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(17) 13 Goals 10 (14)
(12) 6 Assists 7 (14)
(7.1) 7.2 Average Ratings 7.1 (7.1)
28.4 Average Age 26.2
182.5 Average Height (cm) 183.9
(1.6) 2.1 Shots pg 1.5 (1.4)
(43%) 41% Aerial Duel Success 61% (56%)
(1.2) 1.1 Dribbles pg 1.1 (0.8)
(1.6) 1.4 Tackles pg 1.6 (1.4)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Grp. H.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Gareth Bale Out 8.22
Jesús Vallejo Out N/A
Mateo Kovacic Out 6.65
Keylor Navas Doubtful 6.72
Daniel Carvajal Doubtful 7.99
Player Reason Status Rating
Victor Wanyama Out N/A
Erik Lamela Out N/A
Ben Davies Out 7.16
Georges-Kévin Nkoudou Out 7.34
Dele Alli Out 8.28
Mousa Dembélé Doubtful 6.36
Danny Rose Doubtful 7.12

Team News

  • Marcelo should continue at left-back, while Theo Hernandez is an option.
  • Keylor Navas is also a doubt and may sit this one out, with Kiko Casilla in line to continue between the sticks should the Costa Rican fail to prove his fitness.
  • Gareth Bale misses a reunion with his former club and is joined by Jesus Vallejo and Mateo Kovacic on the sidelines, while Dani Carvajal will be assessed after treatment for a heart problem.
  • Dele Alli serves the third of his three-match ban on Tuesday night, but Jan Vertonghen returns after a one-match suspension.
  • His availability is a boost for Mauricio Pochettino, who may be without both left-backs Danny Rose and Ben Davies for the trip to Madrid, which could see Eric Dier drop into defence and Vertonghen start at left wing-back. Rose, though, has travelled to Madrid with the squad.
  • Pochettino will hope to have Mousa Dembele available for the Champions League tie, but the Spurs boss remains without Erik Lamela and Victor Wanyama, while Georges-Kevin Nkoudou is ruled out having suffered a concussion in the 1-0 win over Bournemouth.


  • Cristiano Ronaldo scored late on at the weekend to secure Real Madrid a fourth successive win. However, at the Bernabeu, Los Blancos have been far from their best, winning only two of their last five in front of their own fans.
  • Similarly, Tottenham have faltered on home turf this term, with Saturday's 1-0 win over Bournemouth their first in the league at Wembley, but have been in flying form away from home, winning all five competitive matches on the road, scoring 15 and conceding two.
  • These two last met in 2011 in the Champions League, with Real Madrid landing a 5-0 aggregate win and a 4-0 thumping of Spurs at the Bernabeu. A repeat may not be on the cards, but a stalemate is a possibility, despite Tottenham's defensive injury issues.
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User Predictions

Comments (166)

  • It's telling that most of the individual Madrid players have more Champions League caps than the entire Tottenham first XI. Either side could have nicked it but a draw was a fair result which is testament to how Tottenham stepped up in a sort of coming of age performance, looks like a bright future for this young team.

  • Very good, astute performance by Spurs given they had half of their team either missing or playing out of their favoured position. Astute being the pertinent word because last season, they were anything but in Europe and it cost them against opponents they should clearly have beaten. Had we transported last season's European Tottenham Hostspurs then this could have been a big loss but Pochettino has learned from past mistakes, which is rare in managers. Eriksen wasn't afforded the freedom he usually is (by way of Pochettino's tactics rather than Madrid's play) so wasn't his usual self. Still good enough to create the highest number of chances in the match, however. This system clearly didn't suit Kane and I wouldn't have started Llorente. Ronaldo & Casemiro played well, Isco didn't and Modric was average. All in all, it is difficult to argue that any team deserved to win based on the 90 minutes. Spurs could actually win the group now although I'm still backing Madrid.

