Match Summary

Celta Vigo Real Madrid
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from counter attacks
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from through balls
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from counter attacks
(Team showed no specific style of play)
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured through balls

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Comments (89)

  • I still think that Real can finish third though. They will get better results in spring and secure 3rd place. Ronaldo in his last season for Madrid...

  • @neumi17 They can finish 2nd easly.. Its just 7 points and they have game in hand with 21 games to go..

  • Why would you take out Bale and not Ronaldo?

  • @Jesper4319 Protect him from injury. The last thing RM needs is Ronaldo being sidelined with hurt feelings for the Champions League

  • Kinda hard to bet these days... Anyways now 100% to focus on CL ... first victim will be psg .. bale what a player .. all good other than that but this team is not motivated to play this boring games with weak teams.. laliga is lost a long time ago ... you ll see a different scenario in cl trust me on this

  • @diablo2323 is that so ?

  • how is aspas still in celta?

  • @ik32 He was? in Liverpool

  • I admire Zidane's patience towards his players. Some of his players perform awfully and they show no dedication and sacrifice for the sake of the team and yet Zidane keeps defending and playing them.

  • bale has a great game, ronaldo wasted chances in game, but instead of change ronaldo for asensio, zidane change bale. Dumb in whole new level!

  • Who scored... great prediction just won 600 thousand dollars thanx

  • @Philamntha lol

  • Who scored... great prediction just won 600 thousand dollars thanx

  • Isn't it time for Zidane to drop Ronaldo? Don't care how good he was in the past, he's been **** this season and it's hurting RM very badly. Big decision for Zidane but it might be the only way to save his job...

  • @Nico1 lol you'll be quiet when he performs

  • @BSN He never performs though.

  • @Jesper4319 did you say never?

  • @Nico1 I understand what you mean, but dropping Ronaldo could also make Zidane lose his job since Ronaldo despite his terrible form in la liga is still RM's star player.

  • Hahahahaha Madrid..Back to Cave again..

  • wtf vasquez is in real

  • disappointing result for celta vigo

  • Just like I said, absolutely ridiculous. Ronaldo contributes nothing! But Zidane pulls out Bale and Isco, who have arguably been the best players on the pitch.

  • @Lechiffre10 Obviously Ronaldo wants Real to drop his price tag to be affordable for others again. He just plays shitty so that Madrid can sell him. He wants to leave...

  • @Lechiffre10 Like you said Zidane has not the courage to pull him out

  • Ronaldo still in his vacation mode

  • @Cannavaro69 Did Best Player of History play today!!!

  • @Rafi lol

  • Officially bye bye La Liga

  • Hohohoho. Here comes the guarantee win goal. :)

  • iago aspas vs madrid

  • you must wake up to school early

  • @Lapulga where are you mate?are you asleep?))

  • Typical Celta , forced in form Barca for draw away but losing to out of form Madrid at home

  • I know after the world Cup Ronaldo will leave real Madrid he has given a lot to us likewise real to him

  • @jefferee He is asking for a new contract, he want to get paid as Messi

  • @Cannavaro69 coz he is the best brake in the world nowadays

  • Real Madrid need to change some players in transfer market some of those players are nearly expiry, Kroos, Benzema, Navas, we need to see new faces like Hazard, Kane .. come on Floretino Perez you can buy this two players , just take a loan from any bank and buy them

  • madrid 2 1celta


  • @Cannavaro69 get some activity and grown up, kid. Dont be so noisy

  • hey its 1 1

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Cannavaro69 yeah keep talking, attention seeker

  • @Cannavaro69 plastic fan

  • bale haters go back to your caves

  • @kunoy Yea. who can hate a player like him?! only stupid barca fans

  • Completely offside goal too by Celta

  • @Lechiffre10 There is no offside he was on the line, we deserve that goal to wake up with this poor defense

  • @Lechiffre10 It was level

  • Anyone who still thinks Benzema is the problem in this team is an i.diot

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Cannavaro69 Cristiano Ronaldo is the problem. Having a poor season and yet Zidane never has the courage to take him off the pitch.

  • @Lechiffre10 Those two chances if Benzema was playing he couldnt scored them

  • @Lechiffre10 Ronaldo is getting old and he still think himslef a 24 years old , but still he can make a difference in hard situations

  • both cr7 and benzema are the problems and also zidane

  • @Cannavaro69 Actually that's the issue, when Ronaldo is having a poor game he even loses position, gets frustrated, and tries to take stupid shots, bad decisions. Benzema hasn't scored like a #9, but he's contributed enormously to Ronaldo's goal tally and plays smart. He's unquestionably having a poor form as a striker but he contributes much more despite that lack of finishing. I'd love to see a lineup again with Bale and Benzema and for Zidane to try and remove Ronaldo from the lineup. I bet people would shut up about Benz at that point.

  • @Lechiffre10 You are right... thats why Ronaldo keep defending Benzema , because he help him to scores goals, Ronaldo only thinks of himself he is so selfish

  • vazquez and asesion should be starting for real madrid all the time.

  • Bale the glass man is in the starting lineup, hope he will not get injured this time

  • DeLaJuve where are you ? you only comments in Seria A matches or what?

  • Vamos Madrid

  • Paulinho 7 > Penaldo 4...he might get some penalties soon

  • @Lapulga lol

  • Would love to see another self nutmeg from CR14.7...

  • The best player in history of football is injured and sure Real will win without him, guess who is that player?)))))

  • @Cannavaro69 , Zidane's son is injured ?

  • @Cannavaro69 Benzema....lol...

  • @Lapulga yup you got it Fratello lol

  • whoscored very funny to predict this score ha ha ha ha ha.. Real Madrid will win 3:1

  • @Cannavaro69 LOLOLOLOLOL

  • draw

  • 1-3 RM

  • 2-3, no Benzema means more efficient Real. Defence looks poor so Celta can score, but not win.

  • Sisto should be too hot to handle for Hakimi so Vigo can score but with isco, kroos in the middle to dictate tempo of the game, it will slow down the pace in Vigo's game 1-3/1-2/1-4

  • Away win. So far Ronaldo and bale starts up front Vigo will crack plus Real Madrid rarely lose on this ground

  • @jefferee Vigo will crack to two players with 6 goals combined all season? Yeah ok...

  • @uefalona I rarely predict games but wen I do there isn't anyone on dis site with a better accuracy.

  • It will be difficult for RM. Final score 2-1 for Celta.

  • Considering celta are playing home and Real Madrid generally score , both teams to score is a decent bet because winner market is risky

  • Ramos cant play

  • RM win... if they drop points then bye bye to La Liga

  • @Lapulga It was bye bye to La Liga a while ago. 0-3 loss in el Clasico was the final nail in the coffin.

  • @uefalona Whats wrong with you ? bye bye bye bye bye ..ok its the first time barca won the liga? its still 16 matches left , everything can happen

  • @Lapulga RM out of top 4 very bad for businessi / League so if RM draw sevilla draw or lose

  • @Lapulga really? do you think they still have a chance in La Liga this season? they are 14 points behind the leader... 5 point behind atletico and 3 points behind Valencia.. i think you meant good bye Europa League.

  • @Hany365 Everything is possible

  • @Cannavaro69 even if barca drops 5 matches .. atletico wont.

  • @Hany365 M being modest here..lol..

  • @Lapulga lol...