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  • I think Steaua might be betrayed by their home advantage. Outside of some good counter-attacks, they weren't effective with possession in Lisbon. But they might try, with the support of the fans, to attack in this game and that might get them overexposed in defence.

  • 1-2

  • Sporting is way better than Steaua and will progress.

  • @hellreaper true, but that's not how it always goes, given there are so many other variables; unfortunately, in this case, home support won't matter too much, as the fans have been in a long lasting fight with the owner...

  • This is a trap game for bettors. Bucharest looked much better in the first leg compared to Sporting. 2-0 win very much in play here.

  • @elementasrat Or a 1-5 is very much in play lol

  • 1-1

  • "FC FCSB"? What is this nonsense? Steaua București, thanks. At least remove one of the FCs.

  • @dSquib the club has lost its records because the current owner (who is cheap & illiterate & all sorts of -phobe, btw) wouldn't pay, so now they aren't allowed to use "Steaua Bucuresti" anymore, which was the army's overall sports club (including basketball/handball/gymnastics/etc.); and yeah, one of the FCs should be removed :))

  • @pyt55 thanks!

  • @dSquib The name is wright. The official name of this fake team (this is not Steaua Bucharest) is Fotball Club FCSB, so the FC FCSB name you see here is wright

  • @DoubleV you are rong.

  • 0-0

  • @watfordAlbert si ne salveaza Nita la penalty-uri :)