  • @SteveHyland : @SteveHyland : It it was Spurs or any other English team with such commanding stats going in there favor you would have been rather busy developing a narrative to showcase how dominant Spurs were or how unlucky they are not to win this match , nothing new from you Steve but same old spin doctoring, twisting things just to spread the Gospel of the ' Mighty " EPL . Coming back to this match and your pop analysis where in typical fashion you make a sweeping statement that Spurs/Poch have learned from past mistakes , would you have said the same thing if Madid would have won this match or were to win the reverse fixture in London ?? even i can twist stuff to suit my biases .... What if Spurs are just taking advantage of a totally out of sync n poorly coached Dortmund side and a Madrid team which has yet not hit there straps ......

  • @SteveHyland As is usual from you: a well reasoned, thoughtful, fair, and perceptive comment.

  • Why all sites have shots on target 8-4 and uefa it has 6-4...?

  • karim a ghost again, but that is the same thing every game, every time.. unless they are playing bad teams like getafe, then he scores. when real madrid get a top striker, things will be so much easier than having to play with 10 players every big game.

  • Overall a very entertaining match.

  • We all have seen how Spurs play against the top teams in PL. They always try dominate the opponent. We all have seen Spurs dominating Chelsea, United, City and Arsenal in their own turf. They really changed their style and approach tonight and that really speaks for tonight's game.

  • @CirdomAkul Spurs have a lot of key players out. Dele Alli, Wanyama, Dembele, Rose (not fit for 90)

  • @richccfc You are right. Really forgot those players especially Dembele and Wanyama.

  • Once again several people unreservedly slag off the prediction by Whoscored and yet again Whoscored turn out the be pretty much correct!

  • @MEHJones- Madridistas complain when WhoScored doesn't predict them to win every match 5-0 +.

  • i think both teams wated a draw here

  • @BSN Spurs definitely wanted the win at the end, but Eriksen kept stifling them in every possible scenario. Real Madrid looked out of ideas (fatigue at that stage wouldn't have helped) by the end. This game could easily have ended 2-2 though.

  • Entertaining game. This match had everything. Both keepers were decisive. Spurs had a good game plan. They defended really well even better than Atletico Madrid. At times it looked like they were playing with 7 at the back. Llorente was very decisive through long balls. They created some good chances through long balls. Marcelo was awful defensively and offensively. Varane had a bad game as well. I was really surprised by Winks' composure. He'll have a great future. Pochettino might be the best coach in developing young players. Davinson Sanches will be one of the best for sure. This draw would increase Spurs' confidence in european games.

  • @CirdomAkul Spurs didn't play 7 at back at any stage. You can't play that deep at this level or you will get destroyed (particularly by Real Madrid who will overload the middle to punish you). Spurs stuck to 5-3-2 all game. Even at the end after the changes. Winks is a very good player. He's good at retaining possession. I think the secret for Spurs was their braveness on the ball and always looking to play the ball forward. This always kept Real Madrid wary of Spurs's counter attack threat and kept them nervous.

  • @Champion At the end of the game, It looked like a 541, Eriksen joined the 3 in the middle and Rose, at times, helped the back line ( maybe in 2 occasions). I was trying to imply that they really closed all the spaces for Real Madrid.

  • @CirdomAkul From how I saw it was still 5-3-2/5-3-1-1 . When Lllorente went off Eriksen played off Kane in a 5-3-1-1 .Rose was too tucked to be left midfield. I had him as left central midfielder. Eriksen dropped to the right central midfielder after Sissoko got injured and Son played as a second striker off Kane. With Llorente on it was a genuine 5-3-2.How I saw it anyway and it's why Spurs were always a threat on the break..because they refused to park the bus

  • @Champion I saw the same thing but when Real was really pushing, Eriksen dropped back to occupy more spaces. Towards the end, at times, when Real was pushing from the flanks, Rose dropped back and it looked like that they were playing with 7 not that they really intended to play with 7. I was just attempting to emphasize how deep spurs were defending.

