea, beat messi in shots on post lol

  • @Lulzovich who beat who? remember last 5-year Ronaldo won 4 times against Messi

  • ceballos 16 million - dembele 130 million

  • @kunoy 105 million

  • what a debut for Cabellos

  • alaves 6-0 real mad lmao rt

  • @Lulzovich well they won 4-0 against Barca last season 2009

  • Madrid need win this game .. and also be a get the good results...

  • We can no longer afford the wrong steps ... we need to win at Alaves

  • watchout for enzo

  • Alaves could get at least 1 point here ! (RM fan but that's the truth!)

  • @alexandrion91 dude shut up

  • @alexandrion91 Sure, just look at the table - Alaves are the only team still without both a goal and a point.

  • @hindy holy **** their first goal against RM

  • @hindy There is a start for everything!Even RM not getting and european championships spot!

  • Alaves 1-3 Madrid

  • go real!