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* 3-way betting is when you bet on the match result as one of home win (1), draw (X) or away win (2)

* Halftime/ Fulltime betting is when you bet on the outcome combination of both periods

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Chelsea will be leading but the match will end Roma winning

* Double chance betting is similar to 3-way betting but in this case the bet covers either one of two possible outcomes

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Chelsea will be leading but the match will end Roma winning

  •   Chelsea
  •   Roma

Goal Scoring Statistics

* Over/Under bets are the ones when you bet on the number of goals exceeding or not exceeding a certain limit.

* Ex: Over 2.5 means the total number of goals will be over 2.5 such as; 2-1, 2-2, 3-2

* Correct score betting is when you bet on the exact score outcome of the match.

* These statistics show how many times a team scored a certain amount of goals

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* There are different betting markets when goaltimes statistics can be used, such as Chelsea will score in the first half.

TIP: Usually goal time bets are done during live matches.

* Clean sheet / Failed to score statistics can be used to bet on either one of the team keeping a clean sheet in a match.

* Keeping a clean sheet means that the team will not concede a goal.

  •   Chelsea
  •   Roma

User Predictions

Comments (30)

  • The magic here is Kolarov + Dzeko. They're real close buddies from Man City days so any team who wants goals will have to sign these two guys together. Kolarov to Dzeko now is what Misimovic used to be to Dzeko back in Wolfsburg when Edin was stomping on Bundesliga like child's play! Two ex-yugo kids all grown up and killing it on the pitch. It's beautiful to see them in sync.

  • How Hazard MoM when he only played 70 odd minutes? What about Dzeko? Roma dominated Chelsea from start to finish! Bad eating! Sorry!

  • @albgunn Hazard had more dribbles and key passes...

  • Taking off luiz was a mistake soon as david luiz was substituted for pedro that's when chelsea lost the grip of the match giving away 2 goals in 10 minutes.

  • I truly believe Dzeko is the most underrated attacker in this era. Please check his international and club record and see this proof. Also a good target man option in general play. World class centre forward.

  • @Champion I totally agree. That Dzeko is an excellent option in general play and that he can provide assists is a proven fact since his record breaking season with Grafite at Wolfsburg. At the moment: 100 matches for AS Roma, 59 goals, 18 assists. There is a whole busload of way more inconsistent centre forwards lurking around in Europe's top clubs...

  • Chelsea are atrocious defensively without kante

  • Lucky escape from Chelsea. Scary to imagine how ordinary this team will be without Hazard.

  • epl champions quality on display haha

  • @NuchalLine bahaha EPL teams owning CL.

  • @NuchalLine And yet every EPL team is still top of their group.

  • I chose the wrong game to watch, fml.

  • OMFG! Dzeko is on F***ING fire!!! <3

  • What a goal by Kolarov! I love his guts :-D

  • Roma to earn a point here. 1-1

  • @mobaffiliated Nice prediction, mate. (Chelsea fan)

  • 1 - 1 dzeko to score

  • 2-1

  • Both teams are going through some league disappointments and they want to use this game to get back on track. Chelsea will be favorites, but I say Dajé Roma!

  • Chelsea are shocked from the weekend result. Favourites here but I see Conte already under pressure as Chelsea seem to be out of the title race and we are only 8 matches into the season. Wouldnt be surprised this was a draw. We've seen it with Chelsea when Manager is under pressure the team performs very unpredictably. Im going for a 1:1

  • Roma coach is too poor for such team, easy Chelsea win, agree 2-0 or 3-1

  • @koziol.mutant I am going with koziol.mutant seeing his results he is somewhat on a role he got shaktar to win 2-1 exact score correct yesterday and said spartak won't lose so lets hope 3rd prediction correct too.

  • @koziol.mutant the coach doesn't play the football

  • I think Hazard is finally going to show his true self this game, bringing MOTM.

  • @Ivan7 agreed

  • Roma can score here, 2-1 or 1-1

  • Chelsea playing some sluggish football though it seems like conte has decided to concentrate on champions league ...I expect a win for Chelsea though a struggled one

  • Both sides to kick each other senseless and forget to play football.