  • @CirdomAkul Yes, but if the wide central midfielder went with the Real Madrid full back then this is just conventional defending in any system. Spurs were defending man to man in the wide areas. I understand what you mean.

  • Dear Real Madrid fans who predicted a walkover, please post your excuses beneath this comment:

  • @MEHJones lol you were lucky not be humiliated

  • @NuchalLine That's not what the press outside Spain are writing.

  • @MEHJones Real Madrid have already given a valuable point away thanks.

  • @MEHJones you'll get thrashed at wembly. we just don't want to give anything away

  • Both Ronaldo and Kane were bad

  • @Genie908 BTW Ronaldo scored, but it was obviously a penalty. Kane obviously scared Varane into scoring the own goal too. So they both had a hand in their team's goals anyway..

  • @Genie908 Kane was denied by an excellent save and his movement forced the mistake from Varane for Spurs' goal

  • @Genie908 Actually they both played decent. Even the best can't score every game. Ronaldo was Madrid's only good attacking player. I like trolling Ronaldo (just look at the last Real Madrid match thread), but he was Real Madrid's only good attacker today. He forced a good save from Lloris after a good solo run, and another fine save from Lloris. And Navas made a wonder save off Kane. Kane is better at the main man, slightly harder for him next to Llorente. Eriksen also shot near post, with Kane on for a low cross back post. Near the end Kane looked in and Eriksen didn't see him also.

  • Spurs are an excellent side. They are genuine dark horses now in this competition. Both sides were wasteful second half. A draw is probably just about fair. Although Spurs can question the officiating in big moments.

  • Spurs establishing themselves on the European stage. Dark horse in this competition

  • @ilovefooty Spurs's midfield proved you wrong. Sissoko in particular worked tirelessly in this game. Real Madrid showed Winks a lot of respect and barely pressed him, as they knew they wouldn't be able to get near him (as he moves the ball fast). I thought Eriksen was very poor by his standards, apart from that Spurs were good.

  • @Champion They don't even know who Winks is. Them not pressing him or pressing in general is more down to Madrid having an off day and the personnel up front. Asensio should've started. I agree Spurs were good

  • @ilovefooty Than Pogba for a game like this. Obviously weaker opponents someone like Pogba is better. For the top level you want a midfield that moves it quickly along the deck, picking the right options and trying to get it forward. Crisp passes. Winks is also very good defensively and composed in attack and defensive...he's everything Pogba isn't. If Manchester United (your team) want to win the CL (they are capable of it IMO, I think this could be an English teams year) then Pogba needs to get dropped or wake up in big games because he always goes missed in them (or glaringly struggles in them) without fail

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @ilovefooty Listen buddy, Winks is miles better than Pogba. Team's and managers as good as Zidane analyse their opponent tirelessly. Winks is a very good player. Just because you know nothing about him is irrelevant. He made you look like a complete mug for your earlier comments. Should players respect when they deserve it in future.

  • @Champion yes dude made me look a complete mug with an inferior performance to Madrid's midfield 3

  • @ilovefooty Inferior in what way exactly? Deluded again. Spurs's midfield 3 offered great protection to their defence with a ridiculous amount of ground to cover. Madrid used 4 in midfield, not 3. Wrong again. They were evenly matched

  • @Champion I was talking specifically about central midfielders, Isco was performing the role of a trequartista. Inferior in terms of pass completion, chances created, overall defensive coverage. But I'm not really sure why I'm explaining myself to someone who unironically thinks Harry Winks is better than Pogba.

  • Benzema stinks.

  • @ImADope Not really. He occupied the centre backs and tried to give space to Ronaldo. Someone has to occupy the centre backs. Benzema naturally has the least attacking space by the way Madrid play. It's also not easier for a genuine number 9 when his team are looking for create for another player (Ronaldo) over him and he's trying to leave (and make) space for Ronaldo. Make no mistake, this whole team's philosophy is to create for Ronaldo. This is going to make it difficult for any centre forward.

  • @ImADope mystified as to how Asensio isn't above him in the pecking order

  • Crap display from Madrid. Spurs can get all three points

  • I stand corrected. Spurs have come back right into it and Navas has saved Real Madrid. Probably the most underrated keeper in the world. Both keepers very good second half

  • Seriously? Llorente gets killed but no call and Kroos dives before he's even touched and its a penalty ok

  • @adddaaaammmmm I have to admit this isn't a Real Madrid problem (for once). This is a problem everywhere in Europe. Big target man constantly gets fouled in all the leagues and gets next to nothing from referees (they even get penalised for doing nothing wrong), it's ridiculous. No matter how good a defender is, if someone is very physically dominant over them (Llorente vs Ramos for example) then Llorente should be winning everything in the air..he's taller and a rarity for tall (who can be lanky, something Llorente definitely isn't) is that Llorente's also far stronger that the majority of centre backs.

  • Spurs need to revert to 541 right now, get Llorente off. They look tired and wide open for the last 5-10mins. More defensive solidarity and play more on the break

  • Referees are ruining football. Very very soft penalty for Madrid given. Yet coming in studs up over the ball doesn't get given for Spurs penalty. Uefadid getting lucky again.

  • @Champion Both were penalties. Casemiro continues to keep getting away with committing fouls in the CL. Kroos was going nowhere but Aurier idiotically went to ground and made contract

  • @ilovefooty Contact isn't a penalty though is it. Let's be honest. Kroos was touched so lightly a 5 year old wouldn't go down from that

  • @Champion contact itself isn't necessarily but going to ground and making contact definitely is. You should be mad at Aurier's rashness not the refereeing

  • @ilovefooty I don't support Spurs. It's dreadful defending, but it doesn't make it a penalty.

  • @Champion that incident on madrids box was legit penalty

  • @pasopati Definitely. I know the Kroos penalty win is given at this level, but I really don't know why. He buys the penalty as he's bottled the chance of scoring himself. It's painful that in football any slight touch is given as a foul.

  • Real are starting to look dangerous, Tottenham have to improve a lot if they want to avoid a loss. Can't undestand playing Llorente, Son would be much more dangerous and could press as well. Winks looks surprasingly solid, but Spurs really need Dembele and Wanyama back for these games.

  • @Castle Really? Madrid got a desperately soft penalty. Spurs had a stonewall penalty not given. Spurs should be at worst 2-1 up, considering Kane would almost certainly have converted the penalty. I don't like Llorente over Son either, but Pochettino is a very clever tactical manager and could be leading if the ref didn't bottle the penalty decision Spurs should have got. If Madrid get a penalty for that light touch then Spurs is a nailed on penalty.

  • kane and ronalod both to score

  • Madrid 3-1 with a goal from Ronaldo & Benzema

  • Isco vs Eriksen: who's better?

  • @ilovefooty bendtner

  • @mobaffiliated le banter

  • Harry Winks and Dier against Kroos, Modric and Casemiro. Christ.

  • @ilovefooty This isn't a videogame; Dier and Winks aren't scrubs.

  • @WordFlyer Dier less so, but Winks is average

  • @ilovefooty Winks is very good. Better than garbage like Pogba.

  • @Champion ok troll

  • @WordFlyer They are compared to Madrid's midfield

  • @ilovefooty No they aren't. Stick to video games. Winks is quality.

  • @Champion Lol

  • @ilovefooty owned

  • I think it will be a close tense game for awhile but ultimately I see Madrid pulling away. 3-1 with a late Ronaldo goal to flatter the scoreline

  • A fully healthy Spurs could cause problems, but I struggle to see Tottenham getting anything from this game, especially with both true leftbacks out and Alli suspended. Obviously, Son is likely to take Alli's place, but that also means he can't come off the bench to be a difference maker. I expect a low scoring contest--might even come down to a set piece.

  • @WordFlyer Having said that, Poch pulled a fast one playing Llorente instead...

  • Having said that though, in Modric, Isco, Kroos and Casemiro Real Madrid boast a world class midfield that have pushed them ahead of other teams into back to back Champions League trophies. With Benzema returning to partner Ronaldo up front, Ramos/Varane always lurking in set-pieces and if Marcelo is in high spirits, this Real Madrid side can be relentless. In any case, in theory we can say anything but it remains to be seen how well the teams perform. I think this game might end up in a 2-1 or 3-1 win for Real Madrid.

  • Logical starting XI: Navas, Marcelo, Ramos, Varane, Nacho, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Benzema, Ronaldo. Navas had a slight injury concern and thus didnt take any part in the Getafe game. Modric,Varane and Casemiro were also rested while Isco only came on as a sub for the last 20 mins of the game. Marcelo and Benzema, after their 4 week absence due to injury, played against Getafe in order to build back their match fitness. The only real absence is Carvajal who is going to be replaced by Nacho or Achraf, though Nacho should get the nod due to superior experience in the competition. Tottenham is a side that have slowly but steadily built year after year and are now considered one of the top teams in the Primier League. Harry Kane is their star and top gun up front while the team overall is balanced and play quality football. This won't be an easy game for Real Madrid, especially if Tottenham play defensively.

  • It would be an impressive feat for Spurs to get even a draw at the Bernabé (especially with their injuries). As I've posted below I suspect that Spurs will lose by more than one goal. However, Real Madrid are certainly not as unbeatable as some of their fans seem to believe - just ask Real Betis who won and kept a clean sheet at the Bernabéu just last month.

  • @MEHJones the better the opponent the better they play. Or the more they pay, you decide.

  • @pfuu Given the final result and your logic, you must now think that Spurs are pretty average then.

  • Spurs won't lose.

  • 3-2

  • Someone below said Alli is better than Isco. Footballs not for you mate lol

  • I think Spurs are excellent but I just don't see how they can win this match with all their suspensions and injuries. 3-1 Madrid

  • These English fans have overrated Kane massively and watch him flop in CL because this ain't epl.

  • @NuchalLine He is currently this season's top scorer in the CL...

  • @ilovefooty he is yet to face a proper side, not a rollover Dortmund

  • @NuchalLine Ah yes but when Ronaldo scores against Dortmund he's the greatest player to ever live

  • BTTS

  • real madrid wont keep a clean sheet

  • So much overconfidence here.. anything can happen fanatics ;)

  • 3/4:0

  • This will likely be a difficult night for Spurs. They have a number of key players missing and another couple playing out of position to fill the gaps left by said players. Added to the fact the Bernabeu is an extremely difficult place to play, the logical result would be a Madrid win. That in itself needn't be too much of a problem. Everybody expects Madrid to win the group and Spurs/Dortmund to battle it out for 2nd. Spurs need to make sure they don't get a battering just in case it comes down to goal difference, however. Providing Spurs don't defend like Dortmund, they should keep the score line within the realms of respectability, 2-0 Madrid.

  • @SteveHyland However, you're forgetting about the clashing styles/philosophies of football. I think Spurs' relentlessness and physicality may cause problems for RM. Most times, that is more than enough for one team to overcome another. Zidane may need to make heavy tactical adjustments for this one.

  • @Ausp Good point but i don't think it would be wise for Spurs to play their usual game. They can't press high all the time. Spurs have to make tactical adjustments for this game rather than Real Madrid imo.

  • @Ausp I would usually say that is the case, but there are so many Tottenham players out and stop-gaps in the team that I don't think they'll be able to play at their usual high intensity.

  • REAL 5-1

  • 3-0 RM

  • 2 - 3 | 1 - 3 Harry Kane to score

  • 2 - 3 | 1 - 3 Harry Kane to score

  • @shakes lol

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Real Madrid will smash the English.3-0 or 3-1

  • 4-2

  • REAL.M Wins 2-1

  • Would have given Tottenham a chance if they had Wanyama Rose/Davies, Alli and a fully fit Dembele. As it is with this makeshift defence I'm thinking 3-1 Madrid.

  • @foogle94 even their presence won't make any difference

  • @NuchalLine- So, based on WhoScored's predicted lineup, you would say....... Dier at LCB = Vertonghen; Winks = Wanyama; An 80% fit Dembele = A fully-fit Dembele; Vertognhen at LWB = Rose; Son = Alli?

  • @SteveHyland Yes, I'd probably say that is Spurs strongest XI when all are fit. I'd say out of all of them Wanyama and a fit LB are the biggest misses. Son maybe able to stretch Madrid on the counter more than Alli. I'd probably play Aurier in LB tonight and Trippier RB.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I don't understand why whoscored has a such a bias prediction for this game. Just compare the two teams midfield and defense, Real are way superior and even a novice footbalista can tell you that

  • @NuchalLine But WhoScored were correct?!

  • Wow casilla is average

  • Real Madrid 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur.

  • @MEHJones Happy to have over estimated Madrid.

  • When you predict Real vs Spurs 2:2 playing at Wembley. Yet spurs only managed to beat Bournemouth at weekend just 1:0! Where do you get these predictions WS? Real ‘s squad except Hakimi are all individually world class. The exact 10 players that won CL last season. I tell you that no current Spurs player can play in this Madrid side! Noway Spurs can get a result here!

  • @albgunn This match is in Santiago Bernabeu !

  • @CirdomAkul sorry i got it wrong, you are correct!

  • @CirdomAkul Sorry. I got the location wrong..

  • @albgunn they don't want English team to be humiliated haha

  • @albgunn Perhaps Spurs didn't get more goals against Bournemouth because they had one eye on this match.

  • @albgunn harry Kane is an upgrade to benzema

  • @Kmo Yes I know thats why Benzema plays for Real Madrid in past 7 years alongside Ronaldo and has won everything out there at club level and Kane plays alongside Son and Alli for Tottenham that last they won something is just post WWII! your logic makes alot of sense! ;)

  • @Kmo you British people should stop hyping Kane, he is average but a excellent tap-in scorer. His tactical game is as good as Kevin Gameiro.

  • @Kmo still Madrid won't buy him. Upgrade? Comeback when he actually does something in champions league like benzema did. Scoring against stat padding teams in epl is no achievement. Also not to mention the quality of epl since a decade now

  • @NuchalLine- Zinedine Zidane said Kane is a "complete player". What does he know though, he was only the best player of his generation and is the reigning La Liga & Champions League winning manager who coaches world class players on a daily basis.

  • @SteveHyland dude every coach says that. When you play barca you say messi is the best player, against madrid it becomes ronaldo, against psg neymar,...

  • RMA 5-0 Spurs

  • @ASK001 LOL!

  • @ASK001 that's right

  • @ASK001 ...in the first half

  • @pyt55 lol didn't think spurs are that chickeny

  • Bold prediction !

  • @CirdomAkul But a correct one in contrast to many of those amongst the comments.

  • @CirdomAkul dumb instead

  • 3-1 Ronaldo Isco Modric Kane

  • @groovy luka should celebrate

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @NuchalLine are u arsenal fan lol

  • @ziad arsenal has lost lot of fans, difficult to find them lately

  • @ziad No :) I think i might be bisexual

  • This match will give Tottenham chance to prove if they have come of age to be a challenge for the big teams in UCL!

  • @Tactical_sage they're weak. They would be lucky not to get knocked out in quarters

  • @NuchalLine Like I said. Tottenham's chance came and they took it by the scruff.