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  • Third goalkeeper to score in a Serie A match. First was Michelangelo Rampullo in Atalanta vs. Cremonese in 1992, then Massimo Taibi in Reggina vs. Udinese in 2001. All three scored equalizers and by head.

  • @BeautifulLoser Modern times Serie A, to be precise. In ancient times there was Lucidio Sentimenti (aka Sentimenti IV) that scored 3 penalties for Lazio, in addition to 1 penality for Juventus and 1 penalty for Modena when Serie A had a different format.

  • History has been written by the goalkeeper? lol <3 Benevento's first point poor one! and poor Gattuso haha

  • Today I love Benevento because BRIGNOLI !


  • wtf. just amazed about how much Milan love to make bad teams happy.

  • the streak is over

  • Milan will win for sure

  • First point for benevento

  • if anyone could lose points to Benevento, it's gonna be Milan :)

  • away/drw

  • 2:1 milan

  • will useless Kalinic start again?

  • 3 - 3

  • load up on benvenuto and draw

  • Was the team news guy drunk when he wrote